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Old Saturday, April 04, 2009
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Default Plz check it and comment critically


“You belong to a nation now; you have carved out a territory, vast territory, it is all yours; it doesn’t belong to a Punjabi, Sindhi, or a Pathan, {or a Baloch}… It is all yours.”
Quaid-A-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah (1876-1948),
Founder of Pakistan,

Indeed these words of Quaid-as true today, as that time- are the true essence of Pakistani nationalism and are the real basis of Pakistan’s unity, solidarity and integrity. National Integration is the means by which the people constituting a nation are brought together so that the whole people are unified by the leadership on basis of their common system of symbols and institutions which these group select, standardize, maintain and transmit from generation to generation.
Let us discuss the important elements of national unity and solidarity one by one.

Muslims of the sub-continent struggled and offered great sacrifices for the creation of Pakistan where they could live together and freely practice the values of Islam. No doubt, the people of muslim majority areas had diverse regional languages and social traditions, but they were all one for Pakistan by virtue of overwhelming common bond of Muslim Brotherhood. In order to make our nation united and solidarity consciousness of the ideology of Pakistan needs to be restrenghtened.


“Wherein the State shall exercise its powers and authority through the chosen representative of the people;”
Representation is the living force of voluntary cohesion and there is no substitution for a democratic political system. The people of the provinces are within their right to claim also a proportional representation on all types of federal services.
The principle of agreement and settlement is as much as necessity for the smooth running of federal system, as it is for democracy. A rehabilitation of the federal principle has become an essential prelude to national integration.


“The State shall ensure the elimination of all form of exploitation and the gradual fulfillment of the fundamental principle, from each according to his ability to each according to his work.”
The concept of Pakistan involved a promise of liquidation of the poor masses by the feudal and capitalists. Our people fought for Pakistan dreaming of a just economic order wherein there would be no room for abject poverty. They visualized a country where the common man would get his share of national prosperity and economic growth.
The following measures would make our nation integrated and soliderated.
I. Annual budgets should be realistically made without overestimating the revenues and underestimating expenditures.
II. Resources acquired under deficit-financing should be fully utilized for development projects only.
III. All additional external debt raising and bank borrowing should be utilized in a manner that they produce enough wealth to reinvest into the economy. The mountain of existing debt should be leveled down by tapping the untaxed sources, particularly those of feudalistic sector.


“Sense of justice is one of the most important ideals of Islam.”
Naidu, Sarojini (1879-1949), Indian poet and prominent figure in the Indian independence struggle
Injustice leads to disintegration of a nation through social conflict-history bears testimony to this fact. Justice-individual, social, political, and economic-is the only institution that can save a nation from falling apart. An environment of fair deal at all levels should be created so that nothing lies beyond the reach of long hand of justice. To put the society on the path of justice, dispention of justice should be in every field.


It would be impossible to achieve national integration without developing a powerful, dynamic, forward-looking, well-integrated and absolutely rational “Educational Organization” that would serve as the mainspring of all-round reforms in every walk of our individual and social life. The educational system must aim at developing personalities free of prejudice and narrow-mindness. It should help in evolving a political culture that will discourage polarization and give awareness to people to use the right of differences of opinion productively. The life-style of an individual will be developed to radiate economic well-being and spiritual contents.


“Subject to Article 251 any section of citizen having a distinct language, script or culture shall have the right to preserve and promote the same and subject to law, establish institutions for that purpose.”
The most important role of a language is to serve as device of expression and transmission of knowledge developed in one part of the world to the rest of humanity. Every Pakistani has to learn Arabic as it is the language of The Glorious Quran. English- the language of modern science and technology- is the need of the hour. Urdu- used for national communication- is the treasury of our literary and cultural heritage. Regional languages enrich the national culture with local literature and mode of life. The language policy should highlight the exclusive imperatives of each language. Instead of pitching them against one another, languages should be made to move ahead to serve collective national aspirations.


The need of the hour is that various ethnic and regional groups be integrated to the broad-base of Pakistan. This is only possible through mutual understanding and cooperation and a policy of mutual respect.

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Old Saturday, April 04, 2009
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Default comments

this is good effort, expression is good.

but as regards the content, talking about national integeration of Pakistan, one cannot ignore religious divide and sectarianism, militancy and economic justice i.e. reduction of poverty, equitable distribution of resources and wealth, role of political parties and role of media...

Hope these points would be of help...
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atif jamil (Sunday, April 05, 2009)
Old Saturday, April 04, 2009
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Naseer Khan Mandokhel is an unknown quantity at this point

the start is wrong, it is not the original words of JINNAH....always quote the authentic words, if u wana quote it, and as far as ur essay is concerned, i will check it some other time
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Old Saturday, April 04, 2009
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Smile Good work...

I must say it's a pretty good attempt, the views presented seem genuine and flow of thoughts is natural.
As far as critical comments are concerned, I would recommend a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis for describing such a topic.
Start is good (as I can't doubt the quote's credibility without being sure otherwise) but the concluding words need to be more comprehensive and endorsing.
Long Live my Homeland
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atif jamil (Sunday, April 05, 2009)
Old Sunday, April 05, 2009
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Default thank you sir

thanks for your appreciation sir. but, i couldn't understand what you mean by SWOT. could you please elaborate it.
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Old Monday, April 06, 2009
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Default Common Sense

The meaning of SWOT is (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats). It was already mentioned with the reply.
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