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Originally Posted by SYEDA SABAHAT View Post
salam to all. roshan calm down dear sorry for late reply bcoz i had my admission tests so i was very busy.

now come to the main point, roshan your notes are good but not very good, bcoz there is something missing in every note like you have explained the effect of TAUHEED under few heading, you have to explain its effect on INDIVIUAL AND ON SOCIETY seperatly.

one thing more when you write importance on any topic try to write its importance from diffierent perspectives like " importance of zakat"

its impotance from
1:islamic point of view
2:social point of view
3:-economic point of view.

i will inshallah now read the rest of your topics and will point out mistakes later.

keep your spirits high and keep posting one topic a day,i will try my best to help you.
and my geography partner mr.aariz is also guiding you well.

regards sabahat
Walekum Salam Dear Syeda

Nice to see ur reply and comments after sum time..o i see u were busy in admission went the test dear? may God give u success

ya dear being a non-muslim (hindu) iam totally aware that my notes lack that touch and need great help in islamiat, i have tried my best to make my notes effective, and in order to make them more effective i have started placing them here on this forum so as i cud get critical views of u all senior and experienced members, and every time wait for reply....

i'll surely add the more points in the topics mentioned by u...ya dear from now i'll post a topic per day so as kind members lyk u and arriz cud check my notes thoroughly and guide me..

Thnkng u for ur cooperation and guidance....waiting for ur suggestions.....Regards
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