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1. Name Zara Khalid
2. Nick Name: jara,zari
3. Qualification: graduate
4. Date of Birth: 26 may 1986
5. Aim in life: css
6. Hobby: music,movies,net,,like 2 cook
7. You Hate: hipocracy,
8. You Trust: some close friends,
9. You Fear: Failure,,,
10. Favourite Book: cheque book
11. Favourite Place: ISLAMABAD
12. Favourite Relation: friendship
13. Favourite Dress: jeans,, long skirts
14. Favourite Politician:
15. Favourite Dish: mutton, biryani
16. Favourite Colour: light blue,,sea green
17. Favourite Hero: Denzil Washington, Will Smith
18. Favourite Heroine:
19. Favourite Singer (Male):chris daughtry
20. Favourite Singer (Female): j-lo
21. Favourite time in 24 hours: 1 am..
22. Favourite weather: winter
23. Favourite Subject: psychology
24. Define life in three words: pain,,unexpected, struggle.
25. Your three wishes: 1) get independent, 2) live in islamabad for ever.
26. Your Ideal Moderator: ive just joined css forums,,so don`t know much about them,
27. Your Ideal Member: same as above
28. Which thing attracts you in cssforum? guidance
29. If you were President of Pakistan: i would certainly finish democratic system of government...
30. Your Ideal Personality: Pervez Musharraf
31. What can you do for Pakistan? 1) i wish to do something with the traffic system coz it`s really frustrating..people don`t obey rules,,
32. How you express your success? sharing with my friends,,treat perhaps
33. If you face G.W.Bush, your reaction:
34. If you met Prevez Musharaf: i would ask him not to give up n serve as our leader ,,
35. Do you love someone?
36. Are you talkative? im a good listener perhaps
37. You pray every time:
38. Say something about yourself in a paragraph:
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