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Post Q.7:Describe the socail and economic aspects of advertising

Q.7: Describe the social and economic aspects of advertising. CE-2013

It is the non-verbal form of communication for marketing, used to persuade,encourage or manipulate the audience (readers, viewers, listeners),usually paid by sponsors to promote specific products, services or ideas through mass media.

Social and Economic aspects of Advertisement

Economic Aspects:

1- Effect on value of the products or services:
Why do some people usually prefer coca- cola over other cola? similarly why do people prefer iPod over some other brands? do they functionally better than that of other brands? no, not necessarily. Advertisement has given an added value to the products. Advertisement adds the values to the products and services by creating positive and good image in the minds of the consumers which helps in persuading and convincing the consumers to buy these product preferably .
Advertisement educates the consumers the uses of the products and services. It familiarizes the new features and traits of the product. For example the mobile phones were considered the necessity but advertisement highlighted the new trends and features of cell phones which in turn encouraged the consumers to by these phones .

2-Effect on prices
As advertisement adds the values to the products and services. It means it also adds the cost to the products and services,true? and if the expanses of the advertisement are stopped then cost will be lower,true? not necessarily. Advertised products may adds the cost to the products but vice-versa is also true. Advertisement encourages the competition in the marketing which result in lowering the prices. Due to advertisement mass productions occurs and mass product in turn make down the aggregate cost of the products.

3-Effect on consumer demands and choices:
Due to advertisement consumers prefer other products and services over the others. When consumers find new featured products then they use the products ,and other old products are demoted. It changes the trends of the market. For example if they were using the Nokia cell phone and they found new feature on other brands of another company then they use these new branded phones .

4-Effect on business cycle:
Due to advertisement sellers get the massive revenues from the products which in turn helps in employing large number of people. it increases the pay rolls system. sellers use these revenues in the betterment of the products and services.

Social aspects of the advertisement:

A-Negative social aspects:

1- Deception in advertisement:
Criticism occurs due to deception in the advertisement by the sellers.
Sellers should show the real and actual image of the products. if the sellers show the deceptive, false or exaggerated image of the products then healthy and pleasant relations can not be maintained between the sellers and the buyers . As buyers will not be satisfied with the products what they saw in the advertisement and what they got after buying them.
This problem can be overcome if sellers create clear and right image.

2- The subliminal advertising:
Ads used for advertisement capture and manipulate the consumers' minds in such a way that they even can not realize that their minds are washed and manipulated by the ads, and in turn they buy the products which they do not need. The advertisement agencies use tactics and procedures that persuade and control the mind of the consumers ,likes sexual messages. Consumers buy these products for greater status , social acceptance and sexual appeals.

3- Effect on over values system:
advertisement uses puffing tactics ,endorsement from celebrities which affects on their emotions. consumer get ready to buy these costly products
which they can not afford because these products are endorsed by their favorite actors and actresses. consumer picks the harmful habits like smoking and drinking which ultimately affect their moral values.

4- Offensiveness:
Advertisement may result into offensiveness because ads uses the sexual material like partially nude pictures which affect the children and other family members. consumer get offended due to these bad tactics used in advertisement and they habitat to buy these products. For Example ads of denin jeans in which a girl is wearing a short clothes and making sexual appeals.

B-Positive social aspects of the advertisement:
1- development of the society and growth of technologies.
3-Gives choices to buy self interested products.
4-improve the standard of living.
5-Give information on social, economical and health issues.

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