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Abandon leave, quit, vacate
Abandoned Deserted, vacant
Abdicate Give up, vacate
Ability Capacity, aptitude, capability
Abnormal Unusual, unnatural
Abound Plentiful, overflow
Abrupt Sudden, hasty
Absorb Assimilate, merge
Absurd Silly, ridiculous
Abundant Ample, plentiful
Accelerate Quicken, hasten, speed up
Active Alert, agile, alive
Acute Keen, piercing, sharp
Adjust Regulate
Admirable Excellent, commendable, praiseworthy
Admit Own, concede, acknowledge, accept
Agree Concur, consent, assent
Aimless Random, wandering, purposeless
Allow Grant, admit, permit
Amateur Volunteer, novice
Ambition Aspiration, longing, zeal
Anger Arouse, inflame, annoy, provoke
Appetite Want, hunger, longing, passion
Apt Suitable, qualified, appropriate
Artistic Beautiful, graceful, chagrined
Assist Help, support
Atrocity Outrage, enormity, brutality
Average Middling, medium, ordinary, fair
Awkward Clumsy, ungainly, ungraceful, embarrassing
Base Vile, low, mean, ignoble, unworthy
Bashful timid, shy, diffident, constrained
Beautiful Pretty, lovely, graceful, handsome, charming, elegant
Beg Implore, beseech, crave, ask, solicit
Benevolent Generous, philanthropic, charitable
Bogus Sham, counterfeit, supurious, false
Bold Courageous, fearless, daring, dauntless
Breathe respire, inhale, exhale
Bright Lustrous, luminous, radiant, glowing, sparkling
Burning Flaming, raging, blazing, ardent
Callous Hardened, insensitive, stiff
Calm Impassive, placid, serene, peaceful, cool-headed, tranquil
Candid Frank, open, outspoken, sincere, truthful
Chaos Confusion, disorder
Cheat Defraud, swindle, dupe, deceive
Cold Frigid, cool, chilly, frosty, indifferent, reserved
Confidence Reliance, faith, dependence
Conjecture Guess, speculation, inference, surmise
Contemptible Despicable, despised, vile, mean, low
Control Direct, manage, regulate, master
Covet Long for, want, desire, crave
Cruelty Brutality, barbarity, persecution, torture
Cut Hew, chop, carve, slit, slash, divide, curtail, reap
Damage Loss, harm, injury, hurt, impair
Dangerous Hazardous, perilous, unsafe
Defend Protect, shield, guard, safeguard, support
Dear Cherished, precious, costly, valuable
Derisive Sarcastic, contemptuous, scornful, mocking
Determined Resolute, resolved, decided, firm
Detest Loathe, abhor, despise
Dignified Stately, lofty, august, noble, majestic
Dim Dusky, dull, dingy, hazy, vague
Disfigure Impair, deface, mar, mutilate
Disinterested Indifferent, detached, unconcerned
Dogmatic Bigoted, opinionated
Distasteful Unpalatable, unsavory, bitter
Distinguished Celebrated, famous, eminent, illustrious, renowned, noted
Dreadful Frightful, horrible, shocking
Durable Lasting, permanent, stable, enduring
Eager Ardent, careful, thrifty, saving
Economical frugal, careful, thrifty, saving
Eminence Distinction, importance
Empty blank, vacant, void, hollow
Enormous Huge, vast, immense, colossal, gigantic
Essential Indispensable, necessary
Examine test, inspect, scrutinize, review
Expedient Advisable, desirable, advantageous, suitable, proper
Expensive Costly, dear, high-priced, prodigal
Extravagant Lavish, excessive, visionary, absurd
Fair Beautiful, comely, spotless, unblemished
Fantastic Grotesque, bizarre, odd, strange
Fear Timidity, diffidence, apprehensiveness, dread, fearfulness
Fit Appropriate, expedient, suitable, proper
Formal Conventional, ceremonious, ritualistic
Fragrant Aromatic, balmy, scented, perfumed
Frail Fragile, infirm, feeble
Free Unconfined, unchecked, unhindered, liberal
Friendly Amicable, sociable, cordial, warmhearted
Furious Angry, fuming, raging, turbulent, wild, blithe,
lively, merry, jolly, bright, ma gnanimous,
nselfish, liberal, lavish,
Genuine Sincere, frank, unaffected, real, honest, sterling, authentic
Glad Pleased, gratified, happy, joyful
Greedy Grasping, avaricious, rapacious
Habitual Customary, usually, routine, frequent, permanent
Grief Sorrow, affliction, anguish, tribulation, distress, bereavement
Hallucination Illusion, delusion, mirage
Hamper Obstruct, impede, restrict
Harmful Injurious, detrimental, damaging
Hasty Quick, speedy, expeditious, swift, rapid, hurried
Helpful Useful, cooperative, assisting
Honest Open, sincere, frank
Horrible Dreadful, appalling, frightful
Humble Poor, low-born, plain, simple, meek, modest
Hypocritical Insincere, affected, sanctimonious
Idle Unemployed, inactive, lazy
Illegal Unlawful, illegitimate, illicit
Imaginative Original, inventive, creative, idealistic, romantic, fantastic
Immoral Corrupt, licentious
Impossible Unlikely, unreasonable, incredible, unfeasible, out of question
Impure foul, dirty, filthy, debased, mixed, lewd, unchaste
Incapable Incompetent, unable, unfit
Incredulous Sceptical, distrusrful, doubtful
Industrious Diligent, busy, hard-working
Ingenuous Frank, open, native, candid
Insignificant Petty, unimportant, trivial, small
Intellectual Mental, scholarly, learned, well-informed, intelligent
Intemperance Excess, unrestraint, dissipation
Interesting Exciting, alluring, fascinating
Iota Jot, bit, particle, speck, grain
Irritable Ill-humoured, pleasure
Jealous Envious, distrustful, suspicious
Jolly Delight, pleasure
Just Honest, upright, honorable, fair
Justify Defend, prove, vindicate, exonerate
Juvenile Youthful, immature, undeveloped, young
Keen Piercing, penetrating, cutting, quick, eager
Kind Benign, gracious, obliging, considerate, type,
sort, character, nature
Kindle Ignite, set on fire, light, stir, arouse
Laborious Toilsome, hard working, industrious
Lasting Enduring, permanent, continuing
Lazy Indolent, idle
Liable Subject to, open to, exposed to, accountable
Loathe Despise, abhor, detest, hate
Loquacious Talkative, chatter box
Lucid Plain, clear, understandable
Lurid Ghastly, grim, gruesome, pale
Luxuriant Lush, lavish, profuse, fertile
Mad Crazy, insane, frenzied, wild
Marvelous Wonderful, incredible, miraculous
Meek Mild, submissive, humble, modest
Merciless Ruthless, unfeeling, relentless, pitiless
Miserable Wretched, forlorn, worthless, poor
Mitigate Lessen, alleviate, soften, abate
Monotonous Humdrum, tedious, tiresome, unvaried
Mysterious Obscure, occult, incomprehensible, hidden
Narrate Relate, tell, recite, describe
Neat Tidy, trim, spick and span, orderly
Nimble Quick, agile, alert, brisk
Novel New, different, unusual, unique
Nuisance Annoyance, bother, pest, bore
Oath Pledge, sworn, statement
Objectionable Obnoxious, offensive, undesirable
Obsolete Out of date, outworn, disused, antiquated
Obstinate Tenacious, stubborn, obdurate, dogmatic
Old Aged, elderly, ancient, antique, obsolete
Ostentatious Pretentious, showy, dashing, glaunting,
glittering, splendid, magnificent
Outrage Insult, injury, wrong, affront, abuse
Overlook Oversee, skip, miss, forget
Paralyse Disable, incapacitate, cripple, unnerve
Pathetic Touching, sad, pitiful, distressing, heartrending
Pensive Melancholy, meditative, reflective
Pernicious Harmful, detrimental, ruinous, sinister
Philosophical Calm, rational, imperturbable, deliberative, speculative
Pious Religious, devout, holy, reverential
Pithy Brief, terse, succinct, forceful, powerful
Placid Calm, peaceful, gentle, serene
Pleasure Delight, gladness, joy, enjoyment
Poisonous virulent, deadly, toxic, venomous
Proficient Expert, adept, masterly, dexterous, adroit
Proper Right, just, equitable, meet, suitable
Prudent careful, wary, heedful, cautious, discreet, circumspect
Quack Impostor, charlatan, empire
Qualified Fit, capable, able, accumpl9shed, eligible
Quick Prompt, alert, ready, rapid, keen, intelligent
Queer Quaint, strange, odd
Quiet Meek, mild, motionless, calm
Radiant Bright, brilliant
Rapid Swift, speedy, quick, fleet, fast
Rash Incautious, indiscreet, hasty, wild, foolhardy
Reasonable Cheap, low-priced, moderate, fair, credible, plausible
Refined Cultivated, cultured, well-bred
Reliance Assurance, confidence, credence, trust
Remarkable Distinguished, noteworthy, rare, uncommon, unusual
Rival Competitor, contestant, antagonist, adversary
Robust Strong, hardy, seasoned, tough, sound
Romantic Idealistic, fanciful, poetic, imaginary, sentimental
Ruthless cruel, pitiless, merciless, restless
Sacred Holy, divine, hallowed, blessed
Sad Pensive, gloomy, woeful, melancholy, mournful
Sarcastic Satirical, cynical, biting, ironical
Scanty scarce, infrequent, insufficient, meager, limited
Scrupulous Strict, precise, careful, conscientious
Secret Clandestine, hidden, confidential, unrevealed,
undisclosed, disguised
Sensational Lurid, exciting, stirring
Sentimental Romantic, emotional, maudlin
Shake Tremble, flutter, quiver, quake, vibrate
Sham Imitation, counterfeit, make-believe, spurious
Shame Disgrace, dishonor, humiliation, ignominy
Shun Avoid, evade, elude, eschew
Solitary Lonely, isolated, sole, lone
Sorry Grieved, sorrowful, remorseful, apologetic
Strenuous Energetic, ardent, zealous, persevering,
Superfluous speedy, quick, fleet
Tale Story, yarn, anecdote, fable
Tedious Dull, dry, wearisome, uninteresting
Tepid Lukewarm, warm, mild
Tidy Neat, spruce, trim methodical
Trifling Trivial, unimportant, frivolous
Tyranny Despotism, absolutism, cruelty
Ugly Unlovely, coarse, pain, shapeless
Uncouth Ungainly, clumsy, rough, rude, unpolished
Unique Sole, lone, unusual, rare, unparalleled, unsurpassed
Unmistakable Certain, sure, positive, clear
Urbane Polite, courteous, civil, mannerly
Vague Obscure, ambiguous, confused
Valiant Brave, valorous, undaunted
Vessel utensil, jar, vase, bowl, sailing vessel, ship
Vigilant Cautious, heedful, chary, prudent, alert,
attentive, wary
Vindictive Revengeful, resentful, avenging, evaluative.
Vivacious Sprightly, animated, lively, gay, brisk
Voluble Talkative, fluent, glib, loquacious
Wane Decrease, decline, abate, subside, ebb fail
Want Wish, crave, covet, lack, need
Wanton Capricious, wayward, perverse, unchaste, immoral
Wily Crafty, artful, sly, subtle
Witty Clever, smart, humorous
Wordy Verbose, prolix, diffuse, digressive
Worldly Earthly, mundane, carnal
Wretched Sod, pitiable, unhappy, miserable, mean, contemptible
Wreck Ruin, destroy
Yearn Crave, desire
Young Youthful, juvenile, childlike, immature
Yield Surrender, submit
Zeal Eagerness, passion, fervour, enthusiasm
Zenith Summit, pinnacle, top
Zest Gusto, enjoyment, enthusiasm, exhilaration

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