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Default Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law

NOTE; Attempt FIVE questions in all, including Question No.8 which is Compulsory. All questions carry equal marks. Answers must be concise and thoughtful.

1. "Cabinet is a responsible Executive in U.K." Elucidate.

2. Explain the anti-concentration of power provisions in the US Constitution.

3. "Supreme Soviet was a rubber stamp legislature in Soviet Union". Elaborate.

4. "French Presidency is symbol of political stability and continuity". Comment.

5. Analyse the federal character of the Indian Constitution.

6. "Devolution plan is power to people in Pakistan". Comment.

7. Write notes On:

(a) Presidium of USSR.

(b) Judicial review in US.


8. Write only the correct answer in the Answer Book. Donít reproduce the questions.

(1) Two terms tenure of US President was fixed in:

(a) 1748 (b) 1848 (c) 1948 (d) None of these.

(2) The US Senate comprises:

(a) 98 members (b)100 members (c) 102 members (d) None of these.

(3) The term of US House of Representative is:

(a) 2years (b) 3 years (c) 4 years (d) None of these.

(4) Gerald Ford was US President by:

(a) Appointment (b) Election (c) Succession (d) None of these.

(5) The quorum of the House of Commons is:

(a) 40 members (b) 50 members (c) 60 members N one of these.

(6) The Labour Party was founded in Britain in:

(a)1900 (b) 1901 (c) 1902 (d) None of these.

(7) The Speaker of the House of Commons owes allegiance to:

(a) Majority Party (b) Opposition Party
(C) No Party (d) None of these.

(8) The judges of the Indian Supreme court are appointed by:

(a) The Prime Minister (b) The President
(c) TM Parliament (d) None of these.

(9) Indian Parliament is:

(a) Unicameral (b) Bicameral
(c) Tricameral (d) None of these.

(10) The USSR was dissolved in:

(a) 1989 (b) 1990 (c)1991 (d) None of these.

(11) Prestroika was introduced in SU by:

(a)Gorbachev (b) Brezhnev (c) Yeltsin (d) None of these.

(12) The objective Resolution was adopted in:

(a) 1940 (b) 1947 (c)1949 (d) None of these.

(13) The number of abrogated constitutions in Pakistan is:

(a) One (b) Two (c) Three (d) None of these

(14) The Eighth Amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan:

(a) Subordinated the Prime Minister to President (b) Subordinated the President to Prime Minister (c) Made the President at par with President. (d) None of these.

(15). The Fifth Republic was enforced in France in:

(a) 1956 (b)1958 (c) 1960 d) None of these

(16) Dabre served France as:

(a) P rime Minister (b) President (c) Speaker of National Assembly-(d) None of these.

(17) Article 3 of French Constitution makers government office and parliamentary mandate:

(a) Compatible (b) Incompatible
(c) A combination (d) None of these.

(18) The French Constitutional Council comprises:

a) 5 members (b) 7 members (c) 9 members (d) None of these

(19) The Bolshevik Revolution took place in:

(a) 1915 (b) 1917 (c) 1919 (d) None of these

(20) The Soviet Union Comprised:

(a)15 Republics (b) 16 Republics (c) 17 Republics (d) None of these.

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