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What you say about the character of judges and you should avoid resolving lawyerís rivalry with Zulfiqar Cheema on this topic. Mr. Cheema is criticized because he not only eliminated the notorious gangs but also stopped the funding in large amount for lawyers from criminals in shape of fees.

Nanno Gorayaís recorded statement confirmed that situation was even worse. Details of the statement revealed shocking incidents of wolf in disguise, PCO Judge Bilal Khan and how he was protecting his mafia fellow Nanno Goraya by abusing his judicial powers as a judge of Lahore High Court. How they were spending evenings and nights in Night Clubs of Dubai and how this criminal minded, so called judge was going to the extent to offer murders of opponents in police encounters.

President Islamabad High Court Bar Association (IHCBA) and member Punjab Bar Council Syed Nayab Hassan Gardezi has strongly condemned the statement given by DIG Gujranwala Zulfiqar Cheema against Chief Justice Islamabad High Court M Bilal Khan and demanded of CJP o take stern action against DIG Gujranwala for using insulting remarks against the judge of superior judiciary. He said this in a statement issued here Tuesday. No police officer should be allowed to give statement remarks against any judge of superior judiciary, he held. If it is not stopped today then a police constable will insult any judge in a court. Terming the statement of Zulfiqar Cheema as violation of code of conduct he said the statement was also against the professional norms of police. It was hoped that in the presence of chief justice of Pakistan protection would be provided to all the judges of judiciary and their families against irresponsible police officers like Zulfiqar Cheema, he added.
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