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Cool here comes my interview!!!

Interview date = 30th of April 2012
Interview time = noon
Interview Duration= 27 min
Interview Center = Karachi
Interview panel = Mr Bhagwan das(BD), Mr. Saud Gohar (SG), Mr Mian Ahmed (MA)
Optionals= Muslim History, IR, Sociology, Journalism, Pushto

I was standing in front of a huge mirror (outside the interview room) as i was 6th one in the row to be interviewed. I was reciting different ayats to calm down my nerves. Those who know me personally, will agree that i am a chill man all the time with strong nerves, but this interview really made me under pressure. Bell rang and The office assistant opened the door for me, i still waited for the door to shut, i knocked it and opened it myself and asked for the permission to get in. Mr BD permitted me and i started walking towards the chair, in the meanwhile i greeted the panel loudly, I was answered unexpectedly(as all of my friends, who had been through the viva, said that they hadn't replied to Salam), so i got some confidence. BD asked me to have the seat, the moment i was on the seat, BD started introducing myself to me, yes i was introduced to myself by BD.
My academic career was discussed
some discussion from psychological test as i made a mistake to fill the form, he highlighted it and explained it to me, i apologized for that.
I wrote Straight forwardness as my weakness, BD didn't agree to it.
My family was discussed
Why left ASF?
What is DANONE? (my current organization)
Are you a Muslim? then how would you be re born?
What went wrong in 2010 attempt, i said Islamiyat (till this very moment BD was quite serious and was trying to pretend as if he was rude to me, i was continuously smiling while he was too serious :p)
BD said Islamiyat is very easy Han!!! and laughed
I said no sir it is not but it was my mistake as i took it very easy. (SG started writing something but i was focused on BD)
BD: In Psychology Question Number 8 You said Pakistan is progressing, is it the progress that we overload the vehicles, spit on roads, don't obey traffic signals.... was very angry but i tried to explain some other parameters, he was not ready to listened to anything.
Then BD pointed out one of my grammar mistake in autobiography.
BD: you have Muslim History, so tell me who was the man who refused the seat of Chief Juistice, i replied
who offered it to him? i replied
Muslim's cultural symbols in Spain, replied
Which Country's name starts with "THE" ?
Process of Earth quack and how to find it in advance?
Madrasah culture and terrorist production
What comes to your mind when I say ALPES and -----???? A big Question mark on my face, he said don't you know these mountain ranges, i said Sir my Geography was very weak, they started laughing...
What do you know about Nimo Baz and Warchak?? i said i only know about the first one, BD explained to me n i thanked him. :p
What is Rico Dik and whats its issue in SC now?
should we go for 5OOO MW from INDIA?
History of Constitutional developments in Pakistan
I answered everything but most of the time BD didn't agree to me and keep on giving me lectures, i resisted for few seconds but then agreed to him with thanks... or koi option nahi tha bhai...

Then BD left the room and charge was given to MR. Saud GOHAR

Saud Gohar
SG noted something during my discussion with BD, so here comes the very first bouncer,
SG: Which ayats were first revealed? got shocked as Islamiyat is really a threat for me now, i replied correctly, he immediately said how many ayats were first revealed, i got blanked but said 4 or 5, he said its 5
SG: in how much time the Quran was revealed(another bouncer as i didn't prepare islamiyat at all, no such questions were asked from anyone), i took few moments and don't know how it came to my mind but i said 23 years, SG tell me exact months and days too, i said sorry sir
SG: Importance of THANA, replied
SG: Arab spring in detail from every possible dimension, replied
SG: Difference between Police Remand and Physical remand, got confused and said sorry, SG said if you become a police officer then how would you serve without knowing these things (lagta hay police may he bhej raha chacha mujhy )

Here comes the Toughest Guy, Ahmed Mian


AM: US drone attack last day, why can't we stop it
AM: Foreign policy Paradigm shift and reasons
AM: inflation, tax to gdp ratio, circular debt,
AM: Who is defining FP
AM: Why loans taken by GOvt from private sector banks when there is sbp
AM: GDP growth rate

issue with Mian sahab was that he was too low in voice and he explained each and every questions with long preambles which caused so many confusions. economics were his favorite things to tease us, and he was successful to some extent

then BD came back, took the seat and SG had a look at the wall clock, BD said ok Gentleman thank you so much, i greeted them and left the room.
i remained confident throughout the process but AM made me confused in ECONOMICS and i put some wrong figures in wrong places.

overall it was a wonderful experience, BD looked happy and satisfied, SG just normal, while AM was serious from beginning till end.

this is all about my interview, now comment honestly please and wish me best of luck
Wa tu izzo mann tasha'o wa tu zillo mann tasha'o

Nasrullah Yousafzai
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