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Sociology Notes and Topics on Sociology

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Old Wednesday, December 07, 2016
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Annie5 is on a distinguished road

10. An operational definition of a concept is
(a) Mediating variable
(b) Guideline for the researcher in the field
(c) A formal or lexiographic
(d) None of these

11. Culture is
(a) What has been given to us by our forefathers
(b) Man-made part of the environment
(c) Music, drama, dance etc
(d) None of these

12. Innovation is
(a) Invention
(b) Discovery
(c) Both a and b
(d) None of these

I need explanation and answers of the above
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Old Saturday, August 08, 2020
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Default Correction:

Originally Posted by Farrah Zafar View Post
Q.1 select the best option/answere and fill in the appropriate box on the answere sheet.

1) Ferdinand Tonnies used the term --------------. To refer to societies dominated by impersonal relationships, individual accomplishment and self-interests.
(a) Society (b) Gesellschaft
(c) Community (d) Gemeinschaft

2) When the researcher asks the respondent face to face questions, this method is called
(a) Interview Schedule (b) Questionnaire
(C) Observation (d) interview guide

3) ----------- Is the process by which people learn all patterns of social life.
(a) Interaction (b) Communication
(c) Socialization (d) Dissemination

4) According to ------- all societies across the world are stratified.
(a) Anthropologists (b) Sociologists
(C) Economists (d) Political Scientists

5) Biological characteristics distinguishing male from female is called ------
(a) Heterosexuality (b) Gender
(c) Sex (d) Homosexuality

6) A family consisting of step relations is called :
(a) Plural family (b) Joint family
(C) Extended family (d) Compound family

7) Power that people consider legitimate is known as
(a) Force (b) Right
(C) Authority (d) Privilege

8) Mugging, rape and burglary are examples of ------- crimes.
(a) Organized crimes (b) general crimes
(c) Street crimes d) Modern crimes

9) A norm is always enforced by sanctions.
(a) True (b) False

10) Society is the largest and most complex group that sociologists study.
(a) True (b) False

11) Endogamy is the marriage among certain relatives.
(a) True (b) False

12) Social structure of a society is the network of -------------
(a) Institutional Relations (b) Value system
(c) Traditions (d) Compliance to norms

13) Polygamy means ------------------
(a) Several Husbands (b) Several Wives
(C) Several Marriages (d) Single Marriage

14) Demography means -------------:
(a) Male Population (b) Human Population
(c) Women population (d) Adult Population

15) ------------ is striving for equal treatment of women and men and for abolishing inequality.:
(a) Feminism (b) Gender Studies
(C) Political Science (d) Law

16) WID approach believes in:
a) Gender mainstreaming b) Gender Segregation
c) Incorporating women in development activities d) None of these

17) Is Pakistan a signatory of CEDAW?
(a) Yes (b) No

18) Human Rights pertain to caring for the rights of;
a) Women b) Men
c) Minorities d) All of these.

19) Symbolic behavior of a person means ------------
a) Meaningful behavior b) Covert behavior
c) Overt behavior d) Significant behavior

20) Gerontology is the study of ---------------
a) Human beings b) Special groups
c) Aged and aging d) all of these
Q6: Correction: A family consisting of step-relations is called Plural Family.
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