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Old Monday, May 14, 2012
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Originally Posted by Arslan Shaukat View Post
1) Metamorphic rock in which the minerals are lined up parallel to each other is referred as:

a) Foliated
b) Lithified
c) Clastic
d) None of these

2) The equatorial westerlies spread across south-east Asia from?

a) Pacific ocean
b) Indian ocean (
c) Atlantic ocean
d) None of these

3) The continental anticyclone of Siberia and northern Canada originate:

a) Warm air mass
b) Occluded air mass
c) Cold air mass
d) None of these

4) Study which relates to evolution of land forms is called:

a) Mycorrlizel
b) Ecology
c) Geomorphology
d) None of these

5) Rainfall caused by air rising up the slopes of mountains is termed as:

a) Conventional
b) Orographic
c) Conductional
d) None of these

6) The receding of falling tide, i.e. after high tide and before low tide is known as:

a) Ebb
b) Neap
c) Spring
d) None of these

7) Uvalva , dolines and poije are associated with:

a) Scree region
b) Hummoky region
c) Karst region
d) None of these

8) Mediterranean climate region lies between:

a) 35-45 degree N & S Lat.
b) 40-50 degree N & S Lat.
c) 50-60 degree N & S Lat.
d) None of these (

9) When the source of light is in the Centre of the globe then it is referred to:

a) Zenithal sereographic projection
b) Zenithal orthographic projection
c) Zenithal gnomic projection
d) None of these

10) “Statistics” for geographers is authored by:

a) P. Hagget
b) S. Gregory
c) F. Scholz
d) None of these

11) Meandering is derived from a river Meander of:

a) Poland
b) Turkey
c) France
d) None of these

12) Which of the following is not a low cloud:

a) Cumulo-nimbus
b) Cirrostratus
c) Stratus
d) None of these

13) Jet streams are common in :

a) Plateaus
b) Atmosphere
c) Oceans
d) None of these

14) Which of the following is not affecting the visibility:

a) Dew
b) Fog
c) Haze
d) None of these

15) The oldest map showing location of river is Euphrates is a clay tablet dating

a) 288 BC
b) 388 BC
c) 488 BC
d) None of these

16) Humboldt current is washing coastline of:

a) Argentine & Uruguay
b) Angola & Namibia
c) Chile & Peru
d) None of these

17) Depth of sea and ocean is reckoned by:

a) Meters
b) Fathoms
c) Feet
d) None of these

18) Isohyet is a line passing the places having equal:

a) Height above the sea level
b) Sunshine
c) Rainfall
d) None of these

19) Scale graticule and purpose are indicatives of:

a) Gradient
b) Map
c) Earth quake
d) None of these

20) Which of the following represents seasonal winds:

a) Trades
b) Westerlies
c) Monsoon
d) None of these
Question number 8 should be (a) 35 to 45 N and S. Most books mention different numbers for the Mediterranean Climate regions but the Koppen classification is not set in stone as to which regions should be classified as facing the above type of climate. Some authors like Trewartha classify Egyptian coastal areas as experiencing Mediterranean climate but others dispute this. Some geographers even classify areas on the equator such as those in Ecuador and in Tanzania (near Lake Victoria) as Mediterranean. However if we look at the map ( we can see that around 95 % or more of these regions fall in between 35 and 45 degree latitudes. True, there are outliers which are nearer to the 30 degree latitude but these are few and their inclusion as a part of this climate type is contentious. Just like there are a few areas in Canada and Argentina which go beyond 45 degrees (again these areas are just outliers). In my humble opinion i dont think this question is asking us to involve ourselves in pedantic and contentious considerations and hence the answer to this question should be (a), as a considerably large majority of Mediterranean regions (save for a few contentious outliers) are located within the 35 and 45 degree bands.

I also believe the answer to question number 12 should be (b) cirrostratus and not cumulonimbus. Cumulonimbus clouds are "tall" but that does not mean that they are "not low". Their lower extent is in fact quite low to the ground whereas the highest extent is very high and anvil-like due to the high winds at great heights. However, the cirrostratus clouds are extremely high thin and wispy clouds which form at such great heights that they are formed of ice crystals. Hence, they are never low clouds but always form and exist at great heights. The wikipedia page for cirrostratus clouds can be accessed to corroborate my argument. Alternatively books by major authors like Trewartha, De Blij etc. can also be consulted as this is clearly explained in these books.

I hope you don't mind my try at these corrections.

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Originally Posted by kashifaslam View Post
my personal experience with gegraphy is quite good

despite having a shaky paper 2 in my attempt and a so so paper 1

i stll got 148 / 200 paper 1 = 77 paper 2 = 71

i remember i cud attempt only 3 question in paper 1 and onky 2 in paper 2

but i try to be focussed and attempted all questions
u can use ur knowledge and try to answers by relevant topics if u dun know the exact answers
in the end . its the effort that matters ... and ALLAH knows best how to reward

Sir Kashif, I really liked your approach.This is my first time and the only portion I feel I am lacking are MCQ's.If you may guide me what to do about it I'll be very thank full.

Kind Regards
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Old Wednesday, October 17, 2012
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Originally Posted by greenhorn View Post
i feel sorry for thsoe who opted this subject this time. Its totally unfair on the fpsc side to maek such an awkward paper. If u look at political science, it was straight forward so those candidates who opted Political sciene would have edge over geography students, this will surely hurt the final merit list as well and many will bite the dust in the end. sorry geography folks..
Yes dear,

Now i'm replacing this subject with zoology.
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Old Sunday, December 30, 2012
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Originally Posted by MobeenBhatti View Post
I am really curious to know if someone attempted the Australia dairy and cattle farm question and why? My first thought: Who on earth would prepare for this?
If we pay a little attention to the question statement, examiner is inquiring about the dairy and beef industry, more precisely the question is about the distribution of dairy farming and ranching. It is part of mixed farming in agriculture chapter.
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Old Wednesday, January 02, 2013
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Originally Posted by MobeenBhatti View Post
I didn't answer this but I think it had to do something with mid-Atlantic ridge, some famous deep trenches and the large continental shelf off east coast USA. It was the "unique" part that troubled me so I left this question.

It was really sad that I spent so much time learning all the ocean currents
the unique thing about the floor of Atlantic is that unlike pacific, which is an active margin ocean, it has a passive margin. It's continental shelf is away from plate boundary (Plate boundary at mid atlantic ridges where North American and Eurasian Plate meets and famous trench is located) and has very few subduction zones (one small subduction zone near Caribbean Islands). Being away from plate boundary and having a fewer number of continental-oceanic subduction zones make it passive with less volcanic and earthquake activity.
Another feature that makes is unique is the presence of a relatively very high mid Atlantic Ridge and a deep rift valley at the divergence zone of North American and Eurasian Plate.

The continental shelf of the Atlantic is gently steeper and wider than that of the Pacific (50-200 m deep and 50-100 Km wide).
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good but i want to add one thing more the movement of the cuurent is unique in such a southern atlantic current moves throug venzula in north
secndly cold water and warm water meets at norwegen current that triggers the movement of an othr current which causes heavy fog near finland which becomes large fishing ground..........

i m not prefect u must confrm best of luck
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Old Tuesday, January 08, 2013
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Default thx all

i want to include one thing.does it differ in water movement specially a current such as a one part of south equatorial part moves to north one....
moreover, hot and cold water movement and also large fishing grounds

i m not perfect plz do confrm:
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Old Tuesday, May 07, 2013
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Default suggest me the books for geography

recommend geography BEST books from which you prepared for and kindly tell me your strategy that you adapted for preparation.... your daily schedule... tell about your mistakes if any while you were preparing for exams and suggest how can i prepare for css exam
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Old Monday, May 13, 2013
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kashifaslam will become famous soon enoughkashifaslam will become famous soon enough

Geography paper 1

Physical geography by strahler
And i made separte notes of several other topics including maps

Geography paper .2

Economic geography by fazl e karim khan
geography of south Asia by bushra afzaal
geography of Pakistan by K.U.Kuereshi
Human geography by mian Anwar
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