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Old Saturday, April 07, 2007
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Arrow Written Exam Result For Assistant Director (bs-17)

No114/2007-ISPR Dated : 2-4-07


The candidates with following roll number have qualified written examination held on 30 July 2006 for appointment as Assistant Director (BS-17) posts under Ministry of Defence:-

S00042 S00277 S00518 S00799 S00961 S01120 S01360 S01549
S00046 S00279 S00526 S00823 S00967 S01122 S01362 S01553
S00050 S00282 S00558 S00825 S00969 S01137 S01368 S01556
S00055 S00291 S00574 S00829 S00973 S01140 S01369 S01561
S00065 S00302 S00582 S00831 S00975 S01144 S01371 S01564
S00073 S00305 S00602 S00840 S00976 S01147 S01373 S01569
S00082 S00312 S00610 S00847 S00981 S01148 S01376 S01573
S00087 S00330 S00626 S00852 S00982 S01162 S01377 S01594
S00095 S00350 S00629 S00855 S00991 S01176 S01380 S01595
S00124 S00362 S00672 S00856 S00998 S01181 S01382 S01605
S00125 S00365 S00674 S00862 S01002 S01199 S01386 S01606
S00127 S00372 S00676 S00863 S01018 S01200 S01388 S01612
S00135 S00401 S00678 S00865 S01019 S01216 S01410 S01614
S00139 S00414 S00693 S00868 S01022 S01230 S01432 S01625
S00140 S00428 S00695 S00870 S01035 S01240 S01433 S01632
S00155 S00432 S00703 S00872 S01043 S01250 S01440 S01680
S00160 S00438 S00713 S00874 S01045 S01265 S01442 S01693
S00163 S00442 S00720 S00882 S01050 S01266 S01443 S01704
S00177 S00460 S00723 S00883 S01074 S01273 S01446 S01708
S00178 S00464 S00741 S00890 S01075 S01287 S01452 S01711
S00192 S00471 S00745 S00894 S01076 S01291 S01464 S01717
S00217 S00476 S00746 S00896 S01084 S01296 S01469 S01725
S00226 S00481 S00755 S00904 S01097 S01302 S01474 S01730
S00229 S00502 S00775 S00909 S01098 S01312 S01480 S01734
S00241 S00503 S00777 S00932 S01100 S01323 S01483 S01760
S00246 S00510 S00778 S00936 S01107 S01325 S01484 S01788
S00247 S00511 S00780 S00937 S01110 S01331 S01485 S01791
S00252 S00512 S00791 S00943 S01112 S01337 S01488 S01800
S00265 S00517 S00793 S00957 S01115 S01359 S01490 S01805

S01811 S02000 S02138 S02390 S02696 S02874 S03195 S03416
S01823 S02004 S02143 S02398 S02700 S02875 S03196 S03429
S01825 S02007 S02164 S02406 S02702 S02877 S03197 S03430
S01828 S02014 S02165 S02439 S02717 S02888 S03218 S03431
S01838 S02020 S02189 S02471 S02726 S02889 S03301 S03432
S01853 S02031 S02191 S02481 S02734 S02926 S03303 S03435
S01856 S02033 S02193 S02485 S02735 S02936 S03304 S03437
S01858 S02037 S02219 S02486 S02736 S02940 S03307 S03443
S01859 S02038 S02222 S02489 S02739 S02944 S03309 S03454
S01873 S02039 S02235 S02492 S02746 S02955 S03310 S03455
S01880 S02040 S02254 S02502 S02747 S02962 S03313 S03489
S01886 S02042 S02262 S02510 S02770 S02965 S03322 S03497
S01896 S02046 S02280 S02520 S02773 S02967 S03330 S03503
S01902 S02047 S02282 S02542 S02774 S02973 S03331 S03515
S01932 S02052 S02300 S02558 S02779 S03004 S03334 S03516
S01935 S02060 S02303 S02559 S02783 S03012 S03337 S03522
S01942 S02064 S02310 S02582 S02795 S03027 S03341 S03524
S01943 S02066 S02316 S02590 S02809 S03030 S03352 S03528
S01951 S02067 S02321 S02591 S02815 S03045 S03353 S03540
S01952 S02073 S02323 S02593 S02826 S03063 S03356 S03544
S01961 S02075 S02328 S02607 S02836 S03095 S03362 S03546
S01973 S02083 S02336 S02645 S02838 S03114 S03364 S03552
S01975 S02096 S02355 S02646 S02839 S03135 S03366 S03554
S01977 S02103 S02356 S02659 S02841 S03142 S03372 S03575
S01978 S02105 S02365 S02668 S02847 S03149 S03374 S03576
S01979 S02108 S02371 S02669 S02848 S03153 S03382 S03586
S01980 S02112 S02373 S02674 S02849 S03175 S03394 S03587
S01982 S02122 S02378 S02683 S02852 S03180 S03399 S03610

S01999 S02124 S02381 S02686 S02865 S03194 S03413 S03623

S03631 S03802 S04044 S04523 S04901 S05204 S05526 S05725
S03635 S03805 S04053 S04525 S04902 S05210 S05528 S05746
S03636 S03811 S04063 S04532 S04905 S05218 S05532 S05751
S03637 S03827 S04064 S04541 S04908 S05220 S05543 S05752
S03638 S03830 S04070 S04550 S04916 S05239 S05550 S05755
S03640 S03834 S04076 S04573 S04917 S05245 S05562 S05762
S03644 S03837 S04079 S04613 S04918 S05261 S05563 S05768
S03655 S03842 S04085 S04617 S04920 S05267 S05564 S05774
S03657 S03867 S04087 S04624 S04932 S05269 S05565 S05776
S03658 S03869 S04121 S04636 S04954 S05290 S05573 S05799
S03664 S03873 S04128 S04664 S04962 S05298 S05576 S05801
S03667 S03890 S04130 S04685 S04968 S05301 S05581 S05805
S03668 S03892 S04143 S04702 S04978 S05302 S05582 S05807
S03671 S03905 S04179 S04739 S04993 S05321 S05597 S05812
S03676 S03909 S04184 S04744 S05009 S05336 S05603 S05827
S03698 S03910 S04208 S04749 S05027 S05340 S05604 S05836
S03703 S03916 S04222 S04754 S05031 S05363 S05609 S05848
S03705 S03921 S04254 S04759 S05035 S05364 S05614 S05853
S03714 S03926 S04318 S04764 S05039 S05379 S05622 S05856
S03722 S03944 S04347 S04771 S05059 S05390 S05642 S05861
S03723 S04008 S04358 S04777 S05064 S05417 S05654 S05862
S03751 S04012 S04384 S04791 S05091 S05419 S05661 S05868
S03757 S04023 S04432 S04803 S05103 S05448 S05664 S05894
S03761 S04026 S04448 S04829 S05105 S05467 S05669 S05919
S03793 S04027 S04494 S04832 S05107 S05470 S05680 S05921
S03794 S04029 S04500 S04851 S05152 S05502 S05691 S05923
S03795 S04033 S04503 S04853 S05154 S05507 S05695 S06002
S03799 S04040 S04512 S04858 S05157 S05516 S05705 S06007

S03800 S04041 S04522 S04895 S05173 S05519 S05714 S06022

The candidates with following roll number have qualified written examination held on 30 July 2006 for appointment as Assistant Director (BS-17) posts under Ministry of Defence:-

S06026 S06334 S06661 S06929 S07201 S07440 S07702
S06036 S06342 S06663 S06940 S07215 S07457 S07732
S06044 S06345 S06665 S06941 S07216 S07459 S07761
S06053 S06361 S06669 S06943 S07220 S07471 S07768
S06069 S06362 S06681 S06951 S07224 S07476 S07769
S06091 S06375 S06721 S06957 S07230 S07483 S07771
S06110 S06405 S06739 S06958 S07232 S07491 S07784
S06141 S06416 S06749 S06982 S07257 S07492 S07799
S06146 S06455 S06769 S06995 S07260 S07524 S07800
S06161 S06462 S06778 S07005 S07267 S07551 S07812
S06175 S06474 S06821 S07062 S07268 S07556 S07833
S06177 S06477 S06830 S07063 S07271 S07561 S07858
S06182 S06489 S06832 S07064 S07282 S07566 S07901
S06187 S06528 S06839 S07074 S07291 S07567 S07903
S06188 S06533 S06841 S07078 S07293 S07570 S07923
S06190 S06543 S06847 S07083 S07299 S07571 S07929
S06202 S06548 S06848 S07085 S07329 S07572 S07942
S06209 S06555 S06850 S07101 S07333 S07580 S07949
S06213 S06556 S06865 S07102 S07334 S07601 S07957
S06216 S06557 S06868 S07104 S07335 S07610 S07974
S06239 S06563 S06870 S07105 S07343 S07614 S07988
S06242 S06603 S06880 S07113 S07353 S07617 S07995
S06257 S06605 S06886 S07150 S07375 S07625 S07997
S06271 S06606 S06887 S07159 S07384 S07626
S06277 S06608 S06890 S07174 S07389 S07627
S06286 S06613 S06897 S07177 S07414 S07629
S06321 S06627 S06902 S07186 S07421 S07630
S06324 S06646 S06904 S07194 S07425 S07657
S06325 S06649 S06919 S07199 S07439 S07666

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