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Originally Posted by mohsinali303 View Post
Last Island.

Mam please explain this term

Candidates were advised to enhance their analytical capacity
I believe it simply means Analytical skills, or in urdu "tajziya" , instead of just writing bookish knowledge or facts, candidates are expected to analyse those facts/knowledge etc .
I am not expert but I think it can be an example of it, suppose Pakistan PM says hum kashmir issue ko back burner pe rkh k phly trade krengy .if you are in a favor of this statement, instead of just saying k its good or bad statement , one can analyse in a way that though Kashmir is an important issue and we being Muslims stand with kashmiri brothers, every Pakistani want to solve the issue ASAP but as our economy is very down and we are losing our international position and influence ,it would be better if we focus on trade first and grow our economy, get back our influential position and then we'll be in better position to negotiate for Kashmir issue .

that's what I think it really meant . Seniors please correct me if I'm wrong
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