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Interview The objective of the Interview is to assess one's personality and leadership skills.The knowledge has already been tested in the written phase.Candidates can Post all related queries here

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Old Friday, March 07, 2014
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The panel is much friendly and encouraging. They give us space to inculcate and disseminate our ideas and thoughts freely. At-least upto my experience it is so.
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sabahatbhutta is a splendid one to beholdsabahatbhutta is a splendid one to beholdsabahatbhutta is a splendid one to beholdsabahatbhutta is a splendid one to beholdsabahatbhutta is a splendid one to beholdsabahatbhutta is a splendid one to behold

I know its late but I couldn't find time before to post my Interview experience on this prestigious forum.

Date: 27 Feb, 2014
Centre: Multan
Duration: 35 minutes

I was the 5th to meet the panel

I entered the room and said Assalam-u-Alaikum.
Penalists replied, I reached near Chair and stopped, Chairman asked me to sit, I took my seat and said Thank You to Chairman.

And my interview started.

Chairman: You are Saba Asghar?
Me: Yes
Chairman: You have done MSc. Economics.
Me: Yes
Ch: You are doing job in Finance Department, Are you regular?
Me: Yes sir I am a permanent employee.
Ch: Your selection was done by PPSC?
Me: Yes Sir.
Ch: Ok so can I ask some questions regarding your job?
Me: yes sir but let me tell you first that I joined my duty just 5 months back and got my assignment just a month before. So, I am still learning.
Ch: You are learning. Ok.
Ch: Ok Saba, we see that intolerance and violence is increasing in our society, what do you reckon is the reason for this?
Me: Sir there are many reasons like we do not teach tolerance. In our curriculum we highlight the warrior and fighter face of our history, like we glorify Muhammad bin Qasim and Ghaznavi but we do not teach how strongly our Holy Prophet S.A.W taught tolerance and co-existence. We do not teach to our children about the Charter of Rights of Minorities our Holy Prophet P.B.U.H laid down for the Christians of Habsha.
Ch: Ok. And?
Me: Sir our justice system is flawed. People do not trust the credibility of courts and there is weak writ of govt. People do not trust law enforcement agencies and that’s why they are keen to take law into their hands. They have tendency to do justice for themselves. Sir for example the incident of stoning to death of a couple by a mob in Balochistan. People were not afraid of any punishment so they did this heinous act without any reluctance.
Ch: What do you think is the reason for this? Why is our justice system flawed?
Me: Sir our prosecution is weak. Criminals and sinners know they will walk out freely from the courts.
Ch: Then what is its solution?
Me: Sir we should revisit our education system to preach an environment of tolerance Moreover, prosecution should be made more effective to establish rule of law.
Ch: Do you propose Speedy Justice system?
Me: Sir yes sort of that system.
Ch: You mean a system like Jirga? Jirgas also work like speedy justice system.
Me: Sir there comes the question of legitimacy. Its not the duty of Jirga to enforce Law. It’s the duty of State. And state should enforce it.
Ch: Ok. Saba what are the major problems of South Punjab?
Me: Sir 1. There are very less employment opportunities here, people are compelled to go to big cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad to get good employment.
2. Sir there are very few good educational institutions. In entire South Punjab there would be 2 or 3 good universities, for education as well people go to big cities.
3. Sir there is lack of infra-structure.
Ch: How is there lack of infrastructure? I have seen good many roads in Multan.
Me: Sir Multan is the 6th largest city of Pakistan. These roads are not enough.
Ch: Ok.
Ch: Bus (He wanted to listen to more problems)
Me: Yes Sir (I could think of no more issues at that time :P)
Ch: Don't you think militant hideouts is major issue of South Punjab?
Me: Sir, this issue is also linked to the issues I have already mentioned. If people are unemployed and do not have good education they will fall a prey to militant agenda.
Ch: Ok. It is written in your psychological performa that you have a hobby of "Meeting with new people". It’s a very rare hobby. What does it mean?
Me: Sir I have been teaching since long. My students even older are still in touch with me. Their parents, relatives, friends, neighbors etc. all know me and they bring their children to me for counseling. I meet with them to make them learn what I know and make myself learn from them.
Ch: ok

Then he referred me to Ma'm Batool.
MB: Which Essay did you attempt?
Me: Sir (:P, then I realized she isn’t sir :p) Ma'm, Sorry Ma'm (Smilingly, she also smiled), Ma'm I did "Free speech should have limitations".
MB: DO you think our media is practicing freedom of speech rightly?
Me: No Ma'm they aren’t.
MB: How?
Me: Ma'm like when there occurs a bomb blast, some channels keep showing bloodshed and scattered bodyparts of humans. This practice spreads chaos in society and they are indirectly supporting the terrorist objective of spreading terror.
MB: Should govt. impose some restrictions on Media to control this?
Me: Ma’m if Govt. imposes control over media it would feel like oppression. Media should be self-conscious.
MB: Ok. Saba you have been teaching for almost 7 years. Teaching is a very respectable profession. What was the reaction of your family when you decided to do CSS?
Me: Ma'm I had decided to adopt CSS as career when I was in school. I had to do teaching to finance my education it was not a career choice. It was a financial constraint.
MB: Why? Was your father not supporting you financially or he dint want you to get education?
Me: Ma'm it was both. He had financial issues as well as he dint want me to get education. He wanted me to get marry which I refused.
MB: (Smilingly looked towards Chairman and said) Another Mukhtaraan Mai.
Me: (Couldn’t comprehend her meaning) Yes Ma'm?
MB: Do you know about her?
Me: Yes Ma'm.
MB: Ok tell me the reason of occurrence of that incident. Don't tell me that there was some issue between the two families. I want to hear a Read Between the Lines reason.
Me: Ma'm Feudal Mindset.
MB: Ok so what is the solution to change this situation?
Me: Education. Women and other people should be educated about their rights.
MB: Do you think by education the issue can be resolved?
Me: Yes Ma'm if people know about their rights they would at least rise for their rights and fight for them.
MB: Ok thank You (smilingly)

Then she referred me to Wajid Rana sb.
WR: What is BOP?
Me replied.
WR: What is TOT?
Me replied.
WR: Are you sure?
Me explained again.
WR: Ok. What is Panj Sheela?
Me: Sorry Sir I couldn’t hear.
WR: What is Panj Sheela?
Me: Sorry Sir I don’t know.
WR: These are the five principles of co-existence?
Me: Sorry Sir
WR: Ok. What is CAREC and what is its significance for Pakistan?
(He was speaking at lowest of his volume)
Me: Sir sorry I couldn’t hear you.
WR: repeated the question.
Me: Sir these are central Asian Republics, very rich in mineral resources and Pakistan can become a transit trade hub (I wasn’t finished but he intervened)
WR: No, no these are not only Central Asian Republics, it’s an organization…… bla bla..
Me: Ok Sir
WR: What is pre-emption theory?
Me: Sir it’s the same theory upon which Bush attacked Iraq. (I wasn’t finished again but he intervened)
WR: What are its implication for the wotrld?
Me: Sir, it destabilized the world. (Intervened again)
WR: How?
Me: Sir destabilization of Middle East has destabilized the entire world. (Intervened agan)
WR: How it destabilized the entire world?
Me: Sir we all know that weapons have spread all around and rebels are more powerful than before.
WR: This America is annoying Muslim world a lot. What do you say should all Muslim countries unite and wage war against America to make him learn a lesson?
Me: Sir, Muslim countries should definitely unite but this unity should be for the purpose of their development not to wage war against any country.
WR: Why not?
Me: Sir first of all war is not a good thing. It brings misery to humanity. And if we look at it realistically, we can not fight a war against America. All Muslim countries together do not have much weapons as alone America has.
WR: Why? We have Atom bomb.
Me: Sir but we donot have those missiles that can target America.
WR: So what? we will throw atom bomb on Israel from Iran.
Me: (Smilingly) Sir and in reply America will throw bomb on us.
We All laughed.
WR: What is Social Contract Theory of Hobbes and Rosseau?
Me: Sir Hobbes presented a social contract in which he gave all sovereignty to the ruler, and Social contract of Rosseau is based upon general Will. (Again intervened)
WR: What is Social Contract of Pakistan?
Me: Sir according to our social contract, sovereignty rests with Allah and representatives of people exercise this within the specified limits of Allah.
WR: Shouldn’t we change our social contract? These representatives of people have made a mess out of country.
(Changing social contract means we are changing our constitution. That is where he wanted to trap me.)
Me: No sir we do not need to change our social contract. There is no flaw in social contract. Flaws are a matter of implementation.
WR: But these representatives are doing no good.
Me: Sir in my opinion democracy is still nascent in our country, by the time people will learn to select good representatives.
WR: Thank You.

He referred me to Sohail Mansoor.
SM was sitting beside Ch and Ch was holding some papers and discussing something with SM. Ch asked me, how were the papers of Economics? Were they CSS level?
Me: Yes sir these were good. I have seen the papers of IES, Indian Economic Services these papers were close to them.
Ch: And how about the paper of Statistics?
Me: Sir it was also a good paper. It was mostly based upon practicals which is the essence of Statistics.

SM: You have done MSc. Economics as regular student?
Me: No sir I did as a private student as I was doing two jobs then.
SM: When you did MSc. Economics what was the reaction of your father? Was he happy and proud?
Me: Sir there were people around him who used to say that Economics is not a good subject. She is wasting her time and wouldn’t even get a good employment.
CH (stepped in): No no, after you had completed your degree, was he proud?
Me: Sir after my this new job, yes he is proud of me.
SM: As Economics is your very favorite subject, do you want to study any further of it?
Me: Yes sir I had also written that in my psychological, In Sha Allah, if I am unable to do CSS I will go abroad to do Phd in Economics, then come back to join Planning Division as an Economist.
SM: You are saying In Sha Allah you would not do CSS?
(I guess my use of In sha Allah was misplaced :P)
Me: Sir IF I couldnt do CSS then In Sha Allah.
SM: Why would you go abroad to study? Are there no good institutions in Pakistan?
Me: No sir unfortunately there are no good institutions for Economics in Pakistan. Economics is a very neglected subject in Pakistan.
SM: Ok now come to foreign relations. What were the founding countries of NAM?
Me: (Thinking for 2 seconds) Sir I only remember India.
SM: Who were the other countries?
Me: Sorry sir I don’t remember others.
SM: Ok What was NAM?
Me: Sir It was Non Aligned Movement, a group of countries who wanted to stay neutral between the bipolar world at that time. And Sir we should admit that that policy of India was very good. Had we also adopted the same policy we would not have been facing this dilemma of internal insurgencies and displeasement of super power at the same time.
SM: But we did not have other option. We were under security threat from India.
Me: Sir due to long rules of military dictators we were myopic. We could not see other bigger security threats than India.
SM: But at the time of NAM there was democratic Govt in Pakistan.
Me: Sir but we all know that policies have always been influenced by security establishment.
SM: Ok. As you are a resident of Punjab, you know that all other provinces are always annoyed from Punjab. What do you think is the reason for that and are they justified?
Me: Sir this is because Punjab is the biggest province and in NFC Award and Water distribution etc. Punjab gets a major share.
SM: (interrupted) What Punjab is big? No No Balochistan is the biggest province in Area.
Me: Sir population, Punjab is biggest in population. Sir if all provinces are annoyed with Punjab then there might be some solid reason for this. Centre should look seriously into the matter and allay their grievances so strengthen the Federation.
SM: You know about the significance of 18th amendment. It had solved many problems of the country. But it had also created many issues. What were those issues?
Me: (I only had crammed positive points of 18th amendment, so this question was like a bomb blast in my brain :p ) (After thinking for 2 seconds) Sir it abolished Intra Party democracy (a very stupid point :p ), (then it suddenly came to my mind ) Sir and this amendment paved the way for devolution, which resulted in NFC award and now IMF is saying that NFC award should be revisited and provinces should also pay some portion of debt.
SM: Do you agree to this? Should provinces pay?
Me: Yes sir when they are getting enough portion of revenue they should also bear the burden of debt.
(Then I suddenly remembered the issue of new provinces related to the name change of KPK, which resulted in demand for Hazara province) And Sir.. (SM interrupted)
SM: What is your opinion about making of new provinces?
Me: Sir if it, and I strongly believe that making of new provinces does guarantee the development of the people of these areas.
SM: But South Punjab doesn’t generate that much revenue. How would you bear the expenses of bureaucracy and other things?
Me: Sir recently India has made a new state Tilangana, they have kept the common capital for the old and newly carved state. When the new state will be able to generate enough revenue she will get her own new capital. We can also work upon the same formula.
SM: I am giving you One Trillion Rupees for South Punjab, where would you allocate funds?
Me: 1. Sir it is mostly agricultural area, I would focus upon establishment of related industries to create employment opportunities.
SM: But Government does not do Business.
Me: Sir Government does invest where no other investor is willing to. And even if Government does not invest, it can provide incentives to investors like Amnesty schemes, tax rebates etc. to encourage investment.
SM: Ok
Me: 2. Sir I would establish institutions.
SM: Which institutions?
Me: Sir Educational institutions, as there are only 2,3 good universities in entire South Punjab.
Me: 3. Sir I would spend remaining on building Infrastructure and providing Health facilities to the people for their development.
SM: Thank You.
I looked towards Chairman.
Ch: (Smilingly) Thank You.
Me: (Stood form my chair) Thank You Sir.
Ch: Thank You, have a Nice Day.
Me: Thank You Sir, Allah Hafiz.

(Typed in hurry so don't bother about spelling or grammar mistakes

Need prayers

Everyone Dies But Not Everyone Lives!
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Old Tuesday, June 10, 2014
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Default Here goes mine

I know I am too late in posting this but this may be of interests to candidates
in the future .

*I entered the room and greeted everyone*
Chairman: Have a seat Abdul Rauf. Your profile says you are from Hyderabad?
Me: Yes sir. My hometown is Hyderabad, but I am currently settled in Karachi due to my job.
Chairman: What do you think about incumbent PPP govt in Sindh? Keeping in mind that they not in power in Centre? What is difference between their previous and present tenure?
Me: Unlike its past stint, PPP is in very comfortable position in Sindh this time. Since they have got no central government to run, there is no excuse of appeasing the coalition partner at their disposal. With same CM and almost similar faces in the cabinet, I can not see any visible difference in their governance style vis-a-vis the previous term. But it's too early to comment as it's been less than a year they have assumed the charge.
Chairman: So, what do you suggest them to do?
Me: Sir, I've always believed that it only takes a handful of assertive and efficient individuals to bring about a positive change in the society, especially when it comes to administrative sphere. My advice to Sindh government would be to include new and promising faces, particularly the youth, both in the cabinet and bureaucracy. Syed Awais Muzaffar was one such Minister who was doing a relatively better work.
Chairman: Are you urdu speaking or sindhi?
Me: Sir, I belong to a sindhi family originating from Rajasthan, India; and courtesy diverse peer group, I can fluently communicate in urdu, punjabi and seraiki.
Chairman: That's good. How do you see urdu-sindhi communities' conflict in sindh?
Me: Owing to ethnic and linguistic plurality of Sindh, particularly its urban areas, it has got its fair share of inter-group tensions. Courtesy its economic potential, Karachi is a major battleground whose proportional control is desired by not only these two major linguistic groups but by pakhtoons, makrani balochs and punjabis as well. The sum result of which is an overall political conflict. However, being someone who comes from a multi ethnic peer and work group, let me assure you that there is no serious acrimony when it comes to a common man. The only blame lies with the hawks in top cadres of almost all political parties in sindh viz PPP, MQM and ANP.
Chairman: How could you be so naive? Can you deny the ethnic riots that resulted in loss of hundreds of lives in 90s era?
Me: Sir allow me to pose a question in response to this, how many miscreants do you think it takes to initiate an anarchy or a pogrom for that matter? Probably a few dozen! - keeping in view that lawlessness was order of the day back then. We can not generalise the situation and say that people at large belonging to both groups are at each others throats. *smilingly* I can responsibly assure you, sir, that common man on both sides of the fence equally despised these killings, then as well as now.
Chairman: Ok gentleman. You were allocated in Pakistan Audit & Accounts Service in 2011, why didn't you join?
Me: Sir, I applied for re-deferment of my CTP as I had to continue my present job for one more year due to financial needs. But my request was turned down, so I had to relinquish my seat. *surprisingly, no cross questioning*

Mansoor Suhail: In your psychological proforma you have mentioned reading as one of your hobbies, whose biographies have you read so far?
Me: Sir, Nelson Mandela, Benazir Bhutto, Winston Churchill to name a few. And the discussion continued on the book: Daughter of the East...
MS: In your opinion what are the 3 major crisis faced by Pakistan since its establishment?
Me: To me, the first crisis was death of our founding father. Some people would disagree and say that the administrative and financial problems confronted by the nascent state of Pakistan were collectively the single most important challenge faced by the country. However, I strongly believe that they were mere effects of incapacity of the then government, and a strong leader of Mr Jinnah's stature would have easily steered our ship from these troubled waters, as was the case with India under Nehru.
The second most challenging crisis arose in the form of dissolution of constituent assembly by GG Ghulam Muhammad and the subsequent infamous judgement of Molvi Tamizuddin Khan's case. This is the most unfortunate chapter of our national history whose long term ill effects included overly strong executive at the expense of legislature, authoritarian head of the State & the subsequent promulgation of 58-2B, role of establishment in politics and most unfortunately the judiciary's tacit approval to all the misdeeds committed by the powerful ruling class.
MS: *interrupting* So, has judiciary been able to exonerate itself from the past crimes?
Me: Unfortunately, the misdeeds committed by our worthy courts - including legitimising military coups, ZAB's judicial murder etc - are of so serious nature that it is not easy to wash away all the past sins so conveniently. However, the recent lawyers’ movement and the subsequent evolution of relatively free judiciary calls for much optimism.
MS: *again cutting me short* And 3rd most biggest challenge?
Me: Undoubtedly, the dismemberment of our Eastern wing in 1971.
MS: Have we learnt anything from this tragic incident?
Me: Yes sir, the state of Pakistan, after much hesitation and many a bitter lesson, has finally realised that salvation of its federation lies in ensuring provincial autonomy. The recently concluded 7th NFC award, decentralisation under 18th constitutional amendment and the political will to pay heed to Balochistan's woes are living testaments to this fact.
There were few other opinion based simple questions asked by Mansoor sb which I can not recall at the moment.

Madam Batool Iqbal: Rauf, in your proforma you have have mentioned Three Cups of Tea as one of your favorite books citing the reason that one man can bring a positive change in the society. Don’t you think it was courageous on the part of that young girl too who asked the author to build a school in her area.
Me: Indeed Madam, in this age of indifference, anyone who stands up for his or her rights and dreams something that is apparently deemed as impossible, is worthy of respect and applause.
BI: But some people claim that no such infrastructure exists on ground and the book is full of lies?
Me: I can’t be sure about all the claim of dozens of schools built across out tribal areas by this particular person but even if half of the claimed work is done, it’s a huge achievement. After all what the ruling class of this country couldn’t achieve in so many decades, was done by a single individual.
BI: Well, I belong to that area; and having worked with them, let me assure you this all the development work claimed in this book is for real.
Me: It’s so relieving to know this from a credible source. Thank you for this information, madam.
BI: After reading the book Daughter of the East, how do you appraise BB’s personality?
Me: Well, I’ve always had my differences with her especially with reference to her performance during two (incomplete) stints in PM office. However, after coming across her story, I couldn’t resist admiring her for her persistence (despite victimisation and incarceration under Zia’s junta), political acumen, graceful aura and above all remarkable courage with which she confronted the adversities.
BI: How do you compare Bilawal with her? Would you vote for him?
Me: I believe Bilawal has a long way to go to prove his political mettle. For Benazir, it was not a simple case of assuming the party leadership based on a political will of the preceding leader. Yes dynastic factor was there, but she undertook many difficulties to earn her position. Bilawal is still to get a real taste of populist politics of Peoples Party. However, at present, despite all his inexperience and isolation from the ground realities, I would applaud his brave stance on the issues of religious extremism and minorities’ rights. Infact, he sounds like the sole embodiment of leftist ideology in present day national polity. Full marks to the rhetoric but we will judge him on his actions when the time comes. *smiles*
As far as second part of your question is concerned, voting is a very serious national obligation and I can not decide it unless I know who are contesting against him. It’s only after a relative comparison, one should make a final decision while electing a legislator.
BI: Good *I could clearly see, she appreciated the answer*, but don’t you think voters have very limited options? Either PPP or PMLN!
Me: One can only be partially correct is assuming this. As you can see that after 1st democratic transition from one elected government to another, we have already witnessed the rise of third force (PTI) in our electoral politics. Allow democracy few more successful transitions, you would be amazed to see the number of serious voting choices available at your disposal.
This was followed by couple of questions on social problems of Pakistan which I am unable to rephrase at this time correctly.

Wajid Rana: What principles were agreed upon in treaty of Berlin 1884?
Me: I am afraid sir, I can not recall it at the moment.
WR: What do you know about “Sur Sarang” of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai?
Me: Sorry sir. No idea.
WR: In one of earlier questions you admired Awais Muzaffar, are you indirectly supporting corruption here?
Me: *Feigning ignorance* How can we say this sir?
WR: Well, the Supreme Court in the recent case pertaining to law and order in Karachi observed his involvement in land grabbing instances. It was widely reported in press as well.
Me: Pardon my ignorance sir, but was he implicated in the said case?
WR: *smiling* No, but his reputation is well known.
Me: I may be wrong sir but I honestly think that he should not be judged based on the public opinion, unless the charges against him are proved in the court of law.
WR: If we allocate you in DMG (it was my first choice), would this be your general approach towards your subordinates with dubious credentials?
Me: Sir, this would be a different story altogether as I would have a first-hand experience of working with the accused. And in this case, if prima facie evidence goes against him, I would make sure that the accused person is relieved of the important responsibilities and kept under vigilant observation. However, his ultimate fault or innocence (whatever the case may be) would be established based on the verdict laid down after an impartial tribunal enquiry.
Then he asked one or two questions based on real-life situations likely to be faced by a potential DMG officer to which I responded in a usual clichéd manner.
WR: *while having his eyes on wall clock* Ok, last question gentleman: how do you see the recent decision of dialogue with TTP? Does the law of the land permit this?
Me: Well, sir, strictly speaking in legal terms there is no question of extending the status of a stakeholder and coming to terms with any anti-State group which do not respect the constitution of the country. My sentiments are also no different than this, considering the loss of so many compatriots at the hand of these barbarians. But leadership is all about making the tough decisions and finding out possibilities in impossible situations. Our national history is full of compromises in the greater national interests, let there be another in the name of ‘doctrine of necessity’ – one last time.
*everybody laughed and nodded*
WR: Yes this “doctrine of necessity” continues to haunt us. Thank you gentleman, you may leave now.
Me: Thank you. I am honoured to present my candidature infront of this worthy panel.

Time duration: around 50 minutes.
Overall ambience: Interview was held in a very congenial manner. There were lots of smiles and very few cross questions (save few instances). Unlike previous panels, I found them to be better listeners which gave me an opportunity to express myself easily (probably the fact that I was the first one being interviewed on that particular day contributed towards their lighter mood). Infact, the easy nature of questions that they posed in our exam centre made almost everyone (including me) believe they were least interested in the whole exercise and marks would be awarded proportional to written scores. But we were very wrong in this assumption.
Award: 196/300.
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musmanhussain will become famous soon enough

A detail and informative interview post abdul rauf.GOD bless you abdul rauf for helping others and sharing such a informative questions and their proper answers really helpful for.ce-14.
Few words are best.
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Default Interview Prep

From where you people get preparation for interview? Please tell
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Originally Posted by smzmaria View Post
From where you people get preparation for interview? Please tell
As far as I think Interview can be cleared easily if we prepare our optional well. am I right seniors?
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Originally Posted by awais274 View Post
I entered the interview room about 2 to 3 minutes before 12 noon.
I greeted Salam to all 4 penalists individually .
Chairman : Have a seat Doctor .
Me : Thank u Sir .
Chairman : on your form pic you have a sort of cut beard style , and today you are clean shaven ?
Me : Yes Sir I like to change it around , I have also kept moustaches for a while .
Ch: So which style do u actually like ?
Me: I like clean shave sir .
Ch: So why it isn't so on the form pic .
Me: Sir , I feel that my clean shaven pics don't look cute ( Big smile from him ) .
Ch : you should have decided by now , so let me ask you what is your final decision ?
Me: Sir , final decision is clean shave as I have come here today .
Ch: I think that you have no interest in medical field , as you have no employment record ?
I tried to explain to him that it's only being 6 months since my Housejob ended and I had to appear in 14 attempt and interview prep , so I did some replacement jobs of friends but no regular employment .
Ch : so why you became doctor in the first place ?
Me: It's the preferred option for most FSC students , family wishes .
Ch: so what happened that you decided to shift career path?
Me: CSS was always an ambition and I couldn't adjust in the health care system so it became more of a choice .
Ch : So if everyone will lose interest and get frustrated , who will serve the patients then ?
Me: Sir , most doctors are serving patients with devotion , and those like me who couldn't adjust often leave the country , but I have decided to serve my society , and I do believe that shifting from medical may not be the best decision but it isn't the worst either and I am satisfied with my decision .
Ch: what are your other career options ?
Me : Fcps psychiatry sir .
Ch : your hobbies are movies , cricket and keeping birds ?
Then there was 2 minutes discussion on birds in which he asked what is your interest in birds ?
How many you have kept , what do u do with them ? Why a few , you should expand your passion ?
Me: Sir , time shortage , career building uncertainty keeps me from persuading my interests fully.
Ch : (in a satirical way ) When you will be a civil servant or a practicing Doctor , then you will have ample time ?
Me: Sir when One settles down in life , then it's easy to follow both your work and leisure .

Ok Then he handed me over to mR Mansoor sohail .
His Questions .
What are the social issues of pakistan ?
What is the main issue of health sector ?
What is wrong with education ?
Budgetary allocations to both sectors ?
What is Balochistan issue ? 2 to 3 cross questions about it .
What is Kashmir issue ? ( exactly same wording , questions were general and open ) 2 to 3 cross questions .
What was ARSLAN iftikhar case , , was it a public or a private issue ? are u satisfied with the investigations ? No I am not .
What is the role of security council and general assembly ?

Ok thanks .
Madam : what became of the missing persons case ?
What are your views about mr iftikhar chaudhry ? I have high regards for him madam .
Why he had many controversies ?
Then she asked about him 2 to 3 questions?
Should we talk to Taliban ? Yes madam there nothing wrong in talking to anyone .
What are your hopes ? They are low madam .
Then what's the rational of talking ?
Considering the devastation military operations will cause ,even if there is 1% chance of success I will go for it .
Who should we talk to ? Afghan or pk Taliban ?
Pak Taliban madam , afghan Taliban have no stake in pakistan .
1 or 2 more questions about Taliban peace talks .

Ok thanks then MR Wajid Rana ( he had my file, he was studying it during the 20 minutes the rest of the panel was asking questions ) . And we expected on day 1 that he's the Najeeb ULLAH malik of panel this year . And he was .

Rana: As u told mr chairman that you have interest in psychiatry , does the dark colour of your suit and sweater have any psychiatric meaning ?
Me : smiling , sir it's just a shopping decision , it has no psychiatric basis ( he smiled too ) .
Rana : your fav Book is guns germs and steel ? Yes sir .
So what's the main criticism against Jared diamond and guns germs and steel ?
Me : he's been criticised for portraying a simplistic and neat view of history , and he has ignored the human part , religion and culture . And overemphasised on geography and impersonal factors .
Rana : have you heard about Samuel Huntington ?
Yes sir , he's a political scientist famous for his views of clash of civilisations .
Rana : A long statement of Huntington , crux was that a middle class army poses threat to democratic governments in developing countries. Do you think democracy has something to dread from army in pak?
Me : The chances of military take over can never be ruled out in pakistan Sir.
Rana : do you support military dictatorships ?
Me: Categorical no , I think that this debate of Comparing military rule with Democracy should be considered heresy , democracy is the only way forward sir .
Rana : so why democracy should be threatened then?
Me: common man is no Phd or Bureaucrat, people are already losing patience with this democratic gov and military take over cn never be ruled out .
Rana: so you have psychology , sociology , european history and Int law as your optionals ? Yes sir .
What is Hegel's dialectical materialism?
I told him the answer .
Is it relevant today ?
Me: it will be relevant untill there are ideas in the world .
Rana: was the creation of universe thesis or anti thesis ?
Me: after thinking for a while , It's Thesis Sir ( he smiled and nodded his head ) , I believe it is Thesis.
Rana : he defined soverignity and asked about violation of it by Us in pakistan !
Me : Sir , I may quote an interview by general musharaf after his retirement from Presidency , Yes Go ahead .
He said that the west And US are not willing to accept our cries of soverignity , as there is no soverign in tribal areas ESP north waziristan , and ground realities have over riding effect on international law provisions.
Rana : he started opening another long statement , jus cogens and peremptory norms ?
Me : sorry sir I couldn't remember jus cogens ( I forgot to revise Latin terms ).
Rana: What are the prospects after US withdrawal from Afghanistan ?
Me: I am seeing another civil war Sir .
Rana: it's repercussions for pakistan ?
Me: Refugees , new wave of terror , pakistan wil have to take sides again in afghan politics .
Rana : You said you have some disappointments from iftikhar chaudhry but u still have high regards for him ?
Me: sir These shortcomings can be mentioned in bracket ( Media judiciary nexus , failure of structural reforms, ARSLAN iftikhar case etc) but they don't define mr iftikhar chaudhry , he will be remembered as the champion of judiciary , who reiterated the faith of common man in justice.
Ok thank u .
Thank u gentleman have a nice day , said Mr chairman .
Thank u sir , thank u all , said I .
I couldn't recall some Questions but its almost 90% of the interview.

About 32 to 33 minutes it was, they were smiling and friendly and it was a smooth pleasurable experience .

Please Pray for my allocation In my desired Group .
so nice of you sir,a lot to learn from this thread for me...
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