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Originally Posted by atropa View Post
thanku v much viceroy 4 mentioning the list but i was thinking if u can guide me abt the approach to b kept 4 intervew regrding i had no background of law n its kind of tough 4 me ... n 4 written xam i just prepared selective questions, admitting my mistake.... kindly guide me what to do wid 4 my in what sort of questions panel usually ask abt really appreciate if u give me few examples)
this i.lwa is really giving me a tough time....
looking fwd 4 help.......
Pleasure, I understand your question by your current status is not clear to me. Have you cleared the CSS exam and now going to appear for the interview?

If that is the case, we're in the same boat. I am also going to appear before the interview panel for the first time next month and I can't really predict how much are they going to ask from optionals in general and International Law in specific.

However, from the experience of our seniors in interviews, I can say that the interviews usually revolve around current national and international affairs and have considerably little to do with optional subjects. Although it is advised to revise your optionals but that means just a bird's eye view of them and not a deep memorization or stuff like that.

I hope I have been of some help. I would also request some senior to kindly reply to your question.

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