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Old Thursday, November 15, 2012
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Education system of Pakistan
Education Condition of Pakistan
Failure of education sector
Causes of Failure of education Sector of Pakistan
.Double Educational Standard
Public Sector Educational System
Private sector Educational System
.Lack of funds
.Corruption in Education Sector
.Gender Discrimination
.Regional Disparity
.Untrained Teachers
Impacts of Lack of education
Individuals Life
Social Spheres
Political Sphere
Religious Life
Economic Life
Initiatives Taken By Govt
.Ensure free education
.proper training system
Education boosting Campaigns
Merit principles
Investment in Public Sector
Scholarship Packages
Awareness in downtrodden areas

Advantages of Education
1. Awareness
2. Equality
3. Justice
4. Brotherhood
5. Removal of illiteracy
6. Consciousness about self perpetuation
7. Self expression
8. Freedom of thought
9. Awareness of rights
10. Balance in social cycle
11. Management
12. Accountability
13. Rule of law
14. Boost morale

Critical Analyses
Education is a gateway to success. It is considered as a third eye of men. It enlightened the mental outlook of individuals. It gives sense of judgment and understanding among masses. Education is now becomes a necessity without proper education you cannot attain superior or respectable status in society. It is the need of an hour. Education is the foundation stone of successful nation. It flows in the society as blood flows inside the body. It created awareness and capacity to work in organized manner. Education possesses great importance in our society. A person who is educated considered as the mighty men in the social spheres .so in this regards education holds great position in the internal as well as external sphere of country.
After the war of independence so called war of mutiny (1857), Muslims were encircled with different problems. They were rejected in every walk of life. They hated Hindus and Britishers because they snatched their dominant position. The Mughal Era was the longest era of Muslim empowerment. Muslims were the ruler of the entire subcontinent. They were powerful in every sphere except education. They did not give so much attention to education system. This lackness became the main reason of downfall of Muslim dynamic period. Viewing the entire condition of Muslims, Several schools emerged to provide proper education system.
Dar-u-loom deo band came to forefront in this regard. This school was headed by ulemas.It established on 1867.The basic motive of this school to aware the masses about the importance of education. This school was totally religious and lacked modernized education.
Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Emerged as a powerful personality .He enlightened the mind of degraded Muslim masses with dynamic ideas. He promoted the concept of modernized education system. The sole reason of Sir Syed Ahmed khan was to remove differences between Britishers and Muslims. He introduced modern scientific education system. He laid down the foundation of different schools and committees.
He established Persian school at muradabad, scientific society at Aligarh, Anglo oriental college and so on. Sir Syed Ahmed khan wanted to show the importance of education. He laid great stress on English languages in this regard he made English as a compulsory subject in every institute.
Now let have a glance on the present condition of education system of Pakistan. Pakistan Achieved the status of independence on 14 august 1947.after independence, newly born country was encircled with millions of self generated problems. Mismanagement, corruption, rehabilitation of refugees, mass massacre, lack of infrastructure, fear and violence eaten the roots of Pakistan. It became very difficult for a flower to spread fragrance around the world. Since Inception, Education has been prey to various government policies. All Govt policies went futile. No proper system of education introduced yet. Pakistan has to play pivotal role to spread education.
Our education sector has faced a lot of failure in the path of development. There are several causes of malfunctioning of this sector.
Dual Education Standard has created a stumbling block in the gateway of success. It has caused big gap in the deliverance of proper education system. Dual education system comprise of public sector education system and private sector education system. Public sector education system is promoted by Government of Pakistan While private Sector education system is promoted by private investors.
Public sector education system has promoted poor system of education whereas private sector education system has promoted well furnish education system. The method of teaching and curriculum are poles apart. The curriculum of public sector education system was outdated while the curriculum of private education system has based on modern method. It gives students awareness about recent researches and inventions.
The second biggest curse, our education system has been facing lackness of funds. Because of shortage of funds, this sector always remains in doldrums. Proper flow of education is very necessary in every society.Governmet must invest massive amount of funds to this sector. Educated nation is regarded as the foundation stone of nation. It is also termed as a defense of a country.
Educated masses create consciousness in the society about justice, equality and brotherhood. It removes all evils from society which are eating the internal as well as external infrastructure of our country. Funds should be invested to facilitate the students.
Corruption is the third cause of failure. Education sector is also prey to this disease. Bribery and favouritism are also present in this sector. From common low level clerk to high officials all are engaged in eating the funds of educational institutions. Proper flow of funds are lacking in this sector. Illegal activities are also committed in order to pass students. It created a sense of injustice and inequality. By giving money, illiterate person gets good remarks while the educated person get s low remarks. It causes imbalance in society. High amount of bribes are flowing inside the internal veins of this sector. It created havoc and hurdles in the path of progress.
Gender Discrimination is also one of the gravest problems of this sector. This vacuum is most common in rural areas of sindh, Baluchistan, Nwfp and Punjab. Because of high level of illiteracy and insecure environment parentsí do not allow coeducation system.
Regional disparity also created problem for the direct flow of education. Our education sector has been facing this issue since independence.
Low level of salaries packages has also created a lot of discrepancy. It creates difficulty for teachers. Teachers do not take this profession seriously. Unnecessary absence causes backwardness in this sector. It is necessary to introduced appropriate packages for teachers. Proper channel of guidance should be imparted; proper system of training should be given to teachers and introduction of new methods of teaching.
Poverty is the major cause of downfall of this sector. This disease should be removed by proper implementation of policies. Massive funds should be flowed. The word poverty has been derived from the Latin word pauper means poor. Poverty refers to the situation of not having means to accomplish basic necessities. If a person faces difficulty in the fulfillment of regular needs how can be possible for him to bear the expenses of education. Education sector is becoming more and more expensive. Government should come forward to solve this gigantic issue of poverty.
Unemployment is another cause of failure. Most of the poor people donít want their children to achieve education because of recent unemployment ratio.Governemt should provide employment opportunity to educated masses. Millions of doctors and engineers are fighting with flies At home.
This curse can only be removed if government plays active role in the removal of unemployment.
Now letís have a glance on the impacts of lack of education. Without education, society portrays as jungle. No rule of law, no system of discipline, no method of accountability and no proper way of equality. It seems as a law of jungle. Education creates well balance society. Every sphere is fully connected with other sphere. It gives a path to lead a life in an orderly manner. Absence of education is like absence of humanity in men. God has created men with immense love and kindness. Love of almighty god is encircled with millions of blessings. Prophet Pbuh always guided his humanity to learn education from cradle to grave. It is the births right of an individual to attain education. Education representsí the internal reflections of an individual. Lack of education blocks the mind of individuals. The thinking and understanding capacity have stopped without education. Education broadened the mental horizon. Impacts of illiteracy are many a fold. It puts worse effects on individual life. Individual become unable to represent himself. A big vacuum created in personality. It also created complexities. Uneducated person cannot carry himself among educated masses. It gives a sense of deprivation. An individual who does not achieve proper education faces multitude of problems in social sphere. All channels of opportunities are blocked for him. He cannot get all amenities of life. It is difficult for him to participate in regular activities related to education. Hence faces number of hurdles in the path of self expressions.
Lack of education also put adverse impacts on social cycle. Our society is formed of groups. Groups are made from people. People are made from individual. So in this regard, if you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family. Education should be promoted in every walk of life. Government should focus on the promotion of education.
Lack of education also put unconstructive impacts on politics. Several ministers are found with fake degrees. This issue created havoc in Pakistan. Ministers who are uneducated how they can formulate the policies of state? Most of the ministers are charged with penalties. It has become fashion of Pakistan that uneducated person gets the opportunity to lead educated people. They created an obstacle in the path of progress. Similarly, feudal classes also a stumbling block in success. Because of monetary power they snatched all dominant positions. With their power they purchase all seats in the elections for the fulfillment of personal gains. These selfish motives of feudal class are fulfilled by politicians and bureaucrats. Illiterate and literate joined hand together to eat the roots of Pakistan.
Hajj scam scandal 2010 was the biggest scam of Pakistan. It clearly revealed the fact that religious elites are also engaged in devastation. They did not understand the message of education. Education brings equal treatment of masses. Selfish motives of religious elites are also eating the infrastructure of Pakistan. Religion Islam gives the message of peace, prosperity, equality and brotherhood. What sort of picture they wanted to portray around the world. Religion Islam Always gives preference to quality education and enlightenment.
Education backwardness also created a big constraint in the path of economic spheres. Every channel of life is interconnected with economy. Without monetary, one cannot survive in this materialistic world. Life becomes too complicated in the absence of money. All necessities of life can be attained through currency. Whether it is agriculture sector or industrial sector all are intertwined with money. Agriculture backwardness created hurdles. New methods should be imparted for maximum earnings. Proper agriculture system gives foundation to industrial sector. Education should be given to farmers.
Now letís have a cursory look on the remedies or initiatives which should be taken by government. Government should come forward with proper policies.
Firstly, it should remove gender discrimination. This concept should be removed instantly because we are entered in to a modernized world. With this primitive idea, no one gets success. Campaign should be launched in an organized manner to remove this distinction.
Secondly, dual system of education should be treated with equality. Government should joined hands with private investors to invest in public sector to remove this distinction. Well balance system of education creates equal opportunities.
Thirdly, Regional disparities of Baluchistan, Punjab and NWFP Should be removed with conscious and sound policies.
Fourthly, massive funds should be allocated in this sector to boost it. It will raise the quality education. Standard of education should be improved with this effort.
Fifthly, Grassroots corruption should be viewed and removed with strict punishments.
Sixthly, favoritism concept should be removed. It also created negative impact in society. This is the main factor of education backwardness.
Seventhly, women education should be promoted. It is said earlier that educated women give birth to educated nation.
Eighthly, merit principles should be introduced properly. It creates a sense of competition. By following this method competent people come to lead the country.

Thus it is clear that education is very important in our society. It directs the right platform to individuals. It gives a sense of self perpetuation and self expression. Awareness, freedom of thought, leading capacities all are emerges from education. Through education, educated people come forward to lead the nation. National integration is promoted. Concept of nationalism emerges through education.
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Drawn the sketch of present condition of Education almost to perfection...!!!!!
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Mehwish Dolly (Wednesday, November 21, 2012)

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