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Old Saturday, December 03, 2005
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Babban Miyan Ding Dong is on a distinguished road
Arrow DING DONG! for ALL

Assalam Alaikum,

These are some of the words of Wisdom, that were forwarded to some of us from our BELOVED SISTER & MEMBER 35thCommon. I am putting them forward on her request for all of our members.

On personal note, I personally like to applaud all our seniors who did not make it this year in the exam, but to me came out more than victorious with their positive attitude to only encourage themselves and others.

As far as myself goes...I am still in a hospital gettin treatment for CSSphobia.

__________________________________________________ ___________

Despite all the efforts of the FPSC,yes,I'm still alive!

Although,i owe an apology for my continuos and unannounced absence!But then we all know what i nasty tumble i had taken.Beyond any doubts,i had lost complete faith in my abilities.Then again,I had'nt even recovered from the first blow when the unofficial disclosure of my performance gave me another rude shock!Apparently,I had taken the fall in English (and by a margin of 2 marks). Hard to stomach isn't it???
This is the second consecutive time the same examiner has chosen to give me the boot and i know that i'm sounding off the fear of many when i say that probably he had an English wife,who ditched him,and now he's seeking vengeance on all those who remind him how difficult (the) English can be!!!

Nevertheless,by the grace of Allah Almighty,I've been able to overcome the agony and have regained since.Infact,I'm preparing to take my 3rd attempt (Inshala-yes,some people never learn),but whether i take it in the upcoming May or that of 2007,is yet to be revealed in the results of my Istekhara.

Other than the whole hearted support that was extended to me during this ordeal,the one reason that has forced me to revitalize my spirits was the nature of emails that haunted my inbox.It seems that the setback that has befalled upon myself,Diplomat,Tabassum,Mohiuddin and Gul e lala,has dampened the spirits of some very promising aspirants.The one thing common in all those emails was the general air that if we haven't made it,than noone else can either.I wish to inform all those thinking on the same lines that to me,such a pessimistic approach towards life sounds even more bizarre than my failure in English!Such dejected mental processes do not befit the future leadership of Pakistan so get a grip over yourselves.And, today,make a vow with me to turn this setback into a gainful experience!

As for all my current batchmates here who took the fall by my side,please do not consider this a death sentence on your abilities;for i have been confided in by some of (the very surprised) officials at the FPSC that most of those candidates who've been failed in 2005,hailed from highly potential backgrounds!Among many others at the CSA,this includes a close batchmate of mine (from 2004) who's being trained for the Foreign Services of Pakistan,and hoped to switch his occupational group/service through this attempt.

Nevertheless,let's allow bygones to be bygones,and look forwrad to a brighter tomorrow.In this regard,i second Longhorn's perceptions when he opines that there's a way of cracking every exam,and CSS is no exception to this factor.The secret lays in teh grading system.And i'm actively trying to gain access to this information.The moment i hit the jack pot i shall let you know.In teh meantime,the aforementioned batchmate of mines has been kind enough to extract information from the trainees of the 33rd Commons,and has filtered back the same to me.I'm accordingly,laying the same at your disposal:

1-I have been instructed to toss all my notes aside and absorb information directly from the books.

2-I have also been cautioned not to waste anytime preparing notes or trying to arrange for substitute material.(I and my friend at the CSA prepared our notes together)

3-Academies should be avoided like the plague until and unless the candidate enjoys a complete command over the subjects,for they tend to follow a certain schedule and programme that maybe in contrast with individual needs.

4-The trainees have also stressed that a precise outline of the entire subject should be prepared,one that can be compressed not in bulky files but in 5-6 pages.It should be enough only to carry the crux of the matter and one that can be revised in a maximum of 2-3 hrs.

5-At the time of teh exam,multiple numbers of Supplement copies must be attached.

6-The outline prepared during the course of study, should formulate relevant headings,however whatever follows need not be.

7-Finally,guidance should only be obtained from fresh candidates.The reasoning they have to offer is ironic,nevertheless,narrated.There is a consensus of opinion among the 33rd Commons that after God,only they're aware of the stunts they pulled off in the paper and yet if they made it then the enlightening experience has left them with a clear insight into the CURRENT examiner's psyche and qualifications!!!

On the ending note,i wish to thank all those who extended their support to me in this moment of trial,specially,Adnan,Faisal (Busharraff),Abdur Rehman (BMDD),Adil,Khushal,Naveed (nhpaki),Sami,Longhorn,Tabassum and the lovely Gul e lala.Had it not been for your moral support in my weak moments,regaining myself would've been an uphill task!!!!THANKYOU!!!!

I would also like to make use of this occassion to thank the two Greek brothers,Argus and Tidus,for putting in their untiring efforts to make this platform a huge success.It seems your hard work has finally paid off guyz!!!

Further,i will request my fellow Moderators to edit the necessary bit of this PM and post it below Busharraff's TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN,so that all members can benefit from our interaction.

Last but not the least,the following is an extract from history that for some odd reason has been echoing in my head for the last 48 hrs:

"Every position must be held to the last man:There must be no retirement.With our backs to the wall,and believing in the justice of our cause,each one of us must fight on to the end"!
(Order to the British troops,given by Earl Haig,Commander of the British forces in France,1915-1918)

Courtesy: 35thCommons

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Old Saturday, December 03, 2005
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AaminahAbrar is on a distinguished road

Really nice spirit...
I am sure I cannot display the courage u have shown...Infact I have decided it to be my first and last try ...
Do ur best and leave the rest to ALLAH and remember HIM both when u r happy and sad.and keep Praying to HIM and ask for whats best for u..
If i had passed the Nilore test...then I cudnot give time to interview that it deserves..May be some task is waiting for u which u have forgotten or may be Almighty Allah has planned something else for u..cuz I myself cried when I didnt find my name in Nilore list but then said to my heart..o girl..Allah dont want u to spend ur 7 yrs in that place...So be happy and look on other side as well...May be something has been opened for u..and Allah wants u to look there as He deems that fit for u..
Need your prayers,
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Old Sunday, December 04, 2005
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Satan is on a distinguished road

Thanks Babban Bhai for the update.Its really nice to hear from Miss Chaudhary.

We all have been missing her wholeheartedly.

Infact I want to confess that she is the most charismatic person this forum has ever seen.
The charisma she brings to the forum by her inpiring posts and rationalism are certainly worth mentioning.

I really learned alot from her,in this short period of time and I am so keen to see her back.
Swear not at all, let your yes be yes & your no be no Jesus Christ (PBUH)
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Old Sunday, December 04, 2005
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34th Commons (PAAS)
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Nauman will become famous soon enoughNauman will become famous soon enough

Aslam o Alaikum!
First of all! To those who have not been able to make it this year
" Those who have passed are not extraordinarily jenius, neither those who failed are consummate goofs "
It is just His will that matters. Thus, follow my adice: -
Besides preparing for exams, also pray to God each day,after each of 5 prayers, for your success. Also, each morning, recire Surah Yaseen once before going to take the paper. THIS REALLY WORKS since it worked with me on a number of occasions.
ALSO, dont cram too much in your mind. Just be knowledgeable abt everything and then use ur own concepts to put forth a striking piece of writing.

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Old Sunday, December 04, 2005
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THE 1 will become famous soon enough
Arrow Generosity appreciated!


Thanx alot for sharing such worthy information with all the members. We truly cherish your presence at the forum and appreciate your generous contributions. May ALLAH grant all the senior members success in their next attempts.

The quoted statement of Earl Haig is remarkable. Go for it everyone!!! I would like to add a quote of one of my ideal personalities:
"Let us never forget the duty, which we have taken upon us"



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Old Sunday, December 04, 2005
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36thCommons will become famous soon enough

THANKYOU for everything...your words have managed to warm my heart.And that's SCARING me,Satan!!!!!

BMDD:You rock man!
No one is listening,until you make a mistake !!
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