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• Arab traders’ honesty
• Kiring Noor, the first Indian national to embrace Islam
• Sarqafi, Governor of Oman under Hazrat Umer (634 – 644), invaded sea ports near Bombay without his permission


• Gifts and women from Ceylon
• Pirates attack
• Al Malik bin Abdul Malik as a Ummayyad Caliph
• Hijaj Bin Yousaf
• Muhammad Bin Qasim  Syrian soldiers  Entered from Makran
• Raja Dahir killed near Mehran (Indus) in June 712
• Rani Bai, Raja’s wife, challenged MBQ with 15,000 soldiers and defeated. She burnt herself


• 12 Dirham tax
• No social caste system
• Established Sadru Imam Al ajal for Islamic laws interpretation
• Suleman bin Abdul Malik called MBQ back and perished him in 715

• MBQ  712
• Mehmud Gahznavi – 2nd expediter – 17 attacks between 1000 to 1026
o Ghaznavid period ended in 1185 with death of Khusru Malik
• Ghuri period (1185 – 1192)  expanded to Bengal and Bihar
• Dehli Sultanate (1192 – 1526)  Muslim sufis
• Mughal era (1526 – 1857)  Muslims sufis
• Muslim sufis
o Shaikh Ismail in Ghaznavi period
o Ali Makhdom Hajveri came Lahore in 1035, Bahud Din Zakaria, Shaikh Fareed Dud Din, Khawaja Bukhtiar Kaki, Nazam Ud Din Olia, Mujadid Alaf Sani, Hazrat Shahi Wali Ullah , Muin ud Din Chishty

• Cultural Influence
o Caste system
o Urdu and Hindi came into being
o Islamic way of construction
• Religious Influence
o Shankarachariya (Organizer of modern Hinduism) influenced by Islam
o Ramananda, Ghuru Nanik and Chaitanya were Hindu prominent leaders influenced by Islam


I. Bagti Movement
• Started in 14th century
• Objective to check the popularity of Islam
• No difference between Ram and Raheem, Parn and Quran, Kasshi and Kahba
• Bagt Kabir, Ramananda, Guru Nanak and Dadu were prominent leaders

II. Din-E-Ilahi (1582)
• Akbar introduced in desire to win the collaboration of Rajput chiefs
• Marriages with Hindu girls
• Elevation of Hindu to imp positions
• Under Din e Elahi
o Worship of sun
o Jizya and pilgrimage tax abolished
o Akbar as shadow of god on earth
o Cow slaughter and Azan prohibited
o No child named as Muhammad
• Hazrat Mujadid Alaf Sani opposed Din e Elahi
• Muslims lost their hegemony
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