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Old Thursday, January 01, 2015
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Default EDS TopicWise Most Repeated Long Questions (Updated)

Pardon the mistakes if there are any. Hope it helps!


1. What is science? Give a brief introduction?
2. In what aspects science differs from arts, literature and philosophy?
3. What disciplines of realms of human knowledge can be included in Natural Science, social sciences and Humanities?
4. Make a list of limitations of Science
5. Give scientific examples. Discuss whether science and technology have made life for man easier than it was 500 years ago?

Muslim Scientists:
1. Abu Abdullah Mohammad Bin Musa Al Khwarizmi (2012, 2008,1990)
2. Abu Ali Al Hassan Ibn Al Hassan Al Haytham (2012, 2010,1990,1987)
3. Jabar-bin-Hayan(2011, 2001,1990,1987)
4. Bu Ali Sina (2011, 2008, 2001,1991)
5. Al- Beruni (2010)
6. Umer Al Khayam (2009, 2001, 1991)
7. Zakariya Al Razi (2009, 2001, 1987)
8. Ibn al Baitar (2001,1990)
9. Al Farabi (1991)
10. Ibn e Nafis (1991)
11. Al Kinidi (1991)
12. Abu al Qasim Zharvi (1990)
13. Ibn Rushd (1987)

1. Discuss the contributions of the Muslim Scientists in the development of Astronomy,Algebra and Trignometry. 2014
2. What were the special characteristics of Muslim Scientists? 2001
3. Discuss in brief, the contribution of Muslim scientists in the field of biological science. 1999
4. Discuss briefly the achievements of Muslims in the development of science. State the reasons of downfall of science in Muslim Society. 1998
5. Discuss the role and achievements of Muslim physicists during the 10th century. 1997
6. Muslim Scientists contributed in science and mathematics during the period 8th – 13th century. Name five scientists who are well known for their contribution in the following fields during the era. 1993
(i) Chemistry (ii) Algebra (iii) Light
7. Give an account of the contributions of Muslim Scientists during the period extending from the eighth to twelfth century. 1992
8. What are the achievements of the following scientists? (1987)
• Mendal
• Watson and Clark
• Lamarck

The Universe:
1. What is galaxy? The Earth belongs to which galaxy? 2011
2. What do you know about the Milky Way? (1987)
3. Briefly describe what is big bang theory. 2011
4. Sun is glorious star in our sky. Write down its characteristics with reference to the following: 2009
(a) Distance from earth
(b) Mean distance from center of galaxy
(c) Velocity around centre of galaxy
(d) Revolution period around centre of galaxy
(e) Equatorial diameter
(f) Rotation period at the equator
(g) Core temperature
(h) Solar wind
(i) The lovely Diamond Ring effect
(j) Future of sun
5. Give description of satellites and also give their functions. 2007
6. What is escape velocity? How the Satellite are launched and what are their uses? (1991)
7. Solar System:
 Give names of the members of the solar system. Briefly write down main characteristics of Mars and Venus/any two planets. (2003) (1997) (1991)
 What is the solar system? Indicate the position of planet Pluto in it. State the characteristics that classify it as a planet and as an asteroid (2002)
 Do you think that Pluto is still ninth planet of our solar system? If yes, how and if not why? 2011
 Explain the Solar System and the unifying characteristics which the Sun and its planets have (1999)
 What is the smallest planet of solar system? (1989)
 What are planets? Name the known planets. (1986)
8. Describe, in precise statements, various instruments which are being used in exploring the universe. (1999)

1. The flood disaster in Pakistan is caused by the follies of humans”. Comment. 2013
2. List four or more physical characteristics of the Earth. 2012
3. Briefly explain how seasons and ocean tides are produced on the Earth? 2012
4. What makes the seasons happen? 2010
5. Earthquake:
 What are the causes of Earthquakes (2000,2008,1989)
 How have earthquakes helped in deciphering the internal structure of the earth?
 “Earthquakes have helped a great deal in deciphering the internal structure of the earth”. Comment on this statement. 1998
6. What benefits are obtained by constructing a big dam? 2006
7. Water Logging and Salinity:
 What are the main reasons of water - logging in Pakistan? How does a tube-well reclaim a water logged soil? 2005, 1989
 What is salinity? How do we reclaim a saline soil? 1989
8. Explain the structure of Earth and its Atmosphere. 2003,1997
9. Describe the various types of movements of the earth? What are the effects of these movements? Draw simple diagrams to illustrate your answer. 2001
10. What are latitudes and longitudes? Why are they drawn? (1985) How can the central line of latitude be used to find the location of a place? 2000
11. Explain volcanoes. How volcanoes help in the formation of earth crust? 1999
12. What is the difference between a ‘DAM’ and a ‘Barrage’? Why cannot Barrages be used for production of hydroelectric power? 1993
13. Explain briefly, the formation of day and night. How do seasonal variations occur on our earth? 1996, 1991
14. Write an essay (not more than 200 words) on ‘Variation of apparent moon size’. Draw diagram to support your description. 1995
15. How a rainbow is produced? What are the component colours of rainbow? 1987
16. Give the name of five major mountain ranges of Pakistan. 1985

1. Porifera is an ancient group of animals from Cambrian period. What is the cause of their survival/success? 2013
2. Explain how DNA, m RNA and Proteins are interrelated to each other? 2012
3. Give the major function of the following micronutrients: 2012
Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium and Iodine.
4. List any two of the three things that the MMR vaccine protects against. List any two other vaccines given to children. 2012
5. Balanced Diet:
 What are the essential nutrients of BALANCED DIET? Describe one such nutrient in detail explaining its role in the metabolism. 2008
 What is balanced diet? 2007
 Explain in detail what is a balanced diet; name a nutrient present in each of the following food
(i) Apple
(ii) Bread
(iii) Meat
(iv) Butter
(v) Orange
(vi) Egg
6. Highlight the similarities and differences between animals and plants.2009, 1987
7. Briefly discuss the classification of plants giving suitable examples. 2007,1996
8. What are vitamins and minerals? Which vitamins and minerals play major role in the development of bones? 2006
9. the important parts of a Flower. Explain the Pollination and Fertilization processes. 2006
10. Discuss the structure of a typical animal cell in detail.2000
11. What are viruses? Describe their structure. Which of the following diseases are caused by virus and which are caused by bacteria? 1994
(i) Polio
(ii) Diphtheria
(iii) AIDS
(iv) Tetanus
(v) Smallpox
(vi) Measles

12. What are the warm blooded animals? Give any two examples. Explain any three traits found in warm blooded animals. 1993
13. What do you understand by biochemical cycle? Give an account of nitrogen or carbon cycle? 1992
14. Describe the process of photosynthesis in plants. Name the positively phototropic and negatively phototropic parts of a plant. 1987, 1989
15. What is the role of Nitrogen and phosphorous in the growth and development of various parts of plants? 1990
16. What is meant by rotation of crops? What advantages result from this practice? 1992
17. What is the function of root tubers? 1987
18. Why are the leaves of pine tree needle shaped? 1987
19. How is the age of tree determined? 1987
20. Describe in detail, the impact of scientist inventions on agriculture.1994
21. What are the producers and consumers in an ecosystem? 1989
(d) How Heroin is produced?

1. How heavy water differs from ordinary water and what is its use in Atomic Reactor? 2013
2. Plastics:
• Is plastic a natural or an artificial polymer? Describe various types of plastics and their uses. 2011
• What are PLASTCS? Describe briefly their characteristics and Limitations. 2008
• Name the raw material used in manufactures of Plastic. What are the two well known types of Plastics? Give at least two important properties of Plastic? 1986
• What are plastics? Discuss their important properties which have contribute to their extensive use in modern industry. Explain their adverse effects on: 1993
(i) Environment
(ii) Agriculture
• What are plastics? Give their properties and uses in detail in life? 1991

3. Minerals:
• What are minerals? Discuss any two physical properties thereof. Also mention the names of four precious minerals of high commercial value. 2009
• What are minerals ? For most of the part minerals are constituted of eight elements, name any six of them. State the six characteristics that are used to identify minerals. 2002
4. Pesticides:
• Write all that you know about Pesticides. How are they classified by agronomists? 2013
• What are pesticides? Discuss their classification commonly in use with agronomists. 2003, 1997
• Define the term pesticide. Name any four living organisms on which following pesticides are effective? What are the harmful effects of these pesticides are human life? 1990
5. Fertilizers:
• Environmental effects of the fertilizer use. SHORT NOTE. 2014
• What are fertilizers? What do you understand by the term NPK fertilizer? How does fertilization contribute to the pollution? 2004, 2002
• Give chemical name of one Nitrogenous and one Phosphorus containing fertilizer. What is the role of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potash in the growth and development of various parts of a plant. 1998
• Give chemical name of one Nitrogen and one phosphorous containing fertilizer.1990

6. Ceramics:
• What are the main groups of ceramics in respect of their use in our daily life? 1991
• What is the use of Borax in Ceramic Industry? 1988
• Give composition of China Clay.1988, 1986
7. How can you separate the constituents of a mixture of Iodine, Common salt, and powdered glass? 1989
8. How can steel be manufacture from iron ore? Explain. 1989
9. What is the composition of air of atmosphere? 1989
10. What is the principle of pasteurization? 1987
11. What do you know about soaps and detergents? How do they differ from each other? What advantages detergents over soap? 1985
12. Rain water is soft and river water is hard. Why? How can hardness of water be removed? 1985
13. Discuss the industrial preparation of artificial ghee.1985
14. What is mechanism by which balance of Nitrogen is maintained in the atmosphere? 1985

Human Physiology:
1. Briefly explain the function of the following in human body. 2014
b.lymphatic system
c.thyroid gland
d.pituitary gland.
2. What part do antibiodies play in allergic reaction? How vaccination can be helpful in its control/prevention? 2013
3. Define RECEPTORS in man. Name different receptor organs in human body. Also discuss ANY TWO of them briefly.2009
4. Endocrine Glands:
• What are Endocrine Glands? Name any two. From which of the body are the following secreted. (2008, 2001, 2000, 1996, 1990, 1985)
5. What are HORMONES? Name four important hormones and describe their functions in the human body. 2008, 1992
6. Explain the structure and function of an ANIMAL CELL with a labeled diagram. 2008
7. What do you understand by the term “Balanced Diet? What are its essential constituents? State the function of each constituent. 2002
8. What is excretion? Name the excretory organs in man. Describe the structure and function of human kidney for the excretion of urine. 2001, 1998, 1995, 1999
9. Draw a labeled diagram of human eye, indicating all essential parts, discuss its working. 2002, 1990, 1985
10. What are the constituents of human blood and their characteristics? 2002, 1995, 1988
11. What do you understand by blood pressure? What is the blood pressure in man under normal condition? 1987
12. Why is matching of blood groups done before giving blood transfusion?1987
13. How characters are transmitted from parents to offspring? 2007, 1999
14. Draw clearly the vertical section of a human body. Indicating various parts. How are adult human teeth classified? 1996
15. Name the three major parts of human brain and the functions they control. Make a rough labeled diagram of the brain.1994
16. What do you understand by immunity? What is the principle of immunization?1987
17. What parts of the human body secrets the following enzymes? Give one important function of each.
• Amylase
• Pepsin
• Trypsin
• Lipase
• Sucrase

1. Energy:
• Why Nuclear Energy is being preferred in developed countries and why are we lagging behind in this important source of energy? 2013
• Basically how many forms of energy are there? Also name these. Enlist different types of energy. What is renewable energy source? Quote three examples of renewable energy sources. 2011
• Define ENERGY. Name four renewable sources of energy. How can our country come out of Energy Crisis? 2008
• What are the various sources of energy ? How does energy is produced in the surface of the sun ? what will be the future of the sun ? 2004
• What are Nuclear reactors? How the Electrical energy is produced by Nuclear Power Plants? Name the devices which convert: 2005
(1) Mechanical energy into electrical energy
(2) Heat energy into mechanical energy
(3) Electrical energy into mechanical energy
(4) Electrical energy into sound energy
(5) Sound energy into electrical energy
• Name popular farms of Energy. Write five various scientific devices used to convert one type of energy into another form of energy. 2001
• Define energy. What are its units in the metric system? Name two devices each in which major part of electrical energy is converted into hear, light, sound, mechanical energy. 1996
• Explain what is meant by “Non-conventional source of energy”. Describe any three of these. 1994
• Explain work, energy, and power and give their units. How work may be converted into energy vice versa? 1991
• Name the important sources of energy used in the industries in Pakistan. What other alternative sources of energy can be used in the industry? 1986
2. Describe very briefly the working of a CAMERA. How does it resemble in its function with that of the HUMAN EYE? 2008, 1996
3. Describe the Principle, construction and working of a telephone. 2000,1994
4. Describe the principle and make up of a Television. 1999,1994, 1988
5. Describe the construction and use of a transformer. 1985
6. What is meant by semiconductor? Explain how the conductivity of such material changes with:
(i) Temperature
(ii) The presence of impurities 1990
7. What is doping and how its influence on the division of semi conductors into N & P Type Semiconductor? 1991
8. Discuss in detail the fission and fusion processes. Which one of thee processes in the source of solar energy? 1998
9. Laser:
• What does laser stand for? Describe four different applications, clearly stating their principle. 1996, 1994
• What does the abbreviation LASER stand for? Point out three differences between laser and ordinary light. 1994
• Mention the characteristics of laser with the influence of each property. 1991
10. What is the difference between Revolution and Rotation of the earth? How long it take to complete one revolution and rotation? What major earth’s phenomena are resulted from revolution and rotation? 1988
11. How the solar and lunar eclipses are caused? 1999. Lunar Eclipse occurs only at about the times of full moon while solar eclipse never occurs on full moon days. Explain why? 1990
12. Write a brief note on the transmission and reception of Radio waves? 1990
13. What do you mean by the term RADAR? Explain its working.198
14. Under what principle electricity is produced by water held up by a dam?1989
15. What is the duration of day and night in polar region? Explain why?1989
16. What is meant by rectification? Explain the use of a diode as rectifier? 1988
17. What is integrated circuit? What are its uses? 1988
18. What is lightening? How it is caused? Why it is considered to be dangerous? 1985
19. Briefly Explain the principle of the following: 2014
b.Microwave oven

1. What are the three components of the CPU in a computer? What is the function of each? 1996, 1990
2. What is Computer? Name their different classes. Briefly explain the term Software and Hardware. 1993
3. What are the main elements of a Micro Computer? 1991
4. What do you mean by peripherals, hardwares and softwares? 1991
5. State the Steps involved in solving a problem on computer 1990

Hazards of science:
1. Global Warming:
• SHORT NOTE. 2014
• What is global warming ? Is there any a sunny side to global warming? If yes, explain. 2010, 2006
• why are the scientists worried about the increase of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere ? is there any possible benefit for the mankind in case of global warming ? 2004
• Give a detailed description of global warming and its possible effects on life. What measures have been taken by various nations to tackle this problem? 1998
2. Pollution:
• How do our domestic and industrial activities pollute water? Explain with reference to two important industries of Pakistan. 2005,1995
• What are the factors of water pollution? What types of diseases are transmitted by using polluted the methods to control pollution of water.2001
• What is the factor responsible for environmental pollution in Pakistan? 1988
3. What is Ozonoshpere? Discuss the human technologies which are causing its depletion. What ham to man this depletive state would cause? 1999
4. What do you understand by the term “deforestation”? Discuss its ill-effects on the mankind. 1995
5. State the message of “The Earth Hour Movement” 2013

• What do you know about hereditary disease? Comment how they are transferred from parents to off springs? 2010
• What is Pollen Allergy? What preventive measures are to be taken to avoid it? 2006
• What are the effects of the deficiency of the following nutrients in the Human body? 1999, 1986
Vitamin A
Vitamin B
Vitamin C
Vitamin D, Iron, Flouride
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