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Daemon : program that runs continuously in the back-ground, or is activated by a particular event without human intervention.

Dance Pad : Flat electronic devices divided into panels that user presses with their feet in response to instruction from music viedo games.

Data : collection of unprocessed information , which can be text, numbers, images, sound, audio and viedo.

Data collection devices : Devices that obtains data directly at the location where the transaction or event takes palce.

Data compression. Procedure for reducing the volume of data so as to shorten the time needed to transfer the data.

Data projectors : Output device that takes the information displaying on computer screen and projects them on larger screen so that audienec can see the image directly.

Database : Collection of data organized in a manner that allows access , retrival and use of that data.

Database Softwares : Application softwares used to create, access and manage a database.

Database Management System (DBMS). The software needed to establish and maintain database and manage the stored information.

DDoS(Distributed Denial of Service) : A malicious act intended to shut down a Web site or a network by flooding it with too much information. Users who attempt to visit the site will be denied access.

DDR SDRAM/Double Data Rate SDRAM : Type of RAM that tranfer the data twice for each clock cycle instead of just one; is even faster than SDRAM.

Dead Link : An HTML address that is no longer valid. When a dead link is selected, the browser returns an error message.

Deadlock : Situation in which each of two processes is waiting for the other to do something; thus, neither one can proceed.

Deblurring : Process or method of digital image processing to correct a blurred image.

Debug : Locating and fixing defects n computer hardware or software.

Decoding : processor operations that translate a program instruction into signals the computer can execute.

De facto Standard : Standard that is not official but is established by wide-spread usage.

Default settings : The pre-established settings that a program will follow unless the user changes them.

Defragmenting : Reorganizing a disk so that the files are stored in contineous sectors,thus speeding up disk access and performance of entire computer.

Density: Number of bits in a area on storage medium.

Deployment : Act of installing software on computers.

Deprecated : a software feature from a previous version that still exists in the current version, but the developers recommend that it no longer be used

Desktop : On-screen work area that has graphical user interface.

Desktop Computers : Computer designed so that the system unit,input/output devices and other peripheral fits entirely on or under adesk or table.

Desktop Publishing Softwares (DTP) : Application Softwares used by the professional desiners to create sophisticated documents that can contain text, graphics and many colors.

Developer/programmer : A person who writes and modifies computer programs.

Device : Any component of a computer that is used for input or output, such as a printer, modem, disk drive, or sound card.

Device Contention : The situation in which several computer programs, running concurrently, are trying to use the same device (such as a modem or printer) at the same time.

Device Dependent : Programs that runs only on specific types of Devices .

Device Drivers : Small programs that instruct the operating system how to communicate with a specific device.

Device Independant : Operating system that run on the computers provided by the variety of manufactures.

Diagnostic utility : Utility program that compiles technical information about a computer 's hardware and certain system software programs and then prepare a report out lining any identified problems.

Dialog box : Special window that provides information , presents available options ,or request a response.

Dial-up Access : Method of connecting to the Internet using a modem in computer and standard telephone line.

Die : Individual piece of silicon containing a transistor or integrated circuit.

Digerati : People knowledgeable about the Web and other digital communications media. (From digital and Italian litterati.)

Digital :Representing of data using only two discrete states ; on and off.

Digital Camera : Camera that stores its photographed images digitally, instead of on traditional film.

Digital light processing (DLP) Projector : Projector that uses tiny mirrors to reflect light, which produce crisp , bright ,colorful images that remain in focus and can be seen clearly even in well-lit room.

Digital Pen : Input Device that allows users to write or draw on the screen by pressing the pen and issue instruction to a Teblet PC by tapping on the screen.

Digital photo printer : Thermal printer that uses heat to tranfer colored dye to spcially coated paper.

Digital rights management (DRM) : Strategy designed to prevent illegal distribution of music and other digital contents.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP): Use of computers to process signals such as sound or video. Applications of DSP include decoding modulated signals (e.g., in modems), removing noise, and converting video to different formats.

Digital Signature : a way of authenticating that an electronic message really came from the person it claims to have come from.

Digital Subscriber line (DSL) : Type of digital tehnology that provides high speed Internet connections using regular copper telephone line.

Digital versatile disc read-only memory/Digital Viedo Disks (DVD) : Extremely high capacity optical storage disc on which users can read , but not write or erase , capable of storing 4.7 GB to 17 GB.

Digital Viedo Interface (DVI) port: Viedo card port that enables digital signals to transmit directly to an LCD monitor.

Digitizer : Large-scale application term for a graphics tablet.

Disk Drive : The component of a computer into which a disk is inserted so that it can be reads or written on.

Disk Farm : Large set of disk drives used by a single computer or network.

Disk Mirroring : Technique in which all or part of a hard disk is duplicated onto one or more other hard disks,

Disk Scanners : Utilities that searches and removes unnecessary files.

Diskette : Portable,inexpensive storage medium that consists of a thin, circular, flexible plastic Mylar film with a magnetic coating ,enclosed in square shaped plastic shell.

Display : Output devices that visually conveys text,graphics and video information.

Distance learning (DL): Delievary of education at one location while learning takes place at other location.

DNS Server : Internet Server that usually associates with the internet access provider.

Docking Stations : External devives that attaches to a mobile computer or device and contains a power connection and provides connection to peripherals.

Document management System : Appilcation software that provides a mean of sharing ,distributing and searching through documents by converting them into a format that can be viewed by other user.

Documents Explorer : Windows Vista feature that helps users locate documents by showing thumbnails that preview documents' content and allowing users to adjust thumbnail size to view document without opening it.

Domain: Referred to as the zone, indicates the type of organization that owns the computer being identified in the address that is linked to the Internet. It is found after the “@” in a URL, or Web address. There are different types of domains, for example, “.com” stands for company, “.gov” is government, “.org” is organization, and “.edu” stands for education.

Domain name : Text version of IP address.

Domain name system (DNS) : Method that the Internet uses to store domain names and their corresponding IP address.

Doorway Page : Web page that functions as a doorway into a Web site. Usually a doorway page contains keywords, which Internet search engines seek when they scan the Internet. Placing the correct keywords on a doorway page can increase the number of viewers visiting a site.

DOS: Stands for Disk Operating System. A program that allows the computer to to manage the storage of information on disks and control as other aspects of a computer’s operation.

Dot Matrix Printer.A printer that uses pins to produce characters made up of small dots.

Dot pitch : The distance in millimeters between pixels on a display device.

Download : process of receiving information through computer ,such as webpages ,from server on the internet.

Drive Bay: Rectangular opening in the system unit that typically holds disk drive.

Drivers : Small program that instruct the operating system how to communicate with specific device.

Dual-core processor : Processor chip that contains two separate processors.

Dumb Terminal : Terminal that has no its own processing power and cannot fucntion as an independant device.

Duplexing. A procedure that permits two computers to transmit data to each other simultaneously.

Dye-Sublimation printer : Thermal printer that uses heat to transfer color dye to specially coated paper, creating images of photographic quality.

Dynamic RAM (DRAM) : Type of RAM chip that must be refresh constantly or lose its contents.

Dynamic Web pages: Web pages that allows vistors to customize some or all of the viewed contents.
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