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Originally Posted by Nazish Hina View Post
This is what I am going to focus on. If not resettlement then what are the other viable options to help ,as you put it?
The International media is already putting pressure so that point is moot.Do you really think that they would care more about pressure from our media when AlJazeera and CNN are condemning them
What is super hands? Please elaborate because I've never heard it before
There is not going to be a miracle, please be practical. We can't expect OIC and UN to help them. As I said before only way is to stop Mayanmar.
Do you even know the number of total Rohingyas?It's in millions the 5 million will only give them at most 5$ each.
How can we provide them food and shelter? and where?
What I mean is that They are not really efficient organizations. Because they are based on an entirely voluntary system. They aren't going to help them.Because they don't have the jurisdiction
Yes, CNN, BBC like networks are broadcasting Rohingya Muslims already. Well we have still good options. What i already said.
Knocking the UN & OIC doors. and other that you mentioned putting a halt on Myanmar economic routes to Muslim countries etc.
And sorry but according to UN about 400000 Rohingya Muslims need aid and in this regard $5million of Pakistan becomes 5645000000 myanmar Kyat and each person gets 1366kyat. By the way I did not say that these few millions from Pakistan will change their lives but may draw some attention in this way from other Muslim states to aid them. x, y & z.
Sorry Super Hands means super power states i wrote it informally.

Originally Posted by IslamabadKid View Post
The question is: How are we supposed to "deliver" food and shelter to the concerned lot? By invading Myanmar? Or by sending troops in the name of terrorism - just like India did few days back - and while alleviating terrorism there, we will parcel out food amongst Rohingyas?
What channel you propose we should opt? If it is via UN, do you not think other countries - more responsible, resourceful and rich than us - are not willing to "help" Rohingyas?
Good question.
And what can i say on this ? may be in a world called global village, the only possible and proper channel would be UN. As according to UN website UN is already providing them assistance.

For the time being, if we opt that solution, what would be your reaction if India shows willingness of helping the people of Thar who are even deprived of clean drinking water?
Are not there already hundreds of NGOs working in Pakistan ? Suppose india wanted to Help Thar people then he can do it by the help of UN. SO what is wrong in this ? I can understand what you mean and the simple answer 'why can't ?

If we rubbish all of our problems that we are facing for the time being, how would you ensure that the only "help" that Rohingyas are seeking from Pakistan - the only Nuclear power in the Muslim world and apparently the only Muslim country who is bound to take care of each and every Muslim around the world - is food and shelter?
Let i reiterate this assistance is temporary and it would at least give them food for sometime until there come any other permanent assistance.
In other words 'this help may not let any news paper in coming time having a headline that x hundred Rohingya Muslims died due to hunger.
I know you may be thinking of those Pakistanis who are also dying due to hunger in our country. I have no words but to say that decades have gone from one government we are having nothing and from other only concrete named METRO etc. Then why not something that is need of the hour across the boarder be given from the land of pure ?

One nation, in PM's speeches and in local textbooks, YES! Otherwise, in reality, we are not.
ISBKID, definitely. But let we go through our topic. Simply sense of humor.

Temporary shelter? Just like we did back in Zia-ul-Haq's dictatorial era in the case of Afghan Muhajirs? That too temporarily?
Actually not in Pakistan. You got it wrong. Shelter may be in Myanmar where they lie beneath open sky and after this under a tent.
Dear debater must visit this link:
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