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Default Selection of optional subjects for MBBS students

After going through the revised syllabus for CE-2016, I am finding it quite difficult to decide on optional subjects to opt for. I have recently completed my MBBS but there are not many subjects included in the syllabus, which are directly related to MBBS syllabus.
My current mentality about attempting CE-2016 is that I want to give myself a chance and to avoid having regrets in the future that I didn't try to achieve something better. This means that its not a "do or die" situation for me.
With this mentality, I find myself attracted towards subjects that either have any close or distant relation to MBBS syllabus or those which have no such relation but for some unknown reason appear interesting to me.
However, before embarking on this tedious journey of "subject preparation", I would love to have advice and suggestions from fellow members and seniors on this forum about my subject selection.
I am thinking about the following subjects:
  • Psychology (because of its relation to MBBS)
  • Gender studies (because it appears appealing to me and I don't know why but I think Psychology and Gender studies will make a good combo)
  • Chemistry (Because I was good in chemistry in FSC, which means I have a good "chemical base" )
  • Computer Science (Because I have "better than zero" knowledge about the subject but more importantly because without its 200 marks, I am unable to complete the 600 marks requirement)

Other subjects that I can also opt for, but are not in my preference are:
  • Zoology (Same reason as chemistry)
  • History of USA (Because of friend of mine said that its a high scoring subject and doesn't take that much time to prepare)
Any suggestion or advice is welcome, especially the one related to "score trends" vs "time required for preparation". Thanks
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