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Interview The objective of the Interview is to assess one's personality and leadership skills.The knowledge has already been tested in the written phase.Candidates can Post all related queries here

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Old Saturday, February 18, 2012
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Default Interview Questions from Islamabad & Lahore Phase-1

Dear All,

Please find below 500 questions (mostly repeated) collected from different platforms asked during Islamabad & Lahore phase-1

Q. You are an engineer why CSS.
Q Why civil servants indulge in Luxuries?
Q. Any other country with the same record?
Q. Can punishment be given during or before impeachment?
Q. Do you think media is the fourth pillar of State?
Q. How it is done?
Q. Is it a process or a Penalty?
Q. Should Pakistan restore NATO supply Lines?
Q. Tell me about the historical importance of Eiffel tower?
Q. What are the functions of DMG?
Q. What are the sources of Muslim Law?
Q. What are the water disputes between India and Pakistan?
Q. What are they famous for?
Q. What in your opinion is the role of Intelligence Agencies?
Q. What in your opinion will be the final result of Memo Scandal?
Q. What is Continental Shelf?
Q. What is meant by Impeachment?
Q. What is Media Trial?
Q. What is Memo case. In your opinion is it true or not?
Q. What is your opinion about Madressahs?
Q. What is your opinion about the role of religion in state?
Q. Where are the grand canyons located? (Geography)
Q. Which country has the bad track record of journalists killing?
Q. Who is the Authority to control media?
Q. Why people of Pakistan are inclined towards moral degradation?
Q. What is the reason of growing extremism in the people of Pakistan?
Q.FATA and What is FCR?
Q.How media can be controlled?
Q: 1973 administrative reforms.
Q: Aboriginal where?
Q: Affect of advertising on public.
Q: Agriculture universities in Pakistan
Q: Aligarh Movement.
Q: Are talks the solution to taliban issue?
Q: aren’t you giving validation to his earlier remarks about ISI and Military?
Q: Artic ocean
Q: Article 6 , How amended?
Q: Avalaunch?
Q: Baba Guru Nanak?
Q: Baluchistan Issue.
Q: Being an Engineer, what inspires you towards CSS?
Q: Bhagat Singh?
Q: Brief description of your district.
Q: British and France Channel
Q: Burmuda Triangle
Q: Can we ask for a better role from the Madrassas?
Q: Carribean Sea?
Q: Chief organ of UNO
Q: Constraints in the revival of economy.
Q: Crime prevention and crime occurrence relationship
Q: Crisis in Ireland and Greece?
Q: Deserts of the world
Q: Devolution in Education?
Q: Difference between Embargo and Sanction.
Q: Difference between Embassy and High Comission?
Q: DNA Test?
Q: Do you think Iran can withstand the pressure of west?
Q: Don’t you think Iran should take some reconciliatory measures to decrease the tension?
Q: Don't you think Talibans were knocking at Islamabad's door when Pakistan decided to join war on terror?
Q: Earth quake magnitude in Bangla Desh?
Q: Econmy of Turkey , how they achieved it.
Q: Education policy, its flaws and challenges
Q: Effects of deforestation
Q: Egypt Situation
Q: Eurozone, how will collapse ?
Q: Food Insecurity in Pakistan?
Q: Four famous journalists of Pakistan after emergence of Pakistan.
Q: Gawantanomabay Prison?
Q: Good Public policy
Q: Hamas and Al Fatah?
Q: Has media commercialized.
Q: Hindu freedom fighter Ram Muhammad Singh, when and where executed
Q: How Can we solve Kashmir Issue.
Q: How many Ministeries devolved to Provinces.
Q: How many Hospitals in Pakistan?
Q: How many numbers of states in UAE.
Q: How many people were killed in WWI and WWII.
Q: How many tax payers are in Pakistan
Q: How to amend constitution.
Q: How to change Thana Culture?
Q: How to empower a bench for speedy justice.
Q: how to ensure the sovereignty of Pakistan?
Q: How to revive Railways/PIA and Telecom?
Q: how would you really cope with the criminals? would you shoot them?
Q: HQ of amnesty international
Q: IAEA Functions?
Q: Importance of Mayanmar and why there official visit?
Q: Important Straits
Q: Imran khan
Q: In Foreign office how will you build soft image?
Q: Indo Pakistan Buildings
Q: Investigative journalism?
Q: Iran Impact on world?
Q: Is it justified to give money to Somalian pirates.
Q: Jhansi ki rani
Q: Khashwant Singh and Kaldip Nayyar
Q: Korea Strait?
Q: Land of midnight sun
Q: Land of rising Sun
Q: Largest Fort in Asia.?
Q: Largest Opium producer
Q: Local govt system problems.
Q: Mangla Dam and Tarballa Dam capacity?
Q: Market leader in Pakistan.
Q: Missing Persons
Q: Mountain ranges
Q: NATO supply lines issue.
Q: NICL and Hajj Scam?
Q: No of MNAs and MPAs from your district?
Q: Overseas Pakistanis, How illegal immigration can be controlled.
Q: Pak Afghan Relation
Q: PMA Attack ?
Q: Poles Temprature.
Q: Police order 2002 and 1861.
Q: Post independence famous Journalist?
Q: Poverty rate in Pakistan
Q: Pro Active policy
Q: Public Private partnership and its benefits.
Q: Red Passport for what purpose?
Q: Reshmi Romal Movement.
Q: Resources of Baluchistan.?
Q: Role of Agriculture in economy
Q: Role of CIA in Pakistan?
Q: Russia and US relations.
Q: salient features of 1935 Act.
Q: Saline water purification methods?
Q: School system of Pakistan.
Q: SECP: The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) is an autonomous body whose purpose is to develop a modern and efficient corporate sector and a capital market based on sound regulatory principles, in order to foster economic growth and prosperity in Pakistan.
Q: Seismic zones of Pakistan
Q: Should new provinces be formed?
Q: Should strength of Ladies be increased in NA ?
Q: Significance of 19th amendment
Q: South China Sea dispute?
Q: Steps for reforms in Police
Q: Strait of Hormuz Blockade
Q: Success of govt lafafa culture?
Q: Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi and shar shah suri. How ghaznavi better?
Q: Taiwan Strait?
Q: Taliban current status in Afghanistan, why US is negotiating?
Q: TAPI Details
Q: the tribal chiefs and politicians would try to influence you. what would u do?
Q: Transformer?
Q: UN , its purpose, formed , bodies?
Q: US Ambassador in Pakistan?
Q: Were the polices of Akbar e Azam good or bad?
Q: What are gains and losses to become a front line state?
Q: what are national interest? how are these projected
Q: what are reasons of disqualification of 28 lageslators?
Q: What are the reasons of internal brain drain.
Q: What can we do to stop American Dictation?
Q: what difference would u create?
Q: what do you think about BISP.
Q: What is amnesty international and its working?
Q: What is black economy.
Q: what is bonafied and malafied.
Q: What is climate change.
Q: What is community policing?
Q: What is current account?
Q: What is Defamation.
Q: what is Freelance Journalist.
Q: What is GDP growth rate?
Q: What is going on in Somalia
Q: what is Green Economy?
Q: What is HIV?
Q: What is Mayanmar Issue.
Q: what is money laundering.
Q: What is News of the world?
Q: What is NPT.
Q: what is Occupy Wall street movement?
Q: what is PPRA?
Q: What is provincial autonomy?
Q: What is public interest and how policy is formed.?
Q: What is Qatar Situation?
Q: What is scoop
Q: What is sensationalisation?
Q: What is slander and Libel.
Q: What is START-I(1991) AND START-II(1993).
Q: What is strait of Hormuz and what is its importance.
Q: What is structure of Parliament.
Q: What is the process to select a senator?
Q: What is the purpose of World Economic Forum
Q: What steps are required for woman empowerment?
Q: What was Lucknow pact, Nehru report and basic purpose of Nehru report?
Q: What was objective resolution?
Q: When QA became first time president of ML.
Q: When UAE came into existence.
Q: Where OBL was buried
Q: which continent is Island?
Q: Who is Indian writer , writing for DAWN.
Q: Who is Robert Fifk?
Q: who makes monetary and Fiscal policies?
Q: Who was Bi Amman?
Q: Why Akbar Was successful?
Q: Why are IMF policies bad?
Q: Why are young officers indulging in corruption?
Q: Why barriers on export of Pk in Europe.
Q: Why dollar is getting up and down?
Q: Why FIA deals with white collar crimes.
Q: Why QA separated from Cabinet Mission?
Q: Why the US does not respect our sovereignty?
Q: Why there was nuclear power plant issue?
Q: Women empowerment according to Haqooq e Naswan
Q: women political empowerment ?
Q: World concern on PK nukes.
Q: World over largest telecom service provider.
Q: Judicial Activism, Is it true or false?
Q: Nuclear Proliferation?
Q: What is Flight of Capital
Q: Angel fall in Venzuella, Guaira fall in Brazil and Pargue from flow of water.
Q: what is difference between Public Administration and public Management? (My optional)
Q: what is Pakistan's budget defect? Allocations?
Q: What is the black hole of Calcutta.
Q:18th Amendment role in provincial autonomy.
Q:A doctor from Islamabad whose name has been recently entered into
Q:Abt previous jobs?
Q:Aman ki asha Trak 2 diplomacy
Q:Are we supposed to cooperate with the US on the NATO issue?
Q:ATT: Afghan transit trade
Q:Big Bang Theory?
Q:Branches of Police?
Q:Christina lamb and another journalist.
Q:Climber who climbed seven peaks
Q:Cognizable and Non cognizable offenses
Qifference between WEF and WSF.
QMG Structure?
Qo you think Pakistan's nuclear assets are in safe hands? (A report came yesterday about it so that's why he asked this question)
Q:East China sea, its sea ports and importance?
Q:effects of depreciation of currency?
Q:Effects of glacier melting?
Q:EU and Its members
Q:Euro Debt Crisis.
Q:Factors behind Coalition Governmet?
Q:FMCT: The Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty (FMCT) is a proposed international treaty to prohibit the further production of fissilematerial for nuclear weapons or other explosive devices
Q:Ghadar Movement
Q:He asked arab happenigs..
Q:He asked embeded jounalism.
Q:HE asked recent in palestine.
Q:Heirichery of revenue collection system?
Q:How can corruption be eradicated?
Q:How drug use can be controlled in students
Q:How long?
Q:How many Martial Laws in Pakistan?
Q:How many plates and faults?
Q:How many sea ports in Pakistan and where. How much handling of Karachi sea port.
Q:How much are should be under forest?
Q:How Russia is emerging?
Q:How to improve it?
Q:how to tell them to respect our sovereignty?
Q:if president has immunity then y shud he go to court?
Q:Importance of Mohmand Agency
Q:Imran Khan, his popularity,his slogan of change, old faces.
Q:Iran-china-US triangle?
Q:Israel, Palestine, Jordan current scenario?
Q:Jallian wala Bagh ?
Q:Mathematician who participated in PK movement
Q:Members of Arab League?
Q:Mengna Carta?
Q:Methods to make black money white.
Q:MFN status, is it good or bad?
Q:Micro Financing
Q:Mir Jaffar , Mir Sadiq
Q:mobile user density of pak.
Q:Most controversial point in 18th amendment
Q:Name of OBL Operation
Q:Norway day and night length
Q:Number of seats in NA,senate
Q:Ombudsman whether working properly or not?
Q:Pakistan's nuclear programme?
Q:Preemption method?
Q:Prime duties of Policeman
Q:Proactive Policing?
Q:Rabi and Khareef.
Q:Reason of fire in Murree forest?
Q:Recent arbitration of India
Q:Rescent visit of Angella Mercle
Q:Role of Turkey in current international scenario?
Q:Rowlatt Act 1919?
Q:Should we recognize Israel or not.
Q:Status of women in pakistan?
Q:Strait of Florida
Q:Strait of Malaca joins which two oceans?
Q:Strait of Malacca.
Q:Trade surplus and Trade deficit?
Q:Transparency international report.
Q:Types of crimes in society
Q:War of independence leading Muslim Leady?
Q:Water Gate Scandle?
Q:what are Dry Ports?
Q:what are the areas of convergence and divergence of interests between us and the U.S.
Q:What are the major challenges to energy supply and what are its short term and long term strategies.
Q:What do you think about the governance of the present government?
Q:What has pakistan got and lost in this regard? discussion of couple of minutes.
Q:what is AM and PM
Q:What is biometric technology
Q:What is currency devaluation?
Q:What is difference between Jurisprudence and Law
Q:What is Money Laundering?
Q:What is NATO?
Q:what is Propaganda?
Q:What is red channel and Green Channel?
Q:what is tabloid
Q:What is women protection Bill.
Q:What is women role in increasing education.
Q:What reforms should be done in UN.
Q:what should we expect from you?
Q:What were SEATO and CENTO, First 10 years of policy
Q:What were the expectations of people from the government?
Q:Where is Antartic Ocean. Which oceans meet it.
Q:Where ML was established.
Q:Which constitution was used before 1973.
Q:Which Indian Minister recently refused to appear before the court?
Q:Who is unna Hazaray?
Q:Who makes Foreign Policy?
Q:Who was Bob Wood Ward
Q:Who were Ali Brothers?
Q:Why bureaucracy is politicized ?
Q:Why do bureaucrats become corrupt?
Q:Why do bureaucrats become politicized?
Q:Why IMF demands currenc devalue.
Q:Why people are moving towards cities.
Q:Why police harsh to the people, how will you improve the behavior?
Q:Will Taliban phenomenon end after American withdrawal?
Q:Won't it put Kashmir issue on back foot?
Q:wot happened btwn turkey n france?
Q:wot would happen if NRO is not solved?
Q:wots da assurity that i will not become corrupt.
Q:wots happening in syria,
Q:WTO Concession to Pakistan
Q:y css is prestigious.
Q:y i have gone for CSS so late after completing my education?
Q:y public policies are not implemented properly?
Q; Largest Water-fall by height
Can FIR be Oral or Written?
Compare Gwadar with Dubai – which is better
Difference between Decentralization & Devolution?
Does PM Gillani have immunity?
Duties of Customs Officer?
Duties of DMG Officer?
Economic Feasibility & Financial Feasibility
ECSC Stands for???
Educational Reforms?
Explain CSP to DMG trandformation
Flood Comparison 2010-2011
How many countries are in EU?
How many registers in Thana?
How many time zone America has?
How to check Public Procurement?
How to handle wrongdoers in Bureaucracy?
How will you do conflict resolution in Baluchistan?
In which Ghazwa Women Participated?
IRS Structure
Multan Airport renamed?
Pakistan Economic Profile
Palestine & Middle East situation?
PIA & Railways – Problem & Solution?
Reforms in Police?
Revenue collection system structure
Slala Attack?
Talks in Doha & Medina
UN – When made – Reason for making?
Watergate scandal
What are effects of devolution in Education?
What are the problems Pakistan is facing today?
What are the selection criteria in National Assembly?
What are your views about Difa-i-Pakistan Council?
What are your views about Public Private Partnership?
What improvement should be done in Disaster management?
What is ‘News of the world’ scandal?
What is agriculture growth rate?
What is basic functioning of Thana?
What is Biometric Scanning?
What is CCP & PPRA?
What is chamber of commerce?
What is Cricket Scandal?
What is Criminology?
What is Gift?
What is immigration office?
What is Law? What is philosophy of Law?
What is Patwari Culture?
What is Police Challan?
What is Provincial Autonomy?
What is Skin effect?
What is the strength of Taliban?
What type of Drugs addicts are there in our society?
What was Aligarh Movement?
When & where the First Olympics held & When & where now?
Where are Alps Mountains?
Which is City of Eagles?
Who is Editor Dawn?
Who is Shafqat Mahmood?
Who makes Public policy?
Who was Abdul Salam?
Why CSS Prestigious?
Why Industries not progressing? What should be done?
Why Pakistan considered Extremist?
You are a DPO and you have to handle protests?
Myanmar Developments
Who is South Asian Great Mathematician
Bering Strait
Longest River
Suez Canal
Why Bureaucracy has lost its direction
What is Economic Planning
What are the powers of CM
What are the powers of High Court
MFN Status. Should it be given
Iran's Stance on West
What is Hydrophobia, Xenophobia
What is Provincial Autonomy
What is Micro-financing
Difference between Empowerment & Emancipation
How many States are in UAE
Should Religion be a part of state
Public Private Partnership
Significance of Taliban Talks
What is News of the World Scandal
What is the importance of middle class
What is the Industries
AFP, APP, AP. What does these stand for
Freedom of journalism is hurting state. What is your opinion
What is Sensationalism
Why FDI is low, reason & how to improve it
What are Rabi & Kharif crops
Difference between Stump out & Run out
Importance of Qatar in International Politics
Who was Eintein
What is Acid Base concept
Reko Dik Project significance
Chori chora Incident
Jallian Wala Bagh incident
What is name of UN department dealing with Climate change
What is Enviroment Act
Difference between Law & Jurisprudence
Why Laws are made
What does PEMRA & NEPRA stand for
What is Autonomy
What are Pros & Cons of Devolution
What is START
What is Western Political Thought
What is Western Social Thought
What is Western Economical Thought
What is Thana Functioning
What is Default Judgdment
What does SECP stand for
What was Raymond davis case
What is Geneva convention
Explain NATO
Somalia developments
Why there is Brain Drain in Pakistan
What is Cold War
Pakistan Exports breakdown
Who is Cyril Almeida
What is ABC
What is issue with Japan Nuclear reactors
How to control Terrorism
Where is Colorado River
Fuctions of DMG
What is Patwari Culture
What are compoundable offences
What is perception of Police
Where prisoners are kept
Function of DMG & Customs
Jhansi Ki Rani
Which freedom fighter was hanged in Lahore
Strait of hormuz
What are Intelligence agencies
Strait of Malacca
What are Falkland Islands
What are Term of engaement of Pakistan with USA
Why there is radicalisation in our society
What is Disaster Management
What is Strategic Depth phenomenon
Explain US-China Relations
What is National Defence Policy
What was High rise building issue in Lahore
Why LGO Failed
What is the level of Food security in Pakistan
20th Ammendment
What are dry ports
What is Criminal Justice System
relation between NATO & Warsaw Pact
What is Military & Defence Policy
South China Sea
What are your views about Difa-i-Pakistan Council
What is the presidential immunity status in other countries
Australia opened trade of uranium with India. Is it right?
Which country is cut-off from EU due to Snowfall
Nobel Laureates of 2011
How Telephone hacking is done
Normal Voltage, current & frequency ratings
Why we use parallel operations transformers
What is Bus bar configuration
What is Skin effect
What is Alternative Energy Development board
Why bureaucrats are called Slaves of Lamposts
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Excellent work..
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excellent work janan
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useful information.......
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Default Well done.

Well done bro...its an excellent job done by you.may Allah give u its interview is on 15th of march...needs u ppl prayers.
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Exclamation @ ALL Please solve these Q,s

first best of luck for all interview candidates.second,some one should start solving these questions as soon as possible.may b any senior member or the one who has strong grip over these Q, wll help dramatically to all the who takes a step to do that noble job??????????
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awesome! that's the best help for interview preparation. keep up the good work. i appreciate it.
confidence, commitment, consistency.
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@ ALL one gonna solve?
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Q. Where are the grand canyons located? (Geography)
The Grand Canyon National Park is located in the northwestern corner of the state of Arizona in Coconino County, in the United States of America.

The Grand Canyon is located entirely in the state of Arizona.
Q: British and France Channel
The English Channel is a strait of water that runs between England and France. About 30 miles wide, it has been the place of many crossings, many battles and much history.
Q: Burmuda Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle is also known as the Devil's Triangle is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft and vessels disappeared with mysterious circumstances.
Q: Chief organ of UNO
The six principal organs of the U.N.O are the:
1. General Assembly
2. Security Council
3. Economic and Social Council
4. Trusteeship Council
5. International Court of Justice and
6. The Secretariat
Q: Deserts of the world
1. Antarctica - not including the coastal regions - about 14 million sq km
2. Sahara - 9.65 million sq km
3. Arabian - 2.59 million sq km
4. Great Western - (All of the Western Australian deserts) - 1.35 million sq km
5. Gobi - 1.3 million sq km
6. Patagonia - 673,000 sq km
7. Kalahari - 569,000 sq km
8. Great Basin - 492,000 sq km
9. Chichuahuan - 453,000 sq km
10. Thar - 453,250 sq km
11. Kara-Kum - 349,650 sq km
12. Colorado Plateau - (includes many smaller deserts) 336,700 sq km
13. Sonoran - 310,800 sq km
14. Kyzyl-Kum - 297,830 sq km
Q: DNA Test?
DNA testing, DNA typing, or genetic fingerprinting is a technique employed by forensic scientists to assist in the identification of individuals by their respective DNA profiles.
besides the test is done to prove paternity
The source of above given information is Internet.
Corrections are most cordially invited.
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Old Monday, February 27, 2012
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Default @ mubeen saeed.

good work bro...keep it up.
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