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Old Thursday, September 02, 2010
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Muhammad Kashif Khoso is on a distinguished road
Default business administration

being student of business administration and reviewing the papers of css i think following books will be helpful.

principles of management by stephen

principles of marketing by philips kottler


Introduction to financial management by ikbal mathur.
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Old Wednesday, October 27, 2010
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Economics Books

1) Economics by Paul Samulsons
2) Modern Economics by McConnel Brue
3) Modern Microconomics by Koutsyani
4) Macroeconomics by Stanly Fisher

Except above books thoroughly study of "Economic Survey of Pakistan"(latest edition)
makes you master to clear CSS Economics Paper easily.
One has to remember that every failure can be a stepping stone towards something better.
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Binte Asghar (Saturday, July 13, 2013)
Old Tuesday, March 01, 2011
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sozano123 is on a distinguished road

1- Current Essays (AP Aamer Publications) Rs:200
2- Latest English Essays (AP Aamer Publications)Rs:165

1- Precis Writing (Abdul Basit Jasra, Naimatullah Khan Joyia) RS 60/-
2- A Practical English Grammar (A. J. Thomson, A. V. Martinet) RS 600/-
3- Practical English Usage (Michael Swan) RS 1600/-
4- English Grammar & Composition (Nawaz Khalid, Mohammad Baqir Hussain) RS 250/-
5- English Grammar & Composition (Shabbir Hussain Chaudhry) RS 350/-
6- Dictionary of Synonyms & Antonyms (Prof. Tariq Ali Khan) RS 80/-
7- Oxford Idioms RS 800/900/

1- International Affairs (Dr. Safdar Mahmood) RS 500/-
2- Strategic Studies //Quarterly// RS 50/-
3- Current Affairs including solved CSS Papers(AP Aamer Publications) Rs 350
4- Daily DAWN RS 13/-

1- EXAM CRAM Pakistan Affairs (Adeel Niaz) RS 300/-
2- Pakistan Affairs (M. Ikram Rabbani) RS 375/-
3- Pakistan's Foreign Policy: A Reappraisal (Shahid M. Amin) RS 495/-
4- Pakistan's Foreign Policy 1947-2005 (Abdul Sattar) RS 595/-
5- Pakistan Political Roots & Development 1947-1999 (Safdar Mahmood) RS 395/-
6- The Military & Politics in Pakistan (Hasan Askari Rizvi) RS 350/-
7- The Idea of Pakistan (Stephen Philip Cohen) RS 600/-

1- Encyclopedic Manual of Everyday Science (Dr. Rab Nawaz Samo) RS 350/-

1- Islamiat (Zahid Hussain Anjum) RS 135/-
2- Islamiat Advance bray CSS (Muhammad Imtiaz Shahid, Attiya Bano) RS 300/-
3- Islam Ka Nizam-e Hayat (Dr. Liaqat Ali Khan Niazi) RS 350/-

1- EXAM CRAM Public Administration (Asif J. Mir) RS 225/-
2- Public Administration (S. M. Shahid) RS 180/-
3- Pricples of Public Administration (Dr. Muhammad Hassan Sheikh) RS 375/-
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Old Sunday, July 31, 2011
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usman khalid has a brilliant futureusman khalid has a brilliant futureusman khalid has a brilliant futureusman khalid has a brilliant futureusman khalid has a brilliant futureusman khalid has a brilliant futureusman khalid has a brilliant futureusman khalid has a brilliant futureusman khalid has a brilliant futureusman khalid has a brilliant futureusman khalid has a brilliant future

Books for Compulsory Subjects

English: Exploring the world of English by Syed Sadaat Ali along with any good BA Grammar.

EDS: EDS by Dr. Akram Kashmiri. One may start from O levels science/General Science book of 8th class and then switch to Kashmiri's book.

Pak Affairs by Ikram Rabbani.

Islamiat: Islami Nazria e Hayat by Dr. Khurshid Ahmad or Islamiat for CSS by Carvan Publishers.

Current Affairs: Newspaper with Internet for background of major international/national issues.

Read Dawn newspaper daily. It will not only help in preparation of Current Affairs and Essay but also improving vocabulary, expression and knowledge about other subjects.

Frequently visit CSS Forum for notes/guidance on any subject.
Best end of life is not knowledge but action.
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Old Saturday, April 13, 2013
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VetDoctor is a name known to allVetDoctor is a name known to allVetDoctor is a name known to allVetDoctor is a name known to allVetDoctor is a name known to allVetDoctor is a name known to all

For Constitutional law :
a. World Constitutions by Kaeley
b. How States Are Governed
c. Studies In The Constitution Of Pakistan by Dr. safdar mahmood


1) Gani & EJAZ's Principles of accounting and Advanced Accounting (Final accounts, Partnership, Bank reconciliation, Non-profit organizations and capital and revenue)
2) Meigs and Meigs' Accounting-basis for business decision (Chapter 1 to 5)

1) Matz & usury's Cost accounting (chapter 1 to 6) and standard costing, budgeting, by-product costing and marginal costing
2) HILTON's managerial accounting (Additional practice and theory for objective type preparation) standard costing, marginal costing, process costing, budgeting, LIFO and FIFO.

1) Khawaja Amjad Saeed's AUDITING.

For Islamic history :
a. History of Islam By Mazhurl Haq
b. History of Saracens by Syed Ameer Ali
c. History of the arabs by Phillip.K.Hitti
d. Study of islamic History by K.Ali
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Old Wednesday, November 27, 2013
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ADIL KHESHGI will become famous soon enoughADIL KHESHGI will become famous soon enough

1. Essay Newspaper reading and daily practice
2. Precis and Composition Exploring the World of English+Wren and Martin High School Grammar and Composition
3. EDS Akram Kashmiri with the previous papers 1971 onwards
4. Current Affairs The Military and Politics in Pakistan by Hasan Askari Rizvi, Jehangir World Times in concert with a quality newspaper, maintain a separate register for noting down important issues related to Muslim world and Pakistan.
5. Pakistan Affairs Pakistan the Formative Phase by KB Saeed and The Struggle for Pakistan by IH Qureshi, these would be enough because PA is all about Pre-partition period. you may also prepare some repeated topics from Rizvi's book especially the issues and problems that erupted after the partition.
6. Islamiat Rasheed Ahmed Shibli would be enough.

Dear Asifalisharbaloch bro!
Not Saadat Husain but Saadat Ali Shah's book. Dear, As you know that in our bookstores, you would find mostly the pirated or fake copies of books but the point is that you need material not an authenticated copy of that very book so be content with a copy of that book if that is fake or whatever just go after the content. If that is fake that would be the photocopy of his book with the same content. You better Aam kao Pairh na gino.
Good Luck!
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts" (Winston Churchill)

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Old Thursday, December 26, 2013
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Thumbs up @ faddyy

Originally Posted by faddyy View Post
Dear Seniors kindly provide me the syllabus for 2015 Exams so that i,ll start my study.......... plz get back to me soon

Brother follow below link for syllabus, it may remains the same in 2015 or if it changes, you'll come to know but you should start study now by having a clear idea of proposed questions as told by FPSC:

Good luck and remember me in your prayers

Profound regards,
Nasru minal'lahi wa fat'hun qareeb
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Old Thursday, May 15, 2014
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Default Summary of this thread

Everyday Science
1. Everyday Science Advance by Imtiaz Shahid (Suggested by Argus, Muhammad Akmal) 2
2. EDS Dr. Akram Kashmiri (Suggested by Usman Khalid, Adil Kheshgi) 2
3. Dogars Unique Everyday Science MCQs (Suggested by Argus) 1
4. Encyclopedia of Every Day Science by Dr. Zafar Saeed Chouhadry (Suggested by Amoeba) 1
5. EDS by Caravan Publishers (Suggested by I M Possible) 1
6. EDS by Rab Nawaz Samo (Suggested by Shakeel Ghori) 1

Pakistan Affairs
1. Pakistan Affairs of Ikram Rabani (Suggested by Muhammad T S Awan, Usman Khalid, Muhammad Akmal, I M Possible, ) 4
2. Struggle for Pakistan by I H Qereshi (Suggested by Argus, Muhammad Akmal, Adil Kheshgi) 3
3. Pakistan Affairs by Imtiaz Shahids (Suggested by Argus, Amoeba) 2
4. British raj in India by SM Burke (Suggested by Argus) 1
5. Pakistan Affiars by Muhammad Sohail Bhatti. (Suggested by Muhammad Akmal) 1
6. Making of Pakistan by KK Aziz (Suggested by Muhammad Akmal) 1
7. Trek to Pakistan by Ahmad Saeed (Suggested by Decent Baloch) 1
8. Pakistan the Formative Phase by KB Saeed (Suggested by Adil Kheshgi) 1
9. Constitutional & Political History of Pakistan by Hamid Khan (Suggested by maliasghar) 1

1. Islam at a galnce by Islahi (Suggested by Argus) 1
2. Towards Islamiyat by Doggar Sons (Suggested by Argus) 1
3. Islamic ideology by SM Shahid (Suggested by Argus) 1
4. Islami Nazria Hayat by Khurshid Ahmad (Suggested by Amoeba, Usman Khalid) 2
5. Islamiat Rasheed Ahmed Shibli (Suggested by Adil Kheshgi) 1
6. Islamiat for CSS by Carvan Publishers (Suggested by Usman Khalid) 1
7. Islamiat (in urdu) by Zahid Hussain Anjum
8. Islamiat (in urdu) Advance bray CSS by Muhammad Imtiaz Shahid, Attiya Bano
9. Introduction to Islamic Ideology by Anwar Hashmi
10. Islamiyat for PCS/CSS by Laqa-ul-Mohsin (Suggested by I M Possible) 1
11. "A Document on Islam: Ideological, Historical & Contemporary Perspective" by Caravan Book House. (Suggested by maliasghar) 1

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Old Sunday, June 01, 2014
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Muhammad Ali Chaudhry is a jewel in the roughMuhammad Ali Chaudhry is a jewel in the roughMuhammad Ali Chaudhry is a jewel in the rough

Originally Posted by Urooj Nisar View Post
someone plz suggest me books for philosophy and accounting & auditing
For philosophy , click on the link given below . These are the books suggested by 2nd Position holder in CE-2012

Philosophy Books by Hassan Afzal PSP

For audit and accounting , links is given below . One of them is of suggestions by FSP officer .

Audit and accounting -Sarfraz Shami FSP
''Sufficient for us is Allah , and He is the best Disposer of affairs" Al-Quran
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Old Saturday, January 17, 2015
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Default Recommended Books by CSP for compulosries

Today i met with a CSP of 42nd Common. He recommended following books.

Read Daily Dawn. Practice of Essay writing and Check to Any Good English Teacher.

English Composition:
High School Grammer by Wren & Martin

Current Affairs:
Monthly magazine Namely Current Affairs,

Pakistan Affairs:
(i) The struggle for Pakistan by I.H Qureshi
(ii) Formative phase of Pakistan by Khalid Bin Sayyed

Subjective & Objective Books of Imtiaz Shahid

Islami Nazriya i hayath by Professor Khursheed Ahmad

Extra Instruction
* Consult Oxford dictionary for English word.
* Improve your Vocabulary
* Reduce your weight.
* No need to join any academy, Study at your own but keep in-touch with some CSS Aspirants.
* In start give 4 hours daily to study & Increase this time day by day.
* First prepare compulsories then go on optionals.
* Try to Help peoples.
* Offer prayer five times.
* Try to Clear CSS in single attempt because its very boring to study same books many time. (as He Allocated in his 3rd Attempt).
God Helps those who help themselves
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