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Bhai, you can work on a project lay-out when you are well-versed with its field activities and have worked on it for quite sometime.Engineers don't work with labourers but they have to interact with them during the project execution.You have the construction company, but still you don't find a lady civil engineer.

Yes, europe is far better than us in women-emanicipation.They have emanicipated them from all dressing and moral limitations.Now, please don't say that these limitations are not important.In Germany almost twenty thusand people embrace islam annually and almost 80 percent of them are women.Their chief motivator in this regard is the resposibility of bread-earning which has been deligated to husband.I talk only baout islamic limitaions as islam is the chief source of guidance for us and it is important to the people like me.And Islam allows a woman to work where her delicacy and soul is not harmed.
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