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Originally Posted by IFFAT AMBREEN View Post

Previously it was PCS Executive and PCS secretariat. But in PMS they have combined the PCS Executive and Secretariat as well as Excise and Taxation into one cadre as Provincial Management Services.

As regard to posting in this cadre, half of the candidates will be posted in field as DDO(R), DDO (J), TMO, officers in Public safety Commission, APA etc. while half of the participants of each batch will be posted in Secretariat as Section Officer, Section Officers will work under different ministries such as Section Officer (Law), Section Officer (Home and Tribal Affairs), Section Officer (establishment and administration), Section Officer (Finance), etc. They also select candidates as Excise and Taxation Officer on the basis of their preference. Female participants are mostly posted in Secretariat. Each officer has to work on his/her position for two years. After that they can be posted in any other place. There will be job rotation like Field Officers can be posted in Secretariat and vise versa. There is also internal job rotation in Secretariat. For Example if a person has been initially appointed as Section Officer in Finance Department, they he/she can be transferred to another department like Section Officer (home and Tribal Affairs)

You will have to wait for longer period of time as compared to Federal Government. For promotion in BPS 18, you will have to wait for more than 8 years. But sections Officers have now sued the government to make initial induction of all section officers in BPS 18 like lecturers of University. According to some authentic sources, the Punjab govt has take decision in favor of section Officers. So donít worry, its very pleasant news for all aspirants who have some reservations regarding promotion.

The salary of those officers posted in Secretariat differs from those posted in field. All officers in Secretariat receive Secretariat allowance, big city allowance and some additional pay which is 30 % of the basic pay of BPS 17. They can avail the residence facility by the govt. All those officers who are posted as Section Officer in Planning and Development receive project allowance which is 45000-50000, in addition to pay.

So all aspirants work hard, as a very bright future is waiting for you.

If you have any query, you may ask.
Wish you good luck
IS joining academy necessary for CSS or PMS preparation?????? OR without this one can prepare for???? please give me suggestions..

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