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Post Q3.Describe in detail the educational and news functions of journalism.

Describe in detail the educational and news functions of journalism. CE-2013
it is the profession of writing for newspapers and magazines and broadcasting of news through Mass Media.
it involves two steps:
1- collections of information
2- broadcasting and dissemination of information.
it is the mechanism of investigation,covering and reporting relevant issues, events and trends for the large audience of the broadcast ,print and online media like T.V ,radio and network; newspapers and magazines;and internet respectively.

Educational functions of journalism:
educational functions involves two types of the education.

1-Formal education

Formal education is the normal teachings and covering of syllabi in schools ,colleges,universities and other educational institutions Like Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, IT subjects etc.

Formal educational functions of journalism:

Formal education functions of journalism involves the teaching the audience through T.V channels Like the Virtual university ,which runs the T.V channels where students are being taught formal education. Similarly Some other T.V channels like Peace T.V contain the series of Speeches and Lectures by different Ulemah Specially Doctor Zakir Naik.

2-Informal Education:
informal education is informing the large audience and creating awareness among them through mass media.

Informal Education functions of Journalism:
informal educations involves to create social, political and economical awareness among people through mass media.
Social awareness:
-Different Islamic T.V channels likes Q.T.V, Haq T.V, Madani T.V etc. are creating Islamic awareness among the people. They give the Islamic solutions of different social problems.They impart knowledge of Quran and Hadiths.
-Different T.V channels like national geographic channel are imparting the
knowledge of science, also new channels are informing us about the business, political and social problems.
- some Film and drama channels which highlight the daily life issues and their solutions like drama on terrorism in which molvies in madarsas wash out the minds of the their students and prepare them for suicides attacks on the people gathering places.
political awareness:
Different news channels that highlight the political problems. They negotiate and debate on political issues, government policies etc. The some shows on these channels in which political problems are discussed, their solutions are mentioned. incident of Skiander Hayyat in the Islamabad was clearly shown by these news channels and highlighted the weaknesses of the security policies of the current government. These channels highlighted the fake Degrees of MNA and MPA.

News Functions of the Journalism:
There are Three news functions of the Journalism.
1- To Inform
2- To Educate
3- To Entertain

1-To Inform:
To give the news of the social, political and economical issues, and whether conditions .Like giving the news of the murders, killings,suicides, attacks, injustices, floods, storms, currency rise and fall , stock exchange, political activities, government activities, whether conditions of different areas, brands, marketing, business etc.
For example . Nawaz Sharif became the prime minister of the Pakistan
target killer killed the five men in the Karachi. These news only contain the elements of information so these are the information for the audience.

2- To educate
News of discoveries, inventions, progress and advancement in the field of science and information Technology, educational advertisements etc fall in the category of the educational news.
for example. Admissions date for the Lahore university. Scholarship announced by the H.E.C, new discoveries in the human body, plants,Solar system and earth.

3-To Entertain.
These types of news contains the
1- Actors and actresses news
2-drama news
3- film news
like new film of shah Rukh khan will be released in end of this month ,in which he played the role of the 12 year child
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