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Islamic History And Culture (Total Marks 200)


  1. Humanity at the dawn of Islam

    • A brief survey of major world civilization, with special emphasis on their intellectual, humanistic and special institutions - their impact on world history.

  2. Advent of Islam

    • Life and teachings of the Holy Prophet. Foundations of a new and revolutionary world order: Institutions of Islam; Political. Social, Economic and Legal Structure of the Islamic polity.
    • The Quran: Emphasis on the study of Nature and Research. Changes brought by Islam in human thinking and behaviour.

  3. Foundation of Muslim State

    • Early conquests of the Khulfa-i-Rashidin; Administrative and legal structure of the State.
      Political and Ideological differences and the emergence of the Ummayyads: Expansion and consolidation of the Empire.

  4. The Grandeur of Islam

    • Philosophical, scientific and Literary Progress of the Muslims during the Abbasid period.

  5. The Ottoman Caliphate

    • Turkish march towards Europe. Political structure of the Turkish Empire, salient features of their administration, decline and disintegration.

PAPER-II (Marks - 100)

  1. Islam in Africa and Spain
  2. Muslim achievements in Natural and Social Sciences:

    • Schools of Baghadad, Spain and Iran, Muslim contribution to History, Science. Medicine and other branches of human civilization.

  3. Muslim Arts

    • Muslims' contribution in architecture, music, painting, handicrafts, pottery, calligraphy, etc.

  4. Renaissance and Reformation

    • Origin of this intellectual revolution; Contribution of' Muslim Universities and Seminaries in Spain and Baghdad:
      Dissemination of Muslim learning's in the West.

  5. Modem World

    • Impact of Islam on Western thought, social institutions and economic policies.

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