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Hacker : Dedicated computer programmer or expert who work at a high level of expertise with computer systems and software;can be good or bad. The term hacker is sometimes used erroneously to refer to a computer criminal who penetrates and tampers with computer programs or systems.

Ham : Legitimate e-mail message that is blocked because it contains one or more keywords associated with spam messages.

Hand Geomertry System : Biometric device that measures the shape and size of a person 's hand and compare these measurement to stored measurements.

Handheld Computer :A portable computer small enough to fit in one hand and smaller then a notebook computer, also called a palmtop computer.

Handshake : Prescribed sequence of digital electrical signals exchanged by two devices in preparation for data transfer.

Hang : To stop responding ; hung program or computer system does not respond to user input,but the screen looks as if everything is running normally.

Hard copy : Text , graphics or information that exist physically ; printed on paper; also called a printout.

Hard Disk : Type of stirage device that can store large amounts of information; contains one or more inflexible, circular platers that store data.

Hardware : physical (Electric, electronic and machnical) components of a computer that includes: central processing unit, the display screen,the keyboard, the disk drive, the modem, the mouse, and the printer etc.

Hardwired : Describes something physically built into a system using hardware, instead of being accomplished by programming.

Head Crash : Type of hard disk failure that occurs when read/write head touches the surface of a platter.

Header : Text or information that appears at the top (the head) of every page of a document.

Heat Pipe : Small cooling device used to cool processors in notebook computers.

Heat Sink : Small ceramic or metal component with fans on its surface that absorbs and ventilate heat produced by electricalcomponents.

Hertz : One clock cycle of system per second.

Hibernation : State in which a computer shuts down after saving everything in memory to the hard disk ;when the computer is powered on, programs and documents that were open are restored to the desktop.

High-defination Media Interface(HDMI)port : Ports that combines DVI with high defination telecisions and viedo.

High-defination Televisions(HDTV) : the most advance form of digital television ,working with digital broadcast signals,transmitting digital sound ,supporting wide screens, and providing resolutions up to 1920x1080 pixels.

Higher-level language : Language, used for programming a computer programs that is closer to the user's language.

Hit : A single request for information made by a client computer from a Web server or web pages names displayed by a search engine that contain the search text specified by the users. The popularity of a Web site is often measured by the number of hits it receives.

Home: The starting position of a page or document;the upper left corner of the display screen

Homebrew :Hardware or software developed by an individual or by a company for its own use rather than as a commercial product.

Home page : The main/first page for a Web site established by an organization or an individual to display;serves as the entrance for a series of related pages.

Home User : User that spend time on computer at home.

Host : Any computer that provide services and connections to other computers on a network.

Hot key. A keyboard shortcut that allows quick access to a command or menu option.

Hot Plugging : Features that allows you to insert or remove a removeable flash memory device and other devices while computer is on/running.

Hot Spots : Wireless networks that provide WiFi Internet connections to mobile, computer and other devices.

Hover Button : Text or an image on a Web page, usually in the form of a button, that changes appearance when a cursor passes over it, button may change color, blink, display a pop-up .

Hub : In a network, a device joining communication lines at a central location, providing a common connection to all devices on the network.

Hybrid Computer : Computer that contains both digital and analog circuits.

Hybris virus : A slow-spreading but persistent self-updating Internet worm ;activated whenever an infected computer is connected to the Internet. It attaches itself to all outgoing e-mail messages, maintains a list of all e-mail addresses in the headers of incoming e-mail messages, and sends copies of itself to all e-mail addresses on the list.

Hypertext Transfer protocol(http): Rules that defines how pages transfer on the Internet and allows programmers to embed hyperlinks in Web documents, using hypertext markup language. permits Web clients (Web browsers) to communicate with Web servers

Hyperlink : Built-in connection to another related Webpages or part of webpages.When a user clicks on these connects with another page in the same document/website or another document/website.

Hypermedia : An extension of hypertext that integrates audio, video, and graphics with text.

Hypertext : Term that refers to links in text based document; links text in one part of a document with related text in another part of the document or in other documents. A user can quickly find the related text by clicking on the appropri-ate keyword, key phrase, icon, or button.

Hypertext markup language (HTML). The formatting language used to establish the appearance of a Web page;the way that web browsers read and show text on web pages.

Hyperspace : The set of all documents that can be accessed by following hyperlinks in the World Wide Web.

Hyper Threading(HT) Technology : Technology used in Intel's processor chips , which improves processors power and time by allowing a processor chip to mimic the power of two processors.

Hyphenation : The ability of a program to automatically hyphenate and divide words that do not fit at the end of a line. If the text is later revised so that the divided word no longer begins at the right margin,the hyphen is automatically removed and the word prints solid.
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