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So, why to waste those engineering seats only to have a well off spouse?

That’s not a new form of male chauvinism. Actually it’s not your fault. This is the patriarchal society that has been injecting this particular kind of thinking. You are one such victim. God! Have mercy on chauvinists!

We have been accustomed to such statements which try to motivate that by getting admitted to universities girls only try their luck in so-called “spouse hunt”. Campuses are only there for match-making. Well, we had 2000 students in our university in one department. And I can hardly find an example that ended up with a love-match (a marriage for love, not money, status, etc.). So much for the spouse match! And if that happens and one ends up with a marriage that’s not bad either [Word of caution: I’m not talking about those lovey-dovey birds which do not have the courage or the will for a commitment and for me commitment is only marriage]

You talked about women engineers working in the field, I had 26 lady engineers passed out with me but I didn’t hear of anyone working in the field. Yes, there are two of them in the teaching field. One of them in telecomm but she is in the office and never visited sites.

As far as engineer females are concerned, I have some acquaintances who are working on sites. But my example [and not even yours] is not enough to go round to generalize a social attitude. Suffice to say female peasants are there in considerable number. And since we are discussing the hijab, literacy or illiteracy is not an issue here. A woman remains a woman with all her female features irrespective of literacy issue.


It is the hard-core fact that majority of the sapiens are self-centered chauvinists: chauvinists of their sex, of their culture, of their religion and more broadly of their respective civilization.

Yes, that’s absolutely right. When it is depicted in political terms, we call it Fascism, Nazism or Hitlerism. When we talk about this chauvinism in communist world, we call it Stalinism. When it is portrayed in true militarily sense we call it Prussianism or Militarism. When it is related to culture, we call it Ethnocentrism. In religious terms it is often known as Fundamentalism with a superior sense (or perhaps Religious Fascism). And when it is ascribed to gender discrimination, we call it male chauvinism. The difference between the latter and former is that while all other aforementioned –isms are time-specific, bound to particular region, group, history and geography, male chauvinism is prevalent irrespective of all those factors (time, group, history and geography). Though those –isms do come back but then vanish after some time. But male chauvinism is constant and steady in its pursuance.

Woman is the sole carrier of sense of honor (if she is seen by someone, it should be a matter of declaration of war among still tribal mindsets)

True! Very true!

West, too, has its sets of bigoted approaches, we here the followers of a religion interpreted centuries ago nursing notions that everything is final for this great progressive religion have locked it into prison-house of orthodoxy to which Altaf Hali refers as a majlis jahaan batti hae naa diya which cannot truly enlighten the dark house of souls,,, whither and whence ijtihad?

Yes many Muslims think that they are done with the consensus building measures and there is no room for flexibility. I wonder why they cannot read the Allah’s recurrent assertion to mull deeply over the human life and all related issues.

this morally superior male comes forward to impose more restrictions in the name of religion or culture or civilization.

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