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Philosophy (Total Marks - 200)

PAPER - I (Marks - 100)



  • Formal and informal arguments: Elements of deductive reasoning; validity and truth: Proposition and syllogism.

  • Definition with special reference to Aristotle, Ibn-e-Taimya's Criticism of Aristotle; Relativity of definition: Ambiguity; vagueness and emotive use of language as impediments in clear thinking: Fallacies - formal, material and linguistic

  • Symbolic Logic: value of special symbols, symbols for conjunction, Negation, Disjunction and Implication, Method of Deduction: Formal proofs of validity, Rules of Replacement.

  • The nature of scientific theory: Scientific method; Inquiry at common sense level and scientific level; Scientific explanation; The grounds of belief: induction, probability and functional analysis.

  • Muslim contribution to Logic - inductive and deductive

PAPER - II (Marks -100)



  • Idealism, Pragmatism, Vitalism Logical Positivism, Existentialism and Dialectical Materialism: The main arguments of these Philosophical theories and their impact on life and morals.

  • Muslim Rationalists and Social Thinkers-Al-Farabi, Ibn-i-Sina, Ibn-i-Rushd, and Ibn-i-Khaldun: their main doctrines.

  • Schools of Muslim Theology - Mutazilism, Ash' arism, Sufism Al-Ghazali (his Ethics and Criticism of Muslim Rationalists)

  • Muslim thought in South Asia with special reference to Shah Wali Ullah. Sayyid hmad Khan and Iqbal and Post-Iqbalian Thought.

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Suggested Readings

Title Author
A Modern Introduction to Metaphysics Drenon D.A.
A History of Philosophical Systems Firm, Vergilius
Aqliyyat-e-Ibn-e-Taimya (Urdu) Maulana Muhammad Hanif Nadvi
A Modern Introduction to Logic Stebbing, L.S.
Critical Thinking Blank, Max
History of Muslim Philosophy Vol. I & II Sharif, M.M
History of Modern Philosophy Wright, W.K.
Human Knowledge, Its Scope and Limits Russel, B.
History of Islamic Philosophy Fakhri, Majid
Introduction to Philosophy Patrick G.T.W.
Iqbal and Post-Kantian Voluntarism Dar, B.A.
Introduction to Logic Copi, I.M.
Logic Postivism Qadir, C.A.
Philosophical Analysis Urmson, J.O.
Reconstructon of Religious Thought in Islam Iqbal, M.
Types and Problems of Pholosophy Mead, H.
Types of Philosophy Mocking, W.E.

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