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well 1st of all you have a different experience of private jobs and i have a different one.2nd thing is that my post was not about private jobs ,it was about all other jobs of government sector and for private jobs both.other thing is that a lot of people i know coming to Islamabad from kpk ,they almost all have survived here and all are doing jobs,other thing is yes pms is a v good field but only a few hundred or sometimes even less than a hundred posts of pms are available.and someone who doesn't qualify it then where all theses hundred and thousands of people should go which are unable to pass it,as there is an age limit as will as number of attempts limit for pms my point was have just kept in front of you your own personnel experience.and the last thing is that iffat sistr has done a very big effort for the benefit of pms aspirants and for all others also. Her pms interview details are beneficial even for all other interviews and she really has done such a sincere effort for the benefit of others by giving her precious time that we are all thankful to her and will really wait for her more guidance also.i replied to one of her post and cleared some of her viewpoints which were different in her previous posts as i got them.otherwise i have learned a lot from her friends keep continuing here all about competetive exams.
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