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Old Tuesday, November 24, 2015
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Default Headmaster paper 22-11-2015

PPSC Headmaster 2nd time PAPER 2016
1. teacher state and perform in (demonstration method)
2. motivation in which done something for own sake. (intrinsic)
3. john dewey thoughts reflect in (learner centered curriculum)
4. who is not curriculum practitioner. (curriculum expert)
5. islamic and non governmental (dar ul uloom deoband)
6. supervision characterized as: (improvement of learning)
7. final approval of curriculum (ministry of education)
8. inspection concept started (england)
9. determining good or bad of something (axiology)
10. head treat strictly in (theory x)
11. profession is (job)
12. shah wali ullah philosophy (realism)
13. individual living in society (existentialism)
14. effective leadership is due to traits,and behaviour of leader (trait theory)
15. which method make educational psychology a science (experimental)
16. education objectives derived from ( society)
17. socratic method (dialectic method) but doubted.
18. acquittance rol (salary disbursement)
19. national curriculum is(intended)
20. route learning is demerit of (subject centered curriculum)
21. projecter which project the image on transparent screen ( film) doubted
22. this question was about school curriculum. forgotten
23. Dy. DEO works on ( tehsil level)
24. norm reference test (individual)
25. Hilda tiba definition of curriculum.
26. projective techniques measure (personality)
27. real mentoring in school on the base of relations. (social) doubted
28. father of modern management theory (fayol)
29. articles purchased (contingent register)
30. adaptations of piageten theory (assimilation and accommodation)
31. separate state for muslims on bases of ( religion and culture)
32. jamia milia medium of instruction (urdu)
33. successful working of school depend (suitable time table)
34. 1st educational conference presided by (fazal ur Rehman)
35. crow n crow definition of education.
36. al ghazali study (philosophy) for quest.
37. process of education (birth to death)
38. scientific and technical knowledge obtained from (experimental and observation)
39. practical aspect of philosophy(learning)
40. Rousseau statement about his philosophy naturalism.
41. dewey statement about experience.
42. levels of education in Pakistan ( 5)
43. teacher ask questions in class ( to make attentive)
44. ful flegged education institutions are established in universities to improve (research)
45. literal meaning of curriculum (path)
46. cognition referred to. (thinking)
47. experiment data is collected for: is tarha ka question tha.
48. education is to think, to : (behave)
49. attention is (mental activity)
50. modern supervision in its broader sense. (leadership)
51. transition of culture due to (school)
52. charter act medium (english)
53. computer education first introduced in Pakistan (1992 policy)
54. KG school by (froebel)
55. curriculum should be improved for (emerging new knowledge) doubted
56. outline of topics (syllabus)
57. teacher efforts are less in (subject centered curriculum)
58. pedagogy (teaching method)
59. real test is achievement of (students learning)
60. practice made in ( drill method)
61. highest level of cognitive domain ( evaluation)
63. micro teaching related to (skills)
64. not non verbal ( conversation)
65. MCQs provide broad area of (contents)
66. application of philosophy directs , ans forgotten.
67. not hereditary factor (diet)
68. first intelligence test (binet)
69. IQ (intellectual status)
70. seek problem during process is ( formative evaluation)
71. POSDCORB, P is (planning)
72. blue print includes experiences for (learner)
73. axiology deals with (values)
74. no system is good without teachers, (1959 commission)
75. drama at school level ignore sometimes. I select (refreshments and enjoyment) but later feel is it (do make rehearsals)
76. teaching at elementary level ( activity based)
77. students respect teachers due to ( personal integrity of teacher)
78. which philosophy answer this question, how can we communicate with others without personal contradictions. (axiology) doubted
79. evaluation is (value judgement of student's learning)
80. which is not data collector ( observation)
81. socio situational theory ( bandura)
82. knowledge from Allah (revelation)
83. in classroom we observe (objectives)
84. PEC ( punjab education commission)
85. when head direct teachers to do something (leadership)
86. graph with value changes (pie) doubted
87. SOLO phases (5)
88. desirable modes of behaviour of society (morals) doubted
89. analysis,synthesis and evaluative measures of student through( essay)
90. facial expressions, body language (non verbal)
91. concept of free educatio ( karl marx) doubted
92. research start from ( problem)
93. drawing and implementation of curricula, draw concept from (culture or nation)
94. heart of management (planning)
95. communication without words ( non verbal)
96. goals are based on selection of ( ans forgotten)
97. curriculum with minimum books ( integrated curriculum)
98. project, role play, experiment, lab methods r ( doing methods)
99. ibn e khaldun was against ( question answer method)
100. not a good data collector (observation)


1 classroom mangmnt is main responsibility of
A teacher
B head teacher
C ?
Ans A
2 curriculum implementaiton?
A teacher
B principal
3 school administration is best judged by
A teacher-principl relation
B teacher-student relation
C learning outcomes
D beautiful builiding
Ans learning outcomes
4 charter act was
Ansr 1813
5 values are nearly equals in
A Realism
B idealism
C perennialism
D existantialiam
6 scientific society
Ans 1864
7which is not psychomotor skill
Ans creating ideas
8 aims are
Ans at national level
9 unesco conference held in Karachi on
A 1960
B 1965
Jwab ka pta ni
10 three 3Rs are
A reading writing listening
B reading writing arithematics
C reading listening speaking
D wo b kuch aisa th
11 best method for learning
A lecture mthd
B interactive
C d ka pta ni
12 grants from govt and expnditure are written in
A cash book
B budget register
C contingent registr
D aquintence regstr
13 ontology is related
Ans reality
14 when what how etc related with
Ans educational psychology
15 capabilities and intellect is concerned with
A personality
B cognition
C behaviour
15 pursuit of wisdom and truth
Ans philosophy
16 spread authority in organization
Ans decentrelization
17 x y theaories presented by
Ans Mcgregore
18 in democratic approach
Ans sharing of ideas
19 learner is more active in
A project mthd
B lecture mthd
C inquiry mthd
D not related yad b ni
20 emphasis on permanency is in
Ans perennialism
31 commission 1959 presided by
Ans SM Sharif
32 CAI stand for
Ans computer assisted instructions
33 DDO
Ans drawing and disbursing officer
34 school record management is the main responsibility of
A clerk
B headmaster
Cd not related
35 most popular mthd in teachers is
A lecture mthd
B text book reading mthd
C recitation mthd
D Qs Ans mthd
36 higher secondary school range is
A 1-12
B 6-12
C 9-12
D 11-12
37 kindergarten concept by
Ans frobel
38 indian education commission
Ans i think 1882
39 lesson plan checking is main responsibilty of
A principal
C district teacher educator
40 teacher training is focusses by
A muslim
B english
C greeks
D yad ni i tick on english
o Table of specification kea hy?
Types of test?
formula to determine I.q
Final product of measurement is
A) Result
B) score
C) Data
D) Information
Who said curriculum is plan for learning?
Micro teaching is ?skill answer
Ddo stand for?
Rsearch is always written in which tense?
Today's paper
DDo means
charter act kb aya
portfolio kis liye hota
sedler commion kb aya
1959 policy presided by
which method is suitable for all level
lesson plan kon supervise krta
govt grants and expendeture kis register me likhy jaty
training sy kia behtr hota hy
scientific society kb bni
Kindergarten ka founder kon
The medium of instruction of jamia milia dehli?
A. Urdu
B. Eng
C. Urdu. Eng
From Herbert Dewey is said to have taken his
1 theory of interest
2 theory of learning by doing
Muslim were expert in?
caligraphy answer
Success is never achieved by the size of our brain but it is always achieved by the quality of our thoughts.
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shaida (Sunday, November 29, 2015)
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sharaf soomro is on a distinguished road

dear friends I am preparing for Deputy headmaster test and I am in bit confusion so kindly help me..
I want to know that what is the gap between screening and written test of headmaster ,, both papers subjective and objective are taken at the same time in a single day or is there any gap of month or two months..
kindly inform me in an authentic way so that I may prepare in that way.
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Old Sunday, June 05, 2016
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Muhammaduaf is on a distinguished road

Test of DeputyHeadmaster will at Monday... any other guidence about test ??
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Old Monday, June 06, 2016
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rashidiqbal92 is on a distinguished road

please share your paper mcqs of dy headmaster
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Old Wednesday, June 08, 2016
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rashidiqbal92 is on a distinguished road

please share mcqs of paper dy headmaster/headmistress who appeared in the examination
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Old Wednesday, August 10, 2016
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ultimatestruggler is on a distinguished road

it seems as if we cant attempt it by doing masters only except b.ed
Ya Allah Bless with Success AMEEN
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