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Firstly, i didn't term the admission to an institution as spouse-hunt.I meant that if they don't do the job anf after getting married leave their profession,the only purpose of that degree seems ,to have a well-educated spouse, nothing else.The meagre number of females entering into the professional field and retaining it after marriage prove my point.They must do the job after marriage if their purpose of acquiring degree is not, to have a well-off husband.Delivering speeches in favour of woman-emanicipation is a fashion , in actuality, women are enslaved by women themselves.When women are acquiring the education which is appropriate for them that is for which they do not have constraints in the professional filed, i think they can work very well with or without hijab in such case.Women have natural limitations in certain cases as men have in certain other cases.If we work according to those natural limitations, it will prove beneficial for the society and for women themselves.Please, don't be sentimental as i am not finger-pointing.

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