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Waqar Abro has much to be proud ofWaqar Abro has much to be proud ofWaqar Abro has much to be proud ofWaqar Abro has much to be proud ofWaqar Abro has much to be proud ofWaqar Abro has much to be proud ofWaqar Abro has much to be proud ofWaqar Abro has much to be proud of

Name: waqar abro
Nick Name: Vicky
Qualification: i have done graduation
Date of Birth: 30 june
Aim in life: i want to do some thing for my country as z,a bhutto
Hobby: i like to read historical books
You Hate: liers
You Trust: in God
You Fear: except Allah Pak mein kise se bhi nahi darta
Favourite Book: peoples in history
Favourite Place: arabian desert
Favourite Relation: mother-son
Favourite Dress: japani cotton
Favourite Politician: zulfiqar ali bhutto
Favourite Dish: mutton karahi
Favourite Colour: black
Favourite Hero: tom cruise
Favourite Heroine: kate winclet
Favourite Singer (Male): john bryan
Favourite Singer (Female):: abida perveen
Favourite time in 24 hours: midnight time between 3 to 6
Favourite weather: winter,rainy
Favourite Subject: constitutional law
Define life in three words: pray,speaking truth and patience
Your three wishes: i want to be chief moderator,i want to be an honest personality,i want to do some thing for my peoples
Your Ideal Moderator, Why? .....................................the mod knows better
Your Ideal Member, Why? last island because she is the most active member.
Which thing attracts you in cssforum? hmmm discussion
If you were President of Pakistan: sabse pehly mein dictatorship ko humesha k liye khatm kardeta
Your Ideal Personality: Hitler
What can you do for Pakistan? it is top secret you will see as soon what i will do.
How you express your success? i m not successful yet
If you face G.W.Bush, your reaction: shaiton ko pather maarty hy baat nahi karty
If you met Prevez Musharaf: i must ask him a question kuch bhi karty general magar apne muslim brothers ko na marwaaty
Do you love someone? ...................she knows.....................
Are you talkative? obviously do u have any doubt.
You pray every time: no sometime
Say something about yourself in a paragraph: i m a simple person who loves his culture and his country.
You are an eagle, flight is your vocation:
You have other skies stretching out before you.

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