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Old Friday, April 22, 2011
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nasir4u is on a distinguished road
Thumbs up Probation officer Solved Paper

(1) Whic Is the Most Poisonous (Mehtyl Alcohol)

(2) Largest Artificial Canal (Suiz Canal)

(3) USA Is The Largest Producer Of ( Maize)

(4) Nehru Report was an answer to the challenge of (Lorg Bricknhed)

(5) Kalhari Desert is in (South Africa)

(6) Warsak Dam is in (NWFP/KP)

(7) Least Polutant Fuel (Hydrogen)

(8) Partition Of bengal cancelled due to the strong apposition off a hindu
leader (Nehru)

(9) Who was an other the Ex-Officio Of Muslim League (1945-57) along with
Quaid-i-Azam.? (Liaqat Ali khan)

(10) Quit India movement (1942)

(11) Coastline of Baluchistine (766 KM)

(12) Matter which can join well with glass (Platinum)

(13) A Motor Vehicle runing in a cicular path is expereincing (Centripetal Force

(14) Which is the most elastic (steel)

(15) Hazrat Yaqoob (as) Died at (Egypt)

(16) Army Command and staff college is located at ((Quetta)

(17) Hazrat Ali (A.S) had (3 Brothers)

(18) First non arab war (Battle Of mauta)

(19) Hijri year was introduced by Hazrat Umar

(20) Bird sent by Hazrat Noah (as) (Pigeon)

(21) Son Of Holy Prophet (PBUH) born to Hazrat maria Qubtia
(Hazrat Ibrahim)

(22) It is an other duty of hajj (tawa'af)

(23) Nation of which prophet was destroyed by rain of stones?
(Hazrat Loot (as)

(24) Nation of Prophet destroyed by rain of stones (Hazrat loot (as)

(25) Tower of silence is ( a Place where Parsis Keep their dead bodies)

(26) Great Wall of China was built by (Chin Dynasty)

(27) Slvary was abolished by (Abrahm Lincoln)

(28) Nanga parbat is in (Azad Kashmir)

(29) Akbar Built (Agra Fort)

(30) Highest pass in pakistan (moztagh)

(31) Largest dam of pakistan (tarbella)

(32) Scientist who discovered that eart moves round the sun. (Coprenicus)

(33) Largest Uranim Producer (USA)

(34) Which of the following is not a unit of time ( Light year)

(35) Hajre Aswad was founded by (Hazrat Ibrahim AS))

(36) Purpose of zakat (All the options given)

(37) fate Of baluchistan was decided by (Shahi Jirga)

(38) Crips Mission Proposed (............)

(39) Which magazine published first of all that there are two parties in
sub-continent i.e Congress of Hindu and Muslim league of Muslims

(40) When did Chuhdry Rehmat Ali give his idea that North of India should
be a seperate nation for Muslims (1915)

By: Nasir Abbasi
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Old Sunday, April 24, 2011
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nasir4u is on a distinguished road
Arrow Correction

(1)Hajre aswad was dicovered by Hazrat Ismail (as)

(2) Largest man made canal (this answer in not cleared yet as in some books
it is Panam Canal, while some have wriiten suez canal.
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Old Friday, April 29, 2011
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nasir4u is on a distinguished road

Pakistan is situated in South Asia
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