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Post Top 50 Criminology Questions

1. Discuss the scope of criminology as a science dealing with the study of criminal law, forensics, and criminal investigation.
2. Define criminology and discuss its scope in Pakistan.
3. Write a critical note on the increasing importance of criminology in Pakistan and its historical development as a scientific discipline.
4. Explain the nature and importance of criminology in detail.
5. Critically analyze the biological theories of criminality.
6. Discuss Travis Hirschi's theory of social bonding and its explanation of crime.
7. What is your position on the nature vs nurture debate in criminology?
8. What is the meaning of anomie? Discuss Robert Merton's theory of anomie in detail.
9. Suggest measures to control robberies, dacoities, and urban street criminality in Pakistan.
10. How would you classify criminal behavior? What would be the focus of typology?
11. Define and explain concepts such as left realism, right realism, phrenology, physiognomy, corporal punishment, capital punishment, sociology of law, criminal etiology, and penology.
12. Discuss the fundamental postulates of Edwin Sutherland's 'Differential Association theory' with examples.
13. What is the Islamic perspective on crime and punishment? Explain with proper examples.
14. Enlist the criminological perspectives and briefly describe the three criminological perspectives on the study of crime and criminal behavior.
15. Define the term crime and criminals. Explain the types of criminals in detail.
16. How can juvenile delinquency be reduced through institutional roles, professional counseling, and increased care?
17. Define juvenile delinquency and write a note on the history of the juvenile justice system and the role of the juvenile court in reducing juvenile delinquency.
18. Describe various procedures and problems of Criminal Courts in Pakistan.
19. Write a comprehensive note on the risk and protective factors of juvenile delinquency in Pakistan.
20. Discuss the functions and responsibilities of the Juvenile Justice System. Do you believe that Juvenile Justice has played its role in the prevention of juvenile crimes in Pakistan?
21. What challenges are faced by the police in controlling crime and maintaining law and order in the country?
22. Trace back the history and development of the police organization in Pakistan.
23. Define juvenile probation and explain the organization and administration of Juvenile probation services.
24. What is recidivism? What kind of institutional modern strategies could be used for the reintegration of criminals in Pakistan?
25. How far has recidivism been limited by the institution of prison? Explain some of the modern strategies used in prison for the restoration and reintegration of criminals.
26. Write short notes on causes of juvenile delinquency in Pakistan and probation and parole.
27. Define the term probation and discuss its conditions.
28. Why is the crime scene important for investigators? What are the crime scene search patterns?
29. What are the legal and ethical guidelines for investigating gender-based crimes? Explain with suitable examples.
30. What is meant by forensic criminal investigation? What are the hurdles in streamlining forensic criminal investigations in Pakistan?
31. What are the principles and techniques of interrogation? How far do these techniques have the potential to clear an accused?
32. Define criminal investigation and its principles. Highlight the importance of modern techniques used for crime detection in Pakistan.
33. How does forensic science serve as a helpful tool in determining and detecting violent crimes?
34. How do international policing and monitoring organizations control human trafficking?
35. What is the difference between EUROPOL and INTERPOL? How does EUROPOL assist member states in investigating and controlling terrorist networks in Europe?
36. How do you see the role of INTERPOL in reducing money laundering, with special reference to Pakistan?
37. To what extent has INTERPOL been successful in reducing organized crime at the international level?
38. Terrorism and radicalization continue to pose a threat to global peace, economy, and stability. Discuss.
39. What is the role of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in controlling organized criminality in Pakistan?
40. How do violent crimes affect the social fabric of Pakistani society? Discuss modern policing strategies for prevention and control of violent crimes in Pakistan.
41. Write a critical note on the role of law enforcement agencies in the control of terrorism in Pakistan. Suggest measures to minimize radicalization in Pakistan.
42. What is the role of community policing in curtailing the problem of crime in Pakistan?
43. Discuss specific law enforcement strategies within the framework of intelligence-led policing.
44. Explain institutional corrections and alternative community corrections strategies in detail.
45. Intelligence-led policing has become an effective model of policing in tackling organized crime. Discuss its background and key principles.
46. What is trade-based money laundering (TBML)? Discuss with examples. Do cryptocurrencies have a high money laundering risk? Discuss.
47. Discuss the laws and institutional arrangements for controlling money laundering in Pakistan.
48. Write short notes on money laundering in Pakistan and gender and crime.
49. Discuss the scope and importance of criminal law.
50. Define and differentiate between white-collar crimes and criminal law.
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