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Old Friday, September 04, 2009
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Default Solve the MCQ`s of Past Five Years

Dear Seniors,

Can anybody solve the Mcq`s of previous 5 years papers of Geography 1 and 2. I shall be highly greatful to him.

Engr. Shoaib Awan
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Old Friday, September 04, 2009
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Default MCQs

I will solve all the MCQs of Geography Part-I & II for you. just contact with me on my mailing address.

Tahir, Abbottabad.
Tahir Swati,
IT Officer

Last edited by Princess Royal; Friday, September 04, 2009 at 07:24 AM. Reason: Sharing contact info. via post is not allowed. One can get it from profile!
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Old Monday, November 09, 2009
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Arrow thanks

can you please mail me the solve Mcqs Of past years papers.

Last edited by Princess Royal; Monday, November 09, 2009 at 11:55 AM.
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Old Wednesday, December 02, 2009
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If someone has solved them, can they paste here? and if someone needs them solved, he/she needs to post them here, I am willing to solve, but please post the Questions here.
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Old Friday, January 29, 2010
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magnum is on a distinguished road

1) Average monthly temperature of a place can be represents by means of
(a) Bar Graph (b) line graph (c) pie graph(d) graduated circle (e) None of these

2) Hanging valleys are formed by the action of
(a) Wind (b) Running water (c) Moving Ice (d) None of these

3) Dendritic pattern of drainage is:
(a) Rectangular in shape (b) Radial in shape (c) like the tree with branches (d) None

4) Lines joining places having equal rainfall are :
(a) Iso-baths (b) Contours(c) Iso-hyets (d) Iso-bars

5) The most common rock found on earth is
(a) Marble (b) granite(c) Basalt (d) None of these (Igneous rock)

6) The wind which reverses seasonally is known as ___________ wind
(a) Trade (b) Monsoon(c) Cyclone (d) Polar

7) Karsts region originally a landscape located in :
(a) Belgium (b) Greece (c) Former Yugoslavia (d) None of these

8) The earliest period of geological history is:
(a) Permian (b) Pre-Cambrian (c) Cambrian (d) Tertiary

9) Which of the following are considered to be the primary rock:
(a) sedimentary (b) Metamorphic(c) igneous (d) Argillaceous

10) What is the point of an earth quake called:
(a) Quake centre (b) Epicenter (c) Seismic focus (d) Tectonic point

11) Epeirogeny is a result of:
(a) Vertical earth movements (b) Horizontal earth movements (c) Mass movements (d)

12) What is the name given to a plateau surrounded by mountains:
(a) piedmont plateau (b) intermountain plateau(c) mountain plateau (d) raised plateau

13) The dust bowl of North American has been caused by:
(a) glacial deposition (b) wind erosion(c) wind deposition (d) shifting cultivation

14) Ideal cycle of erosion was first suggested by:
(a) De Martonne (b) B.W Sparks(c) W.M Davis (d) W. Penck

15) What does the term loess refers to:
(a) River borne material (b) Fine wind deposited material
(c) fine glacial material (d) fine wave deposited material

16) An Avalanche is a mass of glacial debris transported to the sea:
(a) Mass of snow and rocks moving down slope under gravity ****
(b) Broad crack in the upper paart of glacier
(c) steep rock in the coastal are made by wave erosion(d) None of these.

17) What is meant by Hamada:
(a) An extensive flat rocky surface in desert (b) A Costal lowland eroded by glaciers
(c) A plain surface in the karst region(d) A depositional part of pediplain.

18) The direction of rotation of the earth on its axis is from:
(a) North to south (b) South to north(c) East to west (d) West to east

19) On which date is the earth perihelion:
(a) june 21 (b) December 22(c) January 03 (d) July 04

20) What is the most accurate description of the shape of the earth:
(a) A Circle (b) A Sphere(c) A Geoid (d) An absolute sphere


(1) Agriculture, the deliberate tending of crops, dates back to approximate years:
(a) 8,000(b) 10,000(c) 12,000(d) None of these

(2) The number of Agriculture Revolutions the world has experiences is:
(a) One(b) Two(c) Three(d) None of these

(3) Approximate latitude extent of Pakistan is:
(a) 21 - 38 N(b) 24-37 S(c) 28-40 N(d) None of these

(4) The type of crop, the coffee is:
(a) Luxury(b) Industrial(c) Fibre(d) None of these

(5) “Seven Sisters” is a group of:
(a) Summits(b) Lakes(c) Oil companies(d) None of these

(6) “Nego” is the name of a:
(a) River(b) Mountain(c) Dam(d) None of these

(7) The number of sovereign states in the SAARC is:
(a) Four(b) Five(c) Six(d) None of these

(8) Rome, the capital of Italy, is located beside the river:
(a) Rhine(b) Tiber(c) Po(d) None of these

(9) The Caucasoid have their skin colour:
(a) Black(b) Yellow (c) Brown(d) None of these

(10) The Iberian Peninsula is a part of:
(a) Asia(b) Europe(c) Africa(d) None of these

(11) The Levant is located in:
(a) Africa(b) Asia(c) Europe(d) None of these

(12) The “Orange” is the name of:
(a) River(b) State(c) Coastline(d) None of these

(13) Ibadan is located in:
(a) Africa(b) Europe(c) Asia(d) None of these

(14) The “Majors” are a group of:
(a) Oil companies (b) MDC’s(c) Islands(d) None of these

(15) Esperanto is a type of:
(a) Cultivation(b) Language(c) Industry(d) None of these

(16) The portion of the world permanently inhabited by Man is called:
(a) Ecosystem (b) Ecumene(c) MDC(d) None of these

(17) The change in a culture through interaction with another culture is termed as:
(a) Cultural Diffusion(b) Acculturation(c) Cultural hearth(d) None of these

(18) The doubling time (in years) of a country’s population with 2.5 percent annual growth rate is:
(a) 30(b) 23(c) 28(d) None of these

(19) Pakistan’s longest border is with:
(a) India(b) China(c) Iran(d) None of these

(20) The sixth largest city of Pakistan according to the 1998 census is:
(a) Rawalpindi(b) Multan(c) Gujranwala(d) None of these

Geography Paper - I

I- Corundum falls in the _____ rank of Moho Scale of Hardness:
(a) Tenth (b) Second (c) Ninth (d) None of these

II- Standard Parallel is a part of ____ projection:
(a) Cylinderical (b) Conical (c) Zenithal (d) None

III- Conical Projection is suitable for ___ areas:
(a) Tropical (b) Temperate (c) Polar (d) None

IV- Zenithal Projection is suitable for ___ areas:
(a) Tropical (b) Equatorial (c) Polar (d) None

V- Sandstone is a/an ___ rock:
(a) Sedimentary (b) Igneous (c) Metamorphic (d) None

VI- Granite is a/an ____ rock:
(a) Sedimentary (b) Igneous (c) Metamorphic (d) None

VII- A line which is drawn on Mercrator's Projection is known as:
(a) Laxodrome (b) Rhumb Line (c) Great Circle (d) Both (a) & (b)

VIII- The shadow zone of an earthquake exists between ____ from an earthquake focus:
(a) 130-140 degrees (b) 110-150 degrees (c) 103-143 degrees (d) None

IX- One of the following is also known as an international scale:
(a) Linear (b) Diagonal (c) R.F (d) None

X- The 8th October, 2005 Earthquake of Pakistan had a magnitude of:
(a) 7.6 (b) 5.5 (c) 4.6 (d) None

XI- The soft zone in the upper part of the mantle is called:
(a) Lithosphere (b) Barysphere (c) Asthenosphere (d) None

XII- The World's largest delta has been formed by the river:
(a) Nile (b) Indus (c) Mississippi (d) None of these

XIII-The magnitude of an earthquake is measured by:
(a) Marcelli Scale (b) Richter Scale (c) Beufort Scale (d) None

XIV-"The Roots of Mountain Theory of Isotasy" is credited to:
(a) Archdeacon Pratt (b) G.B. Air (c) Vening Meneisz (d) None of these

XV- Primary Waves (P-Waves) in an earthquake are a king of:
(a) Longitudinal Waves (b) Tranverse Waves (c) Surface Waves (d) None

XVI- Which of the following features have been produced b y wind deflation?
(a) Lake Toba (b) Lake Victoria (c) Qattara Depression (d) None

XVII- Primary Waves (P-Waves) in an earthquake are a king of:
(a) Wind Action (b) Glaciers (c) Waves (d) None

XIX- San Andreas Fault, California is an example of:
(a) Normal Fault (b) Reverse Fault (c) Transform Fault (d) None

XX- Fold in which horizontal or gently dipping beds are modified by simple step like bands are called:
(a) Isoclines (b) Monoclines (c) Periclines (d) None
Geography Paper - II

Q-1 Select the best option and fill in the appropraite box on the Answer Sheet

I- The second highest peak of Pakistan is:
(a) K-2 (b) Nange Parbat (c) Rakaposhi (d) None

II- the Jehlum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej have their confluence at:
(a) Mithan Kot (b)Panjnad (c) Panjgur (d) None

III- Tirich Mir is the highest peak of one of these mountain ranges:
(a) Hindu Kush (b) Karakorum (c) Koh i Safed (d) None

IV- The Shandoor Pass is famous for the game of:
(a) Polo (b) Golf (c) Skiing (d) None

V- The international boundary line between Pakistan and Afghanistan is called:
(a) Buefort Line (b) Durrand LIne (c) Wagah Border (d) None

VI- Syne was the old name of:
(a) Caira (b) Aswan (c) Alexandria (d) None

VII- Alluvial soils are of two types, old and new. Old Alluvium is called:
(a) Khadar (b) Bhangar (c) Regur (d) None

VIII- In the year 327 BC Alexander the Great came to India through the:
(a) Gomal Pass (b) Khyber Pass (c) Bolan Pass (d) None

IX- One of the most famous Gap Town is:
(a) Geneva (b) Rome (c) Peshawer (d) None

X- The people who are engaged in Gem cutting industry in Sri Lanka are:
(a) Sinhalese (b) Tamils (c) Moors (d) None

XI- The city called Birmingham of India is:
(a) Durgapur (b) Bokard (c) Jamshedpur (d) None

XII- All of the following countries are major exporters of fish except:
(a) Japan (b) Norway (c) India (d) None

XIII- Market gardening areas may produce all of the following except:
(a) Vegetables (b) Fruits (c) Flowers (d) Poultry (e) Beef

XIV- Shifting Cultivation is known by all of the following except:
(a) Ladang (b) Taungya (c) Milpa (d) Jhum (e) Transhumance

XV- Due to the nature of their work primary workers may be labelled:
(a) White collar (b) Blue Collar (c) Red Collar (d) None

XVI- Islamabad is called the city:
(a) Devoid of soul (b) Devoid of mind (c) Devoid of sole (d) None

XVII- The philosophy of probablism was the idea of a French Historian named:
(a) Griffith Taylor (b) Elisee Reclus (c) Emanuel kant (d) None

XVIII- The supporters of Environmental Determinism were:
(a) Ellen Semple (b) Mary Somerville (c) Ellsworth Hungtion (d) All of these

XIX-At the time of independence Pakistan was largely dependent on hydro electric power from _____ river scheme:
(a) Indus (b) Uhl (c) Jhelum (d) None

XX- The country which is likely to become te most popular tourist destination of all by 2010 is:
(a) Nepal (b) China (c) Pakistan (d) None



8. Write only the correct answer in the Answer Book. Do not reproduce the questions.

(1) Male is the capital of:
(a) Mali
(b) Malawi
(c) Maldives
(d) None of these

(2) POTWAR Plateau bounded in the east by:
(a) Indus River
(b) Salt Range
(c) Jhelum River
(d) None of these

(3) Baglihar Dam is being built on:
(a) Ravi River
(b) Jhelum River
(c) Chenab River
(d) None of these

(4) Pakistan’s Cotton Production in 2005 is about:
(a) 10 million bales
(b) 12.5 million bales
(c) 15 million bales
(d) None of these

(5) Pakistan’s oil Production and Consumption per day respectively is about:
(a) 65000 barrels - 350000
(b) 50000 barrels - 300000
(c) 75000 barrels - 450000
(d) None of these

(6) The length of River Indus is about:
(a) 2900 Km
(b) 2700 Km
(c) 2250 Km
(d) None of these

(7) The Kishan Ganga Dam is being constructed on one of the tributary of:
(a) Ganger River
(b) Sutlej River
(c) Chenab River
(d) None of these

(8) The length of newly constructed oil pipe line from Baku (Caspian Sea) to Ceyhan (Mediterranean Sea) is about:
(a) 1600 Km
(b) 2000 Km
(c) 1800 Km
(d) None of these

(9) World Trade Organization (WTO) was established on:
(a) 1st January, 1995
(b) 14th January, 1997
(c) 5th January, 1993
(d) None of these

(10) Global exports and imports in 2003 were respectively:
(a) $.44 trillion - $.61 trillion
(b) $ 34 trillion - $ 55 trillion
(c) $.50 trillion - $.95 trillion
(d) None of these

(11) Mount Demavend (5671 M) is in:
(a) Turkey
(b) Iran
(c) Azerbaijan
(d) None of these

(12) Suez canal was constructed in:
(a) 1845
(b) 1869
(c) 1896
(d) None of these

(13) The smallest Islamic country is:
(a) Bahrain
(b) Maldives
(c) Jordan
(d) Qatar
(e) None of these

(14) Bishkek is the capital of
(a) Kazakhstan
(b) Tajikistan
(c) Kyrgyzstan
(d) None of these

(15) Islamabad is near the latitude:
(a) 33.5 N
(b) 34.5 N
(c) 35.5 N
(d) None of these

(16) The largest Islamic country by area is:
(a) Algeria
(b) Sudan
(c) Kazakhstan
(d) Saudi Arabia
(d) None of these

(17) According to 1998 census urban population in Pakistan is:
(a) 32.5 %
(b) 28.3%
(c) 36.5%
(d) None of these

(18) Per capita in Pakistan in 2004-05 is:
(a) 652 dollars
(b) 736 dollars
(c) 763 dollars
(d) None of these

(19) Saudi Arabia’s oil resources are about:
(a) 260 billion barrels
(b) 225 billion barrels
(c) 230 billion barrels
(d) None of these

(20) The total number of persons engaged in fisheries in Pakistan during 2002-03 is estimated as:
(a) 365000
(b) 395000
(c) 335000
(d) None of these
slow n steady wins the race n that's me
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Old Saturday, January 30, 2010
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aariz is just really niceaariz is just really niceaariz is just really niceaariz is just really nice

@ magnum
I think the answer of the Q.No. 20 is wrong. Its A geoid. Correct me if I am wrong.

Your solved msq no.7 of 2007 is wrong. The answer is formerly Yugoslavia. There is karst region in the country. Now the country is divided into Serbia and Montenegro.

Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.

Last edited by Princess Royal; Saturday, January 30, 2010 at 01:21 PM. Reason: MCQs are solved by magnum not elegant
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Old Saturday, January 30, 2010
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Agreed with aariz
"We overestimate next one or two years and we underestimate next ten years."
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Old Sunday, January 31, 2010
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Default thanks n help me

ok i agree vid u thanks for correcting me
seniors please help me in these mcqs correct me if i m wrong n mark those which are not done yet please
slow n steady wins the race n that's me
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Old Saturday, February 19, 2011
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Default geography Mcqs

if somebody can post solved mcqs of past paper that would be a great help..
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Old Sunday, February 27, 2011
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I have solved th MCQ's 1999-2010, i can mail you if you require them

Many Mistankes in these solved papers, not recommended
Syed Yasir Usman
Assistant Professor of Geography - GC University Lahore

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