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Originally Posted by rose_pak View Post
Dear CSPs and Seniors,

Please shed light on this keeping in view following criteria:

Working conditions:


Perks and Privileges:


Trainings - within country and abroad:

Respect and Prestige in Society:

How better IRS is (than other groups):
What are the negative points?

i think you can find a lot of material about this group in its subforum. however, here is my personal opinion about the group considering your questions.

working conditions are neat and clean. most of the officers of this group work in Regional Tax offices of big cities, however, the group has set ups in most of the districts too. offices are well maintained but they are usually small for grade 17 officers.

promotions are no issue in this group. officers can be promoted as quickly as any other group. most of the officers usually reach in grade 21. there are certain seats in grade 22 too. it all depends upon your efficiency that till which grade you manage to reach.

i believe this is the group which offers more scholarships than any other group both indigenous as well as overseas. i would say whenever and wherever you want to go for any kind of degree you will be given an scholarship by your group.

designations in IRS are same as in DMG. that is officer will call himself Assistant commissioner, deputy commissioner and commissioner similar to the designation in DMG. considering this fact, you do not need to explain to any tom, dick and harry that who you are and what is your position. as people are already well-versed about this nomenclature. moreover, your prestige level will be higher among the elite and industrialist class than common people. as your clients are industrialists not common people.

every group is better in CSS. there are certain merits and demerits of every group. its very much certain that IRS is among the five top most groups of CSS, rivaling even the Customs.

yeah there are certain demerits too.

in big cities grade 17 officers usually do not get a car and house. in 18 everyone does. its a technical job, therefore, those who dont work hard during the initial time of their service would turn up as liability for their group. thus it becomes a nightmare for them. it is said that the officer of IRS is like a banker, so true charm of a CSP may not be felt in grade 17.


i would say, future of this group is tremendously bright. brighter than any other group. so always feel proud to join this group as a professional.
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