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Old Thursday, January 10, 2013
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Default Observations on Performance of Candidates in Written Part of CSS Examination 2010

Performance of Candidates in Compulsory Subjects

7.36. Study of candidates qualifying written examination of CSS showed that 67% candidates in English (Precis &Composition), 23% in Islamiat, 20% in Every Day Science, 2% in English Essay and 1% in Pakistan Affairs got above 60% marks in the said subjects. Analysis showed that performance of qualified candidates in written examination in the subject of English (Precis &Composition), Islamiat and Everyday Science were much better than other compulsory subjects (Appendix-XVI, Table-11).

Observations of Examiners on Performance of Candidates in Written Part of CSS Examination 2010

7.37. Following general observations are made by the examiners on performance of candidates in written part of the CSS Competitive Examination 2010:

A. Compulsory Subjects

7.38. English Essay: Most of candidates lacked in presenting the relevant material, even the basics of essay writing, like paragraph and punctuation. Some candidates did not complete the essential requirements of topics and produced text without arriving at any conclusion. The candidates should try to improve their skill of writing a good essay.

7.39. Current Affairs: Majority of the candidates seemed to depend on the guide books which showed their lack of in-depth study of National and International Affairs whereas, some of the candidates performed well in MCQ part of the paper and secured more than 70% marks. However, their knowledge and awareness on the relevant issues was not good. Time management for answering each question was not given due consideration.

7.40. Pakistan Affairs: Performance of majority of the candidates was of an average level. They could not understand the spirit of the question and did not follow the instructions related to the questions. Few candidates obtained above 60% marks while a large number of candidates failed in the paper.

7.41. Islamiat: It appears that some candidates could not understand the key concepts asked in the question paper. Their answers were inappropriate to the questions. The substandard text produced by the candidates showed decline in our educational standard. Some answer scripts were of such a low standard that the candidates did not deserve to be CSS examination candidates.

B. Optional Subjects

7.42. Accountancy and Auditing: Majority of the candidates produced irrelevant material and did not deliver according to requirements of the questions. Their output was not according to the Accounting Laws. Some candidates made some basic spelling and grammatical mistakes in theoretical questions.

7.43. Agriculture: Total 259 candidates appeared in the subject. Out of them, 219 (85%) candidates passed and 78 candidates showed very good performance who obtained more than 60% marks, while 76 candidates secured between 44-59% marks. 65 candidates obtained just passing marks in the paper and their execution was not satisfactory.

7.44. Arabic: Performance of almost all the candidates who appeared in the subject was good but their knowledge and information were based on secondary sources. They should study the original sources of Arabic Knowledge with authentic reference to perform better in CSS Examination.

7.45. Chemistry: The performance of majority of the candidates was below average. They expressed very poor knowledge of the subject, which was not even upto Matriculation level. Vocabulary, grammar and spellings of their writing were also very poor. The spellings of technical terms were written as “malecule” for molecule, “nuclophyl” for nucleophile, “west” for waste, “Ph” for pH, “settle” for Steel etc. The symbols of elements were written as Br for Barium, Mg for Magnesium, B for Bromine etc. They could not copy some words correctly even from the question paper.

7.46. Computer Science: General performance of the candidates was satisfactory. Candidates achieved good marks in objective type questions as compared to subjective part. 6% candidates got outstanding marks, while 61 % candidates secured between 33 % to 64% marks, and 33 % candidates failed in the subject. Majority of the candidates did not have enough technical knowledge required in the subject. Quality of education in Computer Science must be improved in Colleges/Universities especially in Private Sector Universities.

7.47. Constitutional Law: Performance of the candidates was hampered due to poor expression in English. They just crammed the material available from guides and test papers by producing irrelevant material, instead of providing the answers according to the theme of questions. Moreover, candidates have not attempted the questions analytically. It was also felt that candidates failed to present their thoughts within the stipulated time. In objective type questions, their performance was also not satisfactory due to poor knowledge of the Laws.

7.48. Economics: Overall performance of candidates was good. A reasonable number of candidates obtained more than 60% marks, while 62% candidates just passed in the subject.

7.49. European History-I: 7 Percent candidates got between 60 – 79% marks. 40 percent secured between 44-59% marks. 25 percent candidates obtained between 33-43% marks while 28 percent failed in the subject by getting less than 33 marks.

7.50. European History-II: 8 percent candidates got between 60 – 79% marks. 57 percent secured between 44-59% marks. 28 percent obtained between 33-43% marks while 7 percent candidates failed in the subject. The performance of the candidates was better as compared to Paper-I.

7.51. Geography-I: Brief descriptions of the responses are assimilated as based on their visual, auditory and tactile approaches. The ability of candidates to present relevant maps, diagram, charts, evolution of physiographic configuration and relief features lacked in many aspects and lacked conceptual designs. Majority of the candidates with casual interest and time constraints were placed in less than 50% marks slabs.

7.52. Geography-II: The candidates had critical and in-depth understanding of each of human geography domains such as agriculture, economics, communication, religion, family life, government and history. Candidates applied and appreciated various approaches with unique impact of one civilization on other cultures. Knowledge of candidates, ability to resource base activities with stimulating icon in the world over was fully traced positively. Majority of the candidates secured less than 70% marks.

7.53. International Law: Over all standards of the answer scripts was satisfactory. Very few candidates showed excellent performance and acquired marks in A+ grade. Almost, all the candidates attempted direct questions wherever the question required assertive analysis were either not attempted or required criticism was not made properly. Evaluation of papers indicates that theoretical aspects of law have been understood by the candidates but its application which requires legal and technical details had been overlooked by majority of the candidates.

7.54. International Relations: Overall standard of the answers were not satisfactory. Majority of the candidate had poor comprehension of the subject. For example a question on “Balance of Terror” which is a general question in the present nuclear-age could not be answered by 95 % of the candidates. They simply discussed balance of power with bookish knowledge.

7.55. Islamic History & Culture: Overall, result of the subject was not satisfactory. Out of 1281 candidates, only two candidates have secured 60% marks. 6 percent candidates got between 44-59% marks and 28 percent candidates have obtained between 33-43% marks. While 66 percent candidates failed in the subject, which is an alarming situation and reflects unawareness of young generation from Islamic History and Culture. Majority of candidates suffered due to poor expression in English.

7.56. Journalism: Majority of the candidate had no idea of attempting a particular question and they only reproduced the bookish knowledge available in guide books without understanding of requirement of the question. Some candidates had given answers about Pakistani media whereas they were supposed to answer about the general trends of media. It was observed, that those candidates who have earned good marks in MCQs failed to get good marks in subjective part of the paper.

7.57. Muslim Law & Jurisprudence: Knowledge of candidates generally reflects bookish and superficial study with lack of applicability to present times. Majority of the candidates failed to comprehend the call of questions. In some cases, their approach and interpretation in Muslim Law & Jurisprudence was rigid which showed that candidates lacked vast study of the subject.

7.58. Persian: Performance of the candidate was satisfactory. Majority of the candidates were ignorant about the current affairs of Iran or new trends in Persian language and literature. Some candidates appeared in the examination without any background in Persian subject. Very few candidates had good Persian knowledge but they were perhaps in hurry and they mixed some questions like AVICENA with AVESTA.

7.59. Physics: Almost 85% to 90% of the candidates had attempted same questions and not touched the other questions in the paper. Majority of the candidates lacked in concepts and initiative. Candidates had avoided solving the numerical problems. Preparation of candidates for the examination was very selective and very unusual. Conceptual preparation with the help of latest books on prescribed syllabus is essential for better performance in the subject.

7.60. Political Science-I: Performance of the candidates was good as 66 percent candidates got between 40-55% marks. However, majority of the candidates depended on guide books instead of consulting original books. In MCQ part of the paper, most of the candidates got about 50% marks. Their performance was deplorable due to poor expression in English. Knowledge of the CSS candidates should be extra ordinary while answering the questions properly.

7.61. Political Science-II: Overall Performance of candidates was anaverage. It is desired that approach of the candidates in the subject should be analytical and comparative but majority of the candidates did not follow this pattern. They attempted mostly theoretical questions. Only few candidates attempted the questions related to the present condition of the Country.

7.62. Psychology: Majority of candidates had poor comprehension/preparation, spelling, writing and presentation of answers in the subject. The role of colleges/Universities needs to be enhanced by improving curriculum, teaching techniques and introducing refresher courses for college teachers. The candidates should develop good communication skills, presentation skills and English language to improve their performance in such competitive examinations.

7.63. Public Administration: Performance of the candidates was not satisfactory, only 2 percent candidates got between 60-79% marks. 24 percent secured between 44-59% marks. 46 percent candidates obtained between 33- 43% marks while 28 percent failed in the subject. They depended largely on guide books. Majority of the candidates did not know much about the subject as Public Administration was not taught at graduation level.

7.64. Punjabi: Generally, the performance of the candidates was not upto the mark. It appeared that majority of the candidates had prepared from the guides or helping books available rather than the authentic text books. Theyndepended upon the notes and lectures given by the academies and coaching centres.

7.65. Pushto: Majority of the candidates were well aware of the facts and truth as they had expressed their ideas in a very impressive manner which showed their command in the subject and language. However, performance of those candidates who attempted questions which required assertive analysis, was just average, while performance of candidates who attempted rest of the questions was excellent.

7.66. Statistics: Overall performance of candidates was average. Some of the candidates had shown results without showing computation. They also avoided comments and interpretation of the output/results. 20 percent candidates got 69% and above marks in the subject. 16 percent secured between 50-64% marks. 10 percent obtained between 44-49% marks. 19 percent attained between 33-43% marks whereas 35 percent candidates failed in the subject.

7.67. Zoology: Performance of candidates was poor as more than 60 percent candidates got below 44% marks. 7 to 9 percent candidates obtained between 60-79% marks while 30 percent candidates secured between 44-59% marks. The synthetic potentials of the candidates were generally poor and one had to struggle hard to search for the correct logic in such attempts. They have a tendency of developing some long irrelevant introduction and produced answers with unnecessary text. Their grasp on the subject was poor and the candidates lacked basic concept of the subject. Performance of majority of the candidates was spoiled by poor expression.
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