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Old Saturday, November 30, 2013
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Default Sadia Shafiq please check this

Originally Posted by SADIA SHAFIQ View Post
Q.3. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow. (20)

Comprehension 2009.

It is very nature of helicopter that is great versatility is found. To begin with, the helicopter is the fulfillment of tone of man’s earliest and most fantastic dreams. The dream of flying – not just like a bird – but of flying as nothing else flies or has ever flown. To be able to fly straight up and straight down – to fly forward or back or sidewise, or to hover over and spot till the fuel supply is exhausted.

To see how the helicopter can do things that are not possible for the conventional fixed-wing plane, let us first examine how a conventional plane “works”. It works by its shape – by the shape of its wing, which deflects air when the plane is in motion. That is possible because air has density and resistance. It reacts to force. The wing is curved and set at an angle to catch the air and push it down; the air, resisting, pushes against the under surface of the wing, giving it some f its lift. At the same time the curved upper surface of the wing exerts suction, tending to create a lack of air at the top of the wing. The air, again resisting, sucks back, and this give the wing about twice as much lift as the air pressure below the wing. This is what takes place when the wing is pulled forward by propellers or pushed forward by jet blasts. Without the motion the wing has no lift.

(i) Where is the great versatility of the helicopter found?
Ans.According to author nature of the helicopter is the great versatility.
(ii) What is the dream of flying?
Ans.The author stated that the dream of flying is to fly in such a way that no creature has flown or flies.Movement in all directions and fly around a specific point until fuel is available were the dream of flying.
(iii) What does the wing of the conventional aircraft do?
Ans.Wing of conventional aircraft pushes air in the desired direction during motion.
(iv) What does the curved upper surface of the wing do?
Ans.The curved upper surface of the plan creates vacuum at the top of the wing.
(v) What gives the wing twice as much lift?
Ans.The deflected air of curved surface gives twice lift to wing.
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Old Monday, June 23, 2014
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Where there are five questions following a comprehension passage, worth 4 marks each, would a one or 2 liner answer suffice? Isn't it a bit too little for four marks?
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Old Wednesday, July 09, 2014
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yes shehryar Aziz more lines but in quality, will give us more marks...But when we are going with more quantity always there is a chance that we get a lower quality answer. This balance should be maintained.
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Shehryar Aziz (Tuesday, July 29, 2014)
Old Thursday, July 17, 2014
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Dear our English will be checked in four angles.
1) Essay.
2) Précis.
3) paragraph reading and answers.
4) Grammer section.
In the section of paragraph reading they want to check that the candidate is able to read a paragraph, understand it and answers the question in one own words or not.According to my modest knowledge here the examiner does not counts lines or words.He just check our answers in such a manner that the candidate understood the paragraph or not and answer the questions in a proper way or not.There are many hard and fast rules for paragraph like precise such as;
words and sentence can not be borrowed.
The questions should be answered in own words. ETc
Here the questions contain many questions by default such as;
Do you agree with writer or not?
In this question "WHY" is present by default.
Know here If your Answer is Yes so why OR not so why?
In such a case the candidate should answer the question of "why"
If someone write YES or ON it mean ZERO MARKS.
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Shehryar Aziz (Tuesday, July 29, 2014)
Old Tuesday, December 16, 2014
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Default check it plz

Comprehension CE - 2000

The vitality of any teaching, or historical movement, depends upon what it affirms rather than upon what it affirms rather than upon what it denies, and its survival and continued power will often mean that its positives are insufficiently regarded by opposing schools. The grand positives of Bentham were benevolence and veracity: the passion for the relief of man’s estate, and the passion for truth. Bent ham’s multifarious activities, pursued without abatement to the end of a long life, wee inspired by a "dominant and all-comprehensive desire for the amelioration of human life"; they wee inspired, too, by the belief that he had found the key to all moral truth. This institution, this custom, this code, this system of legislation-- does it promotes human happiness? Then it is sound. This theory, this creed, this moral teaching – does it rightly explain why virtue is admirable, or why duty is obligatory? The limitation of Bentham can be gauged by his dismissal of all poetry (and most religion) as "misrepresentation’; this is his negative side. But benevolence and veracity are Supreme Values, and if it falls to one of the deniers to be their special advocate, the believers must have long been drowsed. Bentham believes the Church teaches children insincerity by making them affirm what they cannot possibly understand or mean. They promise, for example, to fulfill the undertaking of their god---parents, that they will "renounce the devil and all his works, the pomps and vanity of this wicked world" etc. ‘The Devil" Bentham comments: " who or what is he, and how is it that he is renounced?" Has the child happened to have any dealings with him? Let the Archbishop of Canterbury tell us, and let him further explain how his own "works" are distinguished from the aforesaid "Pomps and Vanity". What king, what Lords Temporal or Spiritual, have ever renounced them? (Basil Willey)

(1) What does the writer mean by the following expressions:

Multifarious activities, amelioration of human Life, it is sound, be their special advocate, Renounce the devil, drowsed, gauged, aforesaid.

(2) What is Bentham’s philosophy based upon?

(3) What according to the writer is Bentham’s limitation?

(4) On what grounds does Bentham believe that the Church teaches children insincerity?

(5) In what context has the Archbishop of Canterbury been quoted i.e. is he praised or condemned?

a- Multifarious activities
variety of efforts
b- amelioration of human life
improvement in men's lives
c- it is sound
In passage, it implies that if legislation and values promote happiness then they are correct
d- be their special advocate
becoming proponent of. In passage, it means that if someone earlier denies kindness and truthfulness but then start favoring it
e- renounce the devil
refuse to follow devil
f- drowsed
g- gauged
to control
h- aforesaid
said earlier

Bentham's philosophy was the uplift or improvement of human lives. He based his theory upon the principles of truthfulness and kindness. He preferred human happiness in framing laws and customs.

Bentham despised the church and poetry. Writer of the passage considered it the weakness of Bentham's work.

According to Bentham, Church teaches insincerity because on the one hand, church condemns pomp and show and consider worldly life as futile, but on the other hand, adopts the same pomp. Church-men do not mean their words. Lives of bishops are filled with glory but they teach vanity. Moreover, Bishops announce not to follow devil but how can they do so? Did they meet with devil? Therefore, Church-men say what they don't do teaching contradictions.

Bentham condemned the Archbishop of Canterbury because questions were asked about the lifestyle and pomp of Bishop.

Please evaluate it. Positive criticism is always appreciated
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MorningLark (Tuesday, December 16, 2014)
Old Friday, January 22, 2016
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Default Confusion in CPEC map~!!!!!!!!!!!

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