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Interview The objective of the Interview is to assess one's personality and leadership skills.The knowledge has already been tested in the written phase.Candidates can Post all related queries here

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Old Monday, July 07, 2014
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Default PPSC Interview of Manager Auqaf(bs-16)

Manager Auqaf Interview Experience
Aslamuelekum seniors..

I am sharing with you my Interview of Manager Auqaf(BS-16)..

My Interview was on 12-06-2014 on Thursday in PPSC Office Lahore.

The Panel consisted of 4 members,, the one ppsc member and chairman of the committee Mr. Sajad Ali, one Madam, one member from Auqaf Department, and one psychologist..

My number was 4 on that day and my Interview lasted almost 35 minutes..

I entered the room and said salaam to all members, they said w-salaam to me and chairman Mr. Sajad Ali said have a seat beta and I sat..

Mr.Sajad: how are you young man and where from you?

Me: I am fine sir and I am Muhammad Ijaz from D.G.Khan.

Chairman: O, Good, Have you reached at today morning or last night?

Me: Sir I have reached for the last two days here in Lahore and stayed with my elder brother who is doing a Job in PTCL as a D.E in Town ship.

Ch: O. Good. If I ask you to introduce yourself in English then can you?

Me: yes sir, why not,, Then I started my Introduction in English( chairman Interrupted me and said rata lagaya huva hai na with smiling) then I said; sir I can introduce you in urdu or Punjabi or Sariaki in my mother tongue ,, Then he said; no no carry on.. I tell them about my complete biodata and Education and experience..

Ch: referred me to madam

Madam: Your optional subject in B.A were Punjabi , Arabic and Islamic study.. so narrate a Hades in Arabic with its back ground..

Me: mam I have no command on Arabic , I can narrate a Hades in urdu with back ground but with explanation not exact translation because In Hadis and Quran one can not add by oneself in translation but in explanation, so I can explain Hades not exact translation.

Madam: ok, Do you say your prayer, if yes please narrate Duae Qanot.

Me: I narrated Duae Qanot..

Madam: How many Masarif e Zakat and its name?

Me: Total 8 in Surat Touba, and these are Fuqra, Masakeen, Amleen, Mulfatul Qaloob, Alraqeeb, Ebne sabeel, Fi sabeel Allah, Algharemeen.. ( I also explain her the meanings of these) and she satisfied.

Madam: what are Haroof e Muqute Aat?

Me: The Haroof which started like that Alf lam meem, ha, sa, and the meanings of that haroof only Allah knows and these are 29 in total Quran. She satisfied..

Madam: Name the books of Saha sita and how many are these?

Me: Madam these are 6 and names are Sahi Bukhari, Sahi Muslim, Jaamee Tarmizi, Sanen Ebne Maja, Sanen Abu Daowaoud, Sanen Nasai.. she satisfied.

Madam: please tell us the Nisab Zakat on Gold , silver, goat, cows, camel?

Me: madam on Gold 7.5 tula, silver 52.5 tula, goat 40, cows 30 and camel 5.. She Ok

Madam: when urdu hindi controversory started and when end ( as I had done M.A Political sciences)?

Me: madam It started in 1867 AD till the end of Congress ministries in1939 AD.

Madam: she referred me to member of Auqaf Department..

MoAuqaf: young man you see the terrorism all over the world. What Islam has said about it, tell us from Quran and Hades?

Me: sir In Quraní Allah Talla has clearly said that the murdered of one human being is the murdered of all human beings.. and our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad s a w jab bhi koi kafla jang k le rawana kertay tu Sahaba karam ko Khasusi Instructions fermatey kh app ne jang k douran children ko, women ko, elders ko, animals ko, trees ko aor un jawanoo ko bhi nuksaan nahien puhnchana jo fasad ka hesa nehin bentay, serf un loogoon se jang karo ju Fasad phelaty hain.. OK He said..

MoAuqaf: Aap Manager honay kay natay kesy shrine per security threat ke hawalay se keya step lein gay?

Me: Sir I visited many times on the shrine of Khawaja Ghulam Farid at KOT Muthon and Guess that the entrance point of that shrine are very close to shrine and these are co-entrance point because of this always this place is seemed over crowded and only one lady constable is available who cannt check all women very well.. As being a Manager first of all I will shift the entrance point far away from the shrine so that any threat could not affect the people who are in the shrine,, and 2nd I will arrange the separate entrance point for women so that the crowd could not increase and ladies constable could check very well all the women, and 3rd I will give proposal to higher Authority for at least one scanner at entrance point. Ok he said..

MoAuqaf: As a Manager how would you make it transparence to get out of money from the cash boxes at the shrines?

Me: Sir for the getting out of money from the cash boxes , a committee is formed at every shrines and mosque,, this committee is consisted of 7 members , one chair man from public, a khateeb of that shrine and mosque is also a member of that committee , a representative from Bank , 3 other members from society and a Manager who acts as a secretary of the committee.. All the cash boxes are unsealed in front of this committee. So it is a transparence way.. ( some cross questions about Daataa Sahiab which I answered very well).

MoAuqaf: Abu al Basher and Abu al Ambia kesay kehtay hain?

Me: Hazrat Adam ( A.S) and Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S).

MoAuqaf: Then he referred me to other member..

Other Member: young man you have done M.A Political Science, so tell me the total seats of N A and Senat?

Me: N A has 342 and Senat has 104..

OM: what is separation of power in American constitution?

Me: sir Judiciary, Administration and Parliament who makes laws.

OM: what is uni-cameral and bi-cameral in pak constitutions?

Me: uni-cameral means one house of parliament like 1956 and 1962 constitutions and bi-cameral means two houses of parliament like 1973 constitution in which senat was created for the first time.

OM: what is 18th amendments and its features?

Me: Sir It was passed in 2010 and the main features are,
1. PM and CM can become more than 2 terms.
2. NWFP name was changed as KPK.
3. Seats of Senat were increased from 100 to 104. 4 seats for minorities.
4. 58 2(b) was deleted.
5. Concurrent List was deleted. (cross qs about Concurrent List which I replied easly).

OM: Who is newly elected PM of India, from which Party and his native State also?

Me: Narender Modi, from BJP and his native State is Gujrat in which he also served as a CM for 13 years from 2001 to 2014.( some Qz about Baaba Farid ud din Ganj Shaker and Khawaja Ghulam Farid which I cleared them very well as my optional was a Punjabi in B.A). Then again Chairman took over a charge of Interview .

Chairman: What is a buffer State and which neighbor country of Pak is Buffer State?

Me: The State which is created between the two countries to break the war which are in the condition of war is called buffer state and Afghanistan is a Buffer State between Pak and USSR.

Chairman: Strategic importance of Pak in South Asia?

Me: Pakistan is an very Important country in south Asia with perspective of strategic, in Eastern side of Pakistan India lies which is no 4 in economic power in the world, in Northern side china lies which is no 2 economic power in the world and also has a veto power in security council of UNO, in Western side Iran and Afghanistan lies , where American and Nato forces are fighting war on Terrorism and Pakistan is their allies at the moment, in Southern side Indian Ocean and Arabian sea lies which are very important for trade route.

Only Qz which I felt guilty.
Chairman: Then chairman gave me a Mathematical and Technical assignment to solve?

Me: sir it needed a calculator to solve, ( then chairman gave me a calculator). The mathematical assignment could be solved by calculator but other technical assignment could not be solved by calculator, and chairman said at 1st place you should solve the technical assignment. I said sir practice makes a man perfect and any related Qz to math need much practice so I would read it carefully and then tried to solve it.

Chairman: I pick this assignment from Fifth class and your subject in ICS was also a Math, you should solve it and said If cannít solve this then I gives you a 2 years time and when you will come for next Interview, you should bring the solution of this assignment with you. I said Sir I am very sure this time to get a Manager Job.( the two other members madam and member of Auqaf laughed loudly between this discussion but I never lost my confident and also laughed slightly with them,, I think they were trying to puzzle me). Then chairman said Youngman, you can go and try to solve this assignment. I stood up and said Allah Hafiz to all with smiling on my face, and when I was about to move towards the door Ď the Chairman said: wase beta ketna arsa lagao gay puri 14 years ke Math ko practice kernay kay le.

Me: I saidí Sir only one hour.

Chairman: Chalo Theek hai. Ok thank you Beta.

Me: again said salamm to all with smiling face and came out the door.

Thatís all about my Interview of Manager Auqaf.. It was my 9th Interview in PPSC since 2009 and I count it the best Interview of mine in ppsc as compared to other which I took in PPSC. But I am bit confuse about the last assignment of math, I donít know that I did right at this moment or not , and what will be the impact of my reaction on my Interview..

Please seniors, You should guess about my Interview and about the assignment reaction.. I shall wait your kind reply. Ok thanks and Allah Hafiz.

Muhammad Ijaz Malik
"Duniya mein har cheez Qeemat se nahein melti, kuch cheezien Qesmat se mela kerti hain". Malik
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Default Were you selected?

It seems that your interview really went well, so were you selected for the post?
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