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Arrow Vocabulary Word List for Government-Constitution

A) Acts, Administration, Adoption, Advantage, Advice, Advise, Advocate, Affiliation, Agenda, Agreement, Allocate, AMENDMENT, Article, Assist, Attitude, Authority, Authorization
B) Balance, Ballot, Basic, Belief, Bicameral, Bill of Rights, Bipartisan, Bipartisanship, Branch, Budget, Bureaucracy
C) Cabinet, Campaign, Candidate, Capital, Caucus, Check, Citizenship, Clause, Cloture, Committee, CONCEIVE, Concurrent, Conduct, Congress, Consent, Constituent, Constitution, Contribute, Contribution, Control, Cooperation, Council, Court, Courtesy, Crossover, Curtail
D) Debate, Debt, Decision, Deficit, Delay, Delegate, Democracy, Department, Detente, Direct, Doctrine, Domestic
E) Efficacy, Election, Electoral College, Enforce, Engage, Enterprise, ENUMERATE, Equality, ESTABLISH, Evidence, Exclusive, Executive Branch, Exemplify, Expire, Express
F) Faction, Federal, FEDERALISM, Filibuster, First Amendment, Founding Fathers
G) Gerrymandering, Goal, Government, Grant, Guilt
H) Honor
I) Ideals, Identification, Ideology, Illegal, Impact, Impeach, Implied, Impound, Inadmissible, Inalienable, Incumbent, Inefficiency, Influence, Inherent, Initiative, Insight, Interpretation, Interstate
J) Job, Joint, Judgment, Judicial
K) Keen
L) Lame duck, Law, Leader, Legal, LEGISLATIVE, Legislator, Legislature, Lobby, Lobbyist, Local
M) Machine, Major, Majority, Management, Maritime, Meeting, Member, Minority
N) Nation, National, Nominate
O) Official, Oligarchy, ORDAIN, Outcome, Override
P) Parties, Partisan, PERFECT, PERPETUATE, Petition, Philosophy, Policy, Political party, Poll, Popular, Population, POSTERITY, Power, Presidential, Prevent, Primary, Procedure, Process, Proper, Protection, Public, Public domain, Punishment, Purpose
Q) Quality, Quest
R) Range, RATIFICATION, Recall, Referendum, Representative, REPUBLIC, Requirement, Reserve, Responsibility, Restraint, Review, Reward, Rights, Rule safe seat
S) Search, SECURE, Security, Sedition, Seizure, Select, Separation, Share, Signature, SIMULTANEOUS, Speaker of the House, Special interest, Spending, Split, State, Status, Strict, Successful, Suffrage, Support, Supreme, System
T) Tax, Technique, Tension, Term, Threaten, Ticket, TRANQUILITY, Two-thirds, Tyranny
U) Unconstitutional, Unicameral, UNIQUENESS, Unity, Unpopular
V) Various, Veto, Violation, Vital, Vote
W) Ward, Wealth, Whip, Wide, Worthy
"There is voice that doesn't use words listen"
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