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Old Wednesday, March 04, 2020
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Muhammad Shahiq Riaz is on a distinguished road
Default ‘My body, my choice’

The so called slogan being used these days in Pakistan in order to create equality in men and women of Pakistan. Please share your thoughts that Is it ethically correct?
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Old Wednesday, March 04, 2020
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Firstly,let me give you some insights into the dynamics of women equality and women empowerment in our society,then we will talk about my body my rules or whatever.

Our society and Mullahs have always tried to restrict women.we want to keep women as slaves,bound to the whims of men.There is no equality for women neither in our constitution nor in social fabric.I wont touch the religion because, boy oh boy,the religious bigotry is the new norm in our society.we have treated women as secondary citizens and would continue to do so.The theoretical rights and slogans can't change anything.You can't tell a villager in that don't beat your wife like an animal coz article 25(2) and article 34 of our constitution guarantee their rights.You can't tell an illiterate person to not burn her daughter coz of UDHR.The Urban literate women,who are so proud of their fancy dresses and english are not better.they suffer but in different manner.No bachelor would marry a ''divorcee'' women,no matter how enlightened he is.
we are living in the dark ages.we want a developed and strong country but we won't allow women to work.we have deliberately kept our 50% workforce.
Now,my body my rules.This is a JOKE.You know what?Those women who are raising this slogan on social media are not even the fraction of our women population.They have no idea,whats its like to be when beaten and humiliated,you still have to cook for family of fifteen.These are few highly educated women who want nothing but lil bit of limelight.Now the question rises,what is the solution if not women march?
the solution is simple,ENFORCE the rights of women.Don't spoon feed them seats in legislature and civil services,Allow them to rise for their rights.Educate them.
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Old Wednesday, March 04, 2020
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Noumank is on a distinguished road

Mirza khalil ur Rehman is a good writer and a nice human, I think he should be in limits while replying to her. However, i'm agree with Mirza khaleel statement against Aurat March.
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Old Friday, March 06, 2020
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Innocent Hafeez is on a distinguished road

My opinion: this is a right forum to discuss this issue as we have gender studies as well and i think girls of this forum should come up with their views on the topic and hope the admins will respect our views.
I agree with Qublai khan.
I firmly believe that both radial liberals and religious parties are wrong given their too narrow approach
Undoubtedly, our women are suffering. They are being subjected to oppression. They are being denied their rights and share and religious parties should fight for their rights.
Their problems: health, education and others. But, our feminists are not focusing on this issue. They want to strike the cultural traditions, and are facing resistance. Firstly, feminism was born in Europe. So, there is the impact of European culture on it and if you are going to implement similar type of feminism in Pakistan then there will be a cultural clash. While some traditions are legitimate in Europe or West, they are inappropriate in our society. So, i don’t think these slogans should be the part of Pakistani feminists or have any role in equality. Also, feminism in our country is not representing our rural women and has been controlled by elite groups and some funded NGOs who are not facing social issues so they are raising these slogans like lo beth gai sahe. It means parents should not have any share in their kid’s life and should not ask their sons and daughters to adopt manners.
Final words: this is right time for our feminists to consider these issues and focus on real problems and shape their movements within our own social and cultural perspective or else women’s problems will remain unnoticed and unaddressed.
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Old Saturday, May 23, 2020
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irumsohale is on a distinguished road

The real meaning of Mera Jism Meri Marzi boils down to a single word: consent. Giving permission for something to happen. The women who talk about this slogan are referring to women having control over their own bodies. Not being pushed or forced into:

Sexual harassment
Forced marriage
Sexual trafficking
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Old Sunday, October 04, 2020
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Default Few Questions

What is the importance of sexual choices genetically.We are equal on scientific functions ground but may be different by needs and and self discrimination.Simply its unaltered version of genes though which homo sapiens operate.
Ask a Mullah that explain your beliefs on behalf of genetic version and he will simply prove that you are nonsense regarding the understanding which only he has been provided.This is common property of uncivilized people who reply without understanding what actually is desired.Propaganda and Stories have been the tools of deception historically by the man to motivate those options which actually don't exist.
Problem occurs when people try to merge their beliefs(whatsoever),history and science.A person born with affinity for heterosexuality can't be homosexual (except severe case of psychological disorder) and same fact is verified under genetics that homosexual can't be heterosexual(except severe case of psychological disorder). Now problem is that former state of gene is accepted culturally and hence true while later is verified as wrong.Suppose homosexuality could be culturally as true then what would be the state of heterosexuality today?With varied forms of mutation as well as characteristics urges adaptation there would be still small numbers of heterosexuals today,definitely.Point not to be exaggerated.
These are not clash of ideas work but genuine problem lies in the depths of not understanding,this leads to one class overtaking the other with their brutal actions aided by their co-minds propaganda.

Now the problem mentioned in this topic is my body my choice has different version than cultural evolution here.
For example can a lady wear backless Saree in Lahore and walk freely on road?Lady is not problem creator but here center of focus are men because they are not used to it while this all is normal anywhere in India.
Its psychology of thought which operates this terrible difference of choices in personality display.A man can write what about stony era in man history and what were restrictions at that time?None except needs.
Law is made by man for its own survival with beneficial motives and luckily few secular states admit the most of human need supportive laws rather than threatening their core views under their genetic urges.
I am not of the view that in our environment porn should be allowed,but i believe that it should be banned under the charter of moral behavior rather than harassing their instincts related to sex but it needs further extension in understanding the human needs regarding their genetic instincts.People pick more from roads and social crowds rather than books in isolated rooms and what our society is conveying the message is simply ''slavery'' in any form.

End Note:
Mera jism meri marzi,as assumed to be secular movement,make it clear it is not.It is aggression behavior against man dominated society.I am sure that this movement is not against forced marriages in country but sudden extreme rebellion in the historical framework of man position in country.Its sad to observe that woman in country is not safe on road or social level and threats to her are merely sexual.Rather than punishing those idiots by law,pattern should be changed and tried in psychological treatment of country.
Their are beliefs of people historically which degrade the position and respect of woman,in any family of country decision making lies with power of man,further marriages of children is dominated by man decision,sexual aggression and de-powering of woman are major problems in society as accepted under the traditional mind making.
An aggression against this setup of mind will ultimately be on the air as civil values of humans will arise with time as compared to formal history of old ages.
What are civil values ,is the most prominent obstacle for men to accept normally otherwise force against their this position will grow with time,and its better for making them realize that Civil Values stands for not only man but woman also.Their is no sub division of word Humanity.

How a man can dare by making a special clause for himself against invoking the threats against women,i am terribly sad for not supposing him ape still.

Apologies for,if any view clashes with super men of society but i am not ashamed by doing so.
Deepest Regard's
I am proud that i was born as contrarian that's why i respect critical faculties and rational approach.

Last edited by amjadiqbal; Sunday, October 04, 2020 at 03:24 PM. Reason: To eliminate the grammer mistakes
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