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Old Wednesday, September 26, 2012
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IFFAT AMBREEN will become famous soon enough
Default Interview with psychiatrist and panel in pms


Interview with Psychitriast

I want to share my group discussion and interview with psychiatrist as it has great impact on the treatment of panel which they impart to you.

In group discussion,

1. first thoroughly understand the topic and then make a frame of mind. It is good to in the topic but it is somewhat effective to discuss in the mid of discussion.
2. Then write the points of each and every candidate in your sheet
3. Make some points in your sheet for yourself
4. Don’t make critical analysis of the topic in the beginning, such as don’t elaborate the negative points in the beginning. Such as we have topic for Urdu discussion “ ghair miyari nisab waqt ka ziya hai”. Ab ak candidate kahnay lagay k hamaray nisab se Urdu poetry ka khatam kr daina chaye. So it is not way to criticize the urdu literature as a mean to make the curriculum as standard one. I discussed two points
a. Curriculum ko age ko mad e nazar rakhtay hoay banana chaye
b. Technical education ko curriculam ka hissa banana chaye ta k wo bachay jo apni taleem k bad koi job hasil na kar sakay wo apna hunar istimal kar sakay.

5. Donot speak too much, hardly take 3-5 minutes for discussion. Discuss all points precisely and with strong arguments.
6. Eye to eye contact is must. You should address all the participants and listen carefully what others say.
7. The sheet which they gave you is put in your file before the panel.so write carefully.
8. Donot divert from the topic.
9. Give time to other candidates. Donot make yourself dominant in discussion by talking too much. Ziyada bolnay ka matlab hargaz ye nhe k aap bhut kabil hain bulkay ye k aap itnay dominating hain k kisi ko suntay hai nhe, and you have an “I ATTITUDE”. So please avoid it. Listen carefully and speak gently.
10. Kisi ki bat mai madakhalat kar k khud bolnay ki koshish na karain. It is against ethics,and psychological test is only to test your attitude and ethics. So behave gently.
11. Kisi ko ghalt sabit karnay ki koshish na karain, jaisay k “ janab aap ghalt biyani se kaam lai rahay hain” ya “ janab aap subject ko complicated bana rahay hain”
12. Donot use the words like “ I disagree with you” or “ you are wrong”
13. Donot critise the arguments of others. Be humble and sober. Hmaray sath aik candidate thay, he was in habit to criticize each and every one, he was an attitude “ jaisay wo dunya se he khafa hun” so please donot show that attitude. Hum sub log different hain, sub apnay andaz mai sochtay hain, Social maturity hee ye hai k aap sub ko sunay. So behave like a socially mature person.
14. Sirf apni bari pai bat karain. Bar bar psychiatrist or unki team ko na daikhain. Is tarha bat karain k jaisay wo yahan per mujood he nhe. Focus on your points in gentle way.
15. Aram se baithain rahain, bar bar apni simat tabdeel karnay ki ya pher unnecessary hathon ko harkat dainay ki zarorat nhe, all these show that you are confused. Sit comfortably in proper pose like you are very much attentive and graceful. Agar aap bar bar hath helatay hain,it means that you are deadly confused. Agar aap apnay balon ko bar bar set kartay hain tu is ka matlab hai k aap attention seeker hain. So control all your unnecessary movements.
16. Remember ye test sirf aap ki psyche check karnay k liye hai, aap ka knowledge aap k exam mai check ho chukka or mazid test aap ka interview mai hona hai. Agar wo aap k baray mai ye report likhtay hain k aap sound person hain, panel will welcome you. Otherwise they will try to confuse more and more.
17. I am sharing all of this to you as I have passed from this phase three times. Firstly in ISSB, when I was selected as captain in navy, then in my css first attempt and then PMS.

I want to share with you something important regarding story writing and sentence completion.

When it comes to write a story then it should be the product of constructive mind. It means that in psychological test each and every story has two aspects, one is negative and other is positive. Always take the positive side of story. For example if two persons are sitting and making conversation, two things may struck our mind, first they are making a plan of robbery (negative aspect) or discussing about the prospect of opening a school in rural area(positive aspect). So we should focus on positive side. In story proper character should be used. Each story should end with a lesson.

When it comes to sentence completion, then try to complete each and every word with
beautiful and simple sentences. But each sentence should reflect your positive attitude towards life. They make analysis of personality on the basis of story writing and sentence completion. Be careful about these two main things! Sentence completion mei bhe ye he game, her lafz ko do aspect such as

Mere class bhot zaheen talba per mushtamil hai.
Mere class nikamay students per mushtamil hai.

Dono aspect hain class k, they check that in one second what type of sentence click to our mind. This is all about personality test.
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Old Wednesday, September 26, 2012
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ashar is on a distinguished road

iffat ,thank you v v much.you have really described ur interview highlights along with your own suggestions in a very comprehensive way,i hope all the aspirants will be benefited from it like myself.you please describe it even in more detail no matter how many episodes it takes.thank you and waiting for your next paragraph about interview tips.thanks a lot respected senior.
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IFFAT AMBREEN (Tuesday, October 02, 2012)
Old Sunday, October 07, 2012
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IFFAT AMBREEN will become famous soon enough

I entered in the room. Chairman KPK public service commission warmly welcomed me. After formal exchange of greetings, he offered me to sit. Mine interview was totally in Urdu.

Chairman. App D I KHAN se belong karti hain, aj kal wahan k halat kaisay hain ( kuch arsa pahlay wahan sectarianism k problems thay).
Me. Sir aap pahlay ki nisbat bhut bahtar hain, or ab wahan as such \koi bhe sectarianism jais bat nhe.

Chairman: Peshawar aap log kab aayen, or aap kidhar tahray hain.
Me: Answered

Chairman: Ap kis k sath aayen hain, I answered k walid sahib k sath aayen hun. Acha aap k walid sahib kia kartay hain.
Me: answered

Chirman: He opened my file, and took the application profoma, which we submitted at the time of application. Then he said that aap ne metric falan board se kia, F.Sc falan board se, BBA, falan university se, and then MBA. Ohh aap CSS mai bhe appear hoe. Tu kia hoa .
Me: I said k sir I cleared written and interview but did not fall on merit.

Chiarman: He nodded his head and said kun, kia waja thi jo aap merit pai nhe aa saki.
Me: I said k sir 2010 k CSS k liye total seats 221 thi, and for KPK 21, mera merit kun k is main nhe ata tha is liye mera selection nhe ho ska.

Chirman: He again examined my application proforma and said “ Ohh aap ne BBA mai gold medal liya hai, Good, hmmm, yahan aap ne likha hai k aap ne apnay MBA final mai aik research paper submit karaya tha titled as “ Social stratification in developed countroies,USA,UK, And Japan”. ab aap tamheed bahndhay baghair mujhay ye batayen k akhir in developed countries main stratification ki waja kia hai?
Me: sir agar mai sirf doo lafzoo main in mumalik mai stratification ki waja bayan karoun tu sirf or sirf Economic stratification. Economic disparity and economic inequality leads to social stratification. Agarcha ye developed countries hain but they have social classes. Or social classes paida he jab hoti hain jab the gulf between the rich and poor widens. Although they have large economies, but these economies are widening the gulf between rich and poor,like capitalism. Ye tamam mumalik economic extremism ki missal hain, on the one hand they have elite class, or Capitalist and on the other hand, they have working class. In mumalik mai sirf or sirf economic system he social classes paida kar raha hai. Yahan caste or religion ka koi kirdar nhe, although they are one of the factors of stratafication, but not the basic components of social classes.

Chairman: Aap k kheyal mai wo kon sa economic system hai jis ki waja social classes hain?
Me: Sir capitalism, sirf capitalism he aik aisa system hai jo social classes paida karta hai. Sir basically capitalism doo social classes k darmiyan jang hai, one is Capitalist and other one is bourgiesio. Aik group ko full control hasil hai over their means of production jab k aik groug exploitation ka shikar hai. Aik group ki sari mahnat dosri group ka profit hai. yahee wo point hai jahan se class conflict start hota hai. Aik group apnay haqooq ki jang larta hai jab k dosra autocracy ka tahafuz chata hai. yaheen se class clashes janam laitay hain. or yahe se sir income inequality paida hoti hai. In mumalik mai classes religion based nhe, yahan Hinduism ki tarha religion ko base nhe banaya jata, yahan theocracy base nhe. Yahan sirf or sirf income level hai, jo upper class, upper-upper class, lower-upper class, middle class, upper-middle class, lower middle class, or poor class paida karta hai.

Chairman: Hmmm,you have Marxist approach. I also worked in this topic and I have my PH.D research on this stratification. I am very happy to know that some one in Pakistan also worked on this. (said some words of appreciation like you are ………..). It means k sirf capitalism he social classes paida kar raha hai, what about communism?
Me: Sir communism tu aik classless society movement hai. Aik aisa system hai jahan classless or stateless society ne janam laina. Tu hum kis tarha kah saktay hain k communism also creats social classes. No sir in my opinion, it is onle capitalism.

Chairman: Tu aap ka kia kheyal hai k communist societies mai social classes nhe hai, aap china Russia ko kaisay daikhti hain?
Me: sir china or Russia mai communism nhe hai, although they first tried to adopt this. Jhan tak mai samjhti hun they are under the controlled capitalism. Communism aik aisi philiosphy hai jo practically exist he nhe karti. it is only theoretical. Haan hum ye kah saktay hain k they are moving towards socialism.

Chairman: Oh yes, waqai communism practical ho he nhe sakta. ye jo hamaray mulana sahib log baat kartay hain k “ Aik hee saf mai kharay ho gay Mahmud o ayaz”, sirf ye kahnay se bhe social classes khatam nhe hoti. Islamic economic system bhe totally kaheen applicable nhe, so we should move towards socialism,( as it now turned into a discussion of economic stratification between chairman and me), so I said.
Me: G sir bilkul, socialism has some very positive results in today world. Sir hum jab in ecomonic inequalities ko daikhtay hain, tu aik extreme pai hamay capitalism nazar aa raha hai, jab k dosri extreme pai hamay communiosm nazar aa raha hai. Sir jaisa k Marx ne kaha tha k jab koi bhe society capitalism se communism ki tarf move karay gy tu wo pahlay he phase mai communist society nhe banay gy, pahlay wo socialist society mai tabdeel ho gy or pher wo communist society ban jaye gy. So sir in so far, socialism is the best.

Chairman. yes, I agree with you, hamaray samnay western europen countries ki missal hain, kia wo khushal mumalik nhe hain? whan k aik aam banday k salary hamaray president bhe ziyada hai.
Me: g bilkul sir, west european countries are good example of successful socialist economies. Sir abhe aap ne Arab spring or wall street movement daikhi, to convert their economies from the capitalist block to socialist block. Sir jahan arab spring k bhut saray factors hain, wahan aik important factor wahan ki economic inequality bhe hai, wahan aik tarf tu elite autocrate hain or dosri tarf gharib awam, tu arab revolution ne tu waqai hona tha, USA aik developed country hai, magar wahan wall street movement chalti hai, sirf is liye k capitalism ne class conflict paida kar diya hai, and they are striving for their rights.

Chairman.: I am now satisfied, pointing towards one of the members, now you can ask questions.
Memeber1: Miss iffat aap ka economic aid k baray mai kia kheyal hai? how you see it?
Me: Sir meray kheyal mai economic aid neo colonialism ki best example hai. Aik mulk ki muashi halat ko kamzor karanay ka ahm zarya. Economic aid is one of the imperialist policies , how to get control of the economies of the developing countries. Sir agar economic aid in the form of loans hai tu ye kisi bhe mulk ko bankruptacy ki tarf lai jati hai. 90 % countries take loan to repay the interest of the donar countries. tu sir sirf interest pay karnay k liye hum mazeed loan laitay hain, it starts a vicious circle. or wo mulk us circle mai phans jata hai, or pher wo apnay soveirghty ka soda karnay k liye bhe tiyar ho jata hai. agar sir aid conditional ho tu ye us mulk ki economies ko barbad karnay k liye kafi hai, just we take the example of China. China hamay kun aid daita hai, sirf is condition pai k hum us ki goods apni market mai supply karain. it proves disastrous to local industries. aid laina kisi mulk ki sovereignty k soda karnay k barabar hai, we have so many examples like drone attacks, Ramon David case, salala check post attack, and Osama Bin ladin killing. Sir we need aid only for trade. If we use aid money for trade, then only in this way we can improve our economy and justify uses of trade.
Member1: Ok, I have no more question, 2nd member, now you can ask.
Memeber2: there are how many types of financial statement?
Me: four types of financial statement
1. Balance Sheet
2. Income Statement
3. Statement of owners Equity
4. Statemnet of Retaianed Earning

Member2: Miss Iffat, what is balance sheet?
Me: sirf balance sheet shows the financial position of the organization. it is also known as statement of Financial Affairs. It has three major components, assets, liabilities and owners equity.

Member2: how you differentiate the assets, liabilities and owners equity.
Me: Sir basically Assts are the economic resources of the business. assets may be of different types like current assets, fixed assets, natural assets, intangible assets. Currents assets are those assets which can be converted into money with one year. Fixed assets take conversion time of more than one year, natural assets are mines etc. Intangible assets are those assets which have no physical existence like copyrights, franchise, goodwill etc. While Sir Liabilities are the debts of the organization. These may be short term, long term. Short term liabilities are paid within one year period while long term liabilities are paid more than one accounting period.Sir Owner Equity is the amount of money invested by the owner of the organization.

Member2: How we present assets, liabilities and owners equity?
Me: Sir assets are presented on the right side of the statement and liabilities and owners equity on the left side.

Member 2: Suppose we sell marketable security, then what will be its impact on the balance sheet?
Me: Sir basically marketable security is current assets. If we sell marketable security then it will convert into cash which is also a current asset. So with the sell of one asset, another asset increases. so there will be no changes in the amount in balance sheet. Only one current asset will be changed into another current asset.

Member2: Ok, have you ever heard the name of Sovereign debt?
Me: yes sir, sir these are those debts which are backed by the governmental securities. Like sir abhe Pakistan government ne Pakistan Steel Mills ko sovereign debts rise karnay ki ejazat di hai. Is se aik ye faida hota hai k agar koi company loss mai ja rahee ho tu wo loan raise kar sakti hai, and people will purchase the securituies of that company, as they know k govt in securities ko back kar rahee hai, in case of default of the company, govt will be responsilble for the repayment of loan.

Member2: aap ne bankrupyacy ki baat ki? ye bankruptacy kia hoti hai?
Me: Sir kisi bhe company k doo tarha k loans hotay hain, aik short term or aik long term. The firms ability to pay short term loans is called liquidity and to pay long term obligations is solvency. so if a company becomes unable to pat long term obligation, it becomes bankrupt. In the same way if a country can not pay its long term loans, it is declared as bankrupt.

Member2: Ok. agar koi company bankrupt ho jati hai tu us k consequences kia hun gay?
Me: Sir jab koi bhe company bankrupt hoti hai tu sub se aphlay us k assets declare kiye jatay hain. if the amount of total assets is not sufficient to pay the liabilties then profit is determined. Agar tab bhe amount is insufficient to pay the liabilities then each shareholder contribute according to their share in the business. Phera ik priority list banai jati hai, jis mai sub se pahlay creditors ko pay kia jata hai. agar kuch bach jaye tu pher us k partner/shareholder ko pay kia jata hai jis ne company ko loan dia ho, and if something left, it is distributed among the shareholders.

Member2: Ok, suppose Pakistan becomes bankrupt, then what will be the assets of Pakistan? Kun k ap ne kaha k bankruptacy mai un k pas paisa tu nhe bachay ga.
Me: Sir We have our natural resources. Pakistan has abundant natural resources in Balochistan and FATA. Or sub se aham bat ye hai k sir our strategic position is one the most important assets. (He smiled)

Member2: Miss iffat, in law of guarantee, agar surety mar jaye tu kia us ki personal property creditor ko pay karnay k liye istimal ho gy?
Me: sir according to law of guarantee, agar surety ki death ho jay, tu us ki personal property, in case of default of debtor, will not be liable. Lakin is case main acknowldgement of death of surty is must.
( A big laughter from chairman. said to member2, aap inhay nhe hara saktay)

Member2: ok I have no more question, member 3 you can ask?
Member3: What were your optional subjects in PMS Exam?
Me: 1. Accounting And Auditing
2. International Relation
3. Mercantile Law
4. History of Indo Pak

Member3: ok,I would ask only one question , what should be our stand on Kashmir?
Me: Sir Kashmir ko hum nhe chor saktay. We are an agricultural economy, hamaray saray darya chahe unka origin India ho ya china, sub Kashmir se guzar kar Pakistan mai aatay hain, India is already contructing dams on these rivers as it may lead to water war between India and Pakistan. Wo economy jo industrially backward ho or jis ki 45% population agriculture se munsalik ho, wo daryoun ki ahmiyat ko kaisay ignore kar sakti hai. Or sir Kashmir ki strategic position aisi hai k it will help India in its strategic designs. Negotiations could be held to solve it by third party mediations.

Member3: ok member4, you can ask?
Member4: agar aap ka selection ho jata hai then what will you do for women?
Me: Sir women empowerment k liye awareness zarori hai. jab tak kisi insan mai awareness na ho then how can he/she fight for their rights. Pahla kam aghai ka hona chaye. Dosra economic self suffiency is also very important. Agar mai select ho jati hun and mujhay is kisam ki koi opportunity di jati hai then pahlay mai unhay un mai aghai piada karoun gy, Dosri Economic self sufficiency. Is k liye zarori hai k backward areas mai DAST KARI k centres kholnay chaye like sewing centre so that they may learn skills. Un k kaam ko proper mawaza milna chaye. is k liye aik proper plateform hona chaye. with the representation of the women of that particular area………………….

At the end of interview, chairman advised me to get Ph.D in Finance and said some words of appreciation…………………..

Then they ask no more questions.

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