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sadia shafiq kindly check my answer as well and suggest changes.

critically analyze the watchdog and lapdog role of public and private T.V. channels in pakistan??

Watchdog journalism

The term watchdog journalism is strongly related to the practice of investigative journalism. A watchdog is defined as "a person or group of persons that acts as a protector or guardian against inefficiency, illegal practices, etc." by the Collins English Dictionary. In news journalism, a watchdog journalist also fulfills this function of being a guardian. To perform in an investigative manner, the journalist is in the "role" of a watchdog. Watchdog journalism can be located in a variety of news media, such as radio, television, Internet, and print media where it may be seen as "a unique strength of newspapers".


The term lapdog is also used to describe a submissive person, such as a "yes" man, or an institution that can be very easily controlled

Functions of a media as watchdog

The role of a media as a watchdog can be that of a protector or guardian. To act as a guardian and is to supply the citizens with information they must have "to prevent the abuse of power",and to "warn citizens about those that are doing them harm". In order to conduct their role as a watchdog, journalists need to have a certain distance from the powers and challenge them, as opposed to "propagandist" journalists, who are loyal to the ruling powers and elites. Because of the power distance and its overseeing function, watchdog journalism often officiates as the fourth estate, or is used in the context of that term The array of topics for watchdog journalism is wide and includes "personal scandals, financial wrongdoing,political corruption, enrichment in public office, and other types of wrongdoing".In order to expose wrongdoings the watchdog aims at "finding hidden evidence".[15] The aforementioned aspects are necessary for the role of the watchdog journalist to help "maintain order" and "warn against disorder.


The skilled and bold personality of anchor person raises people’s voice and clearly asks the real point of the crisis as in “live with talat” or “CAPITAL TALK”

They analyze government actions, either in favor or against the masses and develop the opinions of the experts.

Media is serving as true democratic notion of people’s participation. The general peoples’ criticism, analysis, and comments are added. which also act as a catharsis.

The ruling feel shame while speaking bluff in live shows before the millions of the citizens. As is usually observed in “awam kee adalat”

Media successfully informs the whole world against any injustice and shows world’criticism which compel the government to change its autocratic orders as in “news eye”

Role of PTV as a lapdog

Before the mushroom growth of private tv channels, there was only one tv channel, ptv. it was dominated by the government which always played manufactured news, record success in stock market,poor becoming millionaire through rozgar scheme, big power is extremely happy and corrupt politicians are being chased away.
Even today, in this age of information PTV officials try to keep the country’s people into darkness by presenting the one side of the picture or that news which are in favor of the US or against Taliban.
PTV authorities try to please their masters by giving the one-sided news, comments and analysis and even cannot tolerate the anti-US or pro-Taliban news and pictures. Specially,the PTV is State-controlled and people could not trust in its news and comments.

Ptv- a “watchdog”.

On the other hand, the government has lauded and paraised Ptv muoltitude times for playing an important role in “national integration” and “promoting liberal democratic image” of the country among the comity of nations.
Former Secretary Information and Broadcasting Mansoor Suhail on the 46th anniversary of Ptv stated that the PTV was promoting Pakistani culture all over the world. Presently over 60 private TV channels and 130 radio channels were operating in the country. Despite all this competition, the PTV was playing very important role, he added

Private Tv channels as a lapdog

Apart from PTV, some private tv channels have also adopted a similar pattern. According to International Herald Tribune:
“The media no longer dares to scrutinize judicial conduct for fear of “contempt” proceedings by a judiciary that has had the temerity to hold a hearing on whether parliament could amend the constitution. Journalists self-censor out of fear of military and intelligence agencies. But the media has remained free to propagate an Islamist, nationalist, and anti-Western line.”
While media has the responsibility to be a government watch dog, government is not the only social institution that must be checked. When President Zardari threatened to ban jokes against him, there was a media uproar. But when the judiciary threatens ‘contempt’ against those who question them, the media is silent. Is this not an equally or possibly even worse abuse of power?
When the Governor Punjab is assassinated by a man brainwashed by a jihadi mindset, the TV anchors do not condemn this act of violence. Rather, they ask the question, “Is he a hero?” This is not a new development, either. We saw the same self censorship when extremists burnt alive a group of Christians in Gojra. As it was written:
The media that has become the self proclaimed flag bearers of truth and honesty finds it very easy to attack politicians, abuse them and threaten them with a judicial or military coup. But it is scared when it has to talk about extremists and terrorists.


It is the responsibility of the mass media to act as a “watchdog” and to keep the populace appraised of the recent events, policies and propaganda. Unfortuanately,while some tv channels have played a positive role inthis regard,there are certain others that have failed to come up to the expectations and remain a “lapdog”.

please everyone evaluate,analyze and give comments
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